AFM power wrangle rages

THE internal power struggle at the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) has reached fever-pitch with church president Aspher Madziyire and his deputy, Reverend Cossum Chiangwa at each other’s throats.


A group of church leaders reportedly passed a vote of no confidence in Madziyire recently and Chiangwa claims he has moved in to try and quell the dispute, triggering a war of words involving general secretary Amon Madawo.

In a letter to church leaders, Chiangwa called for a meeting set for today, but Madawo has described this as “insubordination”.

“Notice is hereby given of an urgent extraordinary workers council meeting scheduled for Saturday March 17, 2018 at Rufaro Conference Centre at 9am. All overseers, pastors, elders and deacons are invited to attend this meeting.

“My office as deputy president of AFM Zimbabwe has been inundated by letters from various sectors of the church including legal counsels. The letters are raising concerns around the unprecedented unrest and tension in the church caused by the constitutional reforms,” Chiangwa said.

“The meeting is, therefore, to review the state of the church in respect of the concerns (and) develop a national consensus on the areas that will bring the necessary peace, tranquillity and normal business of the church.”

Chiangwa yesterday said he was “protecting” the church and its leadership.

“I actually want to protect the president. I received a letter from lawyers representing other church leaders who passed a no confidence vote in the president (Madziyire) and general secretary (Madawo). My idea is to stop the fighting,” he said.

Chiangwa also denied altering his birth date.

“I changed my surname in 1990 to synchronise my birth certificate and national identity card. My birth certificate had Ramba and identity card had Chiangwa. I changed to the latter, but never changed any dates,” he said.

But Madawo said Chiangwa was arrogating himself authority outside the church constitution.

“In terms of section 13.3 of the regulation only the president is given authority to preside over the apostolic council and workers council. He is charged with the overall supervision and authority over overseers and pastors.

“In the circumstances the notice given by the deputy president calling for a workers council meeting on March 17, 2018 is an illegal attempt to usurp the powers of the church president,” Madawo said.

Madawo called on all those invited to “disregard the communication” from Chiangwa.

“The insubordination shown by the deputy president and his contempt of the workers council is a matter that shall be dealt with in accordance with the law in due course,” Madawo said.

Chiangwa, however, said Madawo has since backed down and the meeting would go ahead.

“I have explained the issues to the general secretary and president, the meeting is on,” Chiangwa insisted.

On the other hand, prominent lawyer Tawanda Nyambirai accused Chiangwa of plotting to stage a “coup”.

“It’s a coup because he does not have the authority to call for such a meeting,” Nyambirai said yesterday.

Madawo, however, said he had not agreed to the meeting.

“He (Chiangwa) is lying. We met yesterday (Wednesday) and he was emotional. We never agreed, the meeting remains illegal,” he said.

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  1. Madziyire naMadawo chiendai vakomana basa nderaMwari iri harisi rekumba kwenyu

    1. Not only them, the whole presidium. Chiyangwa wacho we are told yesterday reversed his earlier move. So what did he want to prove, power hungry sa former first lady Grace Mugabe.

  2. nhaikuita sa mugabe kusanyara kwenyu.ndimi makatanga church iyi here

  3. Getting ugly, all to blame here

  4. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

    Word of advise to Chiangwa, better you pray for your children than to fight your fellow pastors. Am not supporting any pastor pano. Am in Australia with you daughter Anesu, acharora akashinga, mota yeku driving school chaiyo. Better fight and pray for their dignity and grace, than this church madness. I end here.

    1. So it seem pastor’s children are a problem, we have his son here in UK was studying Law, He is very pompous, always talking about his fathers money saying he is the only son, probably looted from the church. He is called Timothy, boy the lad is a drunkard they call him Heineken or Guinness. Chidhakwa pa excellence. Pastor’s children hahahahaha.

      1. hahaha makushaya nyaya imi u better keep your mouth shut if u dont have anything fruitful to say..what you are talking about does not help in any way

    2. So ndezve mhuri, the other daughter called Nyasha Maud, is sleeping with a married man who stays along Suffolk road in Avondale West. They hooked up achiita zve catering. The man’s last five digits of his mobile phone are **1*47933. Ndakunyara to write yese, siya mwana or else wil expose you. Iwe Nyasha tsvagawo wakomana of your age. Uchafa ne AIDS.

  5. Pastors too are human beings their children can also be victims of this generation.

    1. Also Concerned

      If they are human they should therefore not pretend to holy all the time and as if they know better than everyone else, especially these young A.F.M pastors, Reverend C Chiyangwa included in you know him. Am sure you know what I mean. About children generation kuita seiko, vamwe vana vevamwe vane hunhu wani. Do not defend chihure chavo nekuraradza.

  6. on the issue of problems it must be known that AFM is one of the biggest pentacostal churches if not the biggest hence issues of governance will always arise but let me tell you that these challenges will leave the church much stronger than it was.

    1. Also Concerned

      The church can only be strong is all seating overseas and presidium are gone. If your go to A.F.M you will understand where I am coming from. Too much competition for materials things instead of seeking God’s face.

  7. Observer from the North

    This is bad, Cossum Chiangwa must be regretting see, how fighting other pastors and writing letters that contradict yourself is now sucking your innocent children, sad. Family comes first, we are all humans and children sometimes do what they want but here you are to blame Chiangwa. you have failed as a parent and pastor. How do you want your children to walk in public they are being exposed because of you.

  8. Dzivarasekwa for justice

    Pastor Chiyangwa is a cruel man, last year he suspended our pastor ku Dzivarasekwa for no valid reason without kana pay or benefits. She challenged him kuma courts and the suspension was lifted. Vakapuhwa back-dated pay and salary. Reason was because akamuramba and refused to support his wicked plans. Chiyangwa akapedzesera akuti akafurirwa. Kusanyara murume mukuru kunyenga a fellow married pastor. The national executive is aware of this.

    1. Dzivarasekwa for justice – wangotadza kuti Chiangwa akarambwa na amai Marawura, that is why achivaitira utsinye and always talk bad her kune shamwari dzake mamwe pastor asina vision. Good Mai Marawura is a principled and disciplined wife akaramba Chiangwa wemusonga. be careful anokurayisai ne n’anga.

  9. Aya ma1 we should pray for our church and the leaders at the same time we should not ignore the bad and the good that our leaders do

  10. these people need our prayers guys

  11. Concerned Son-of-God

    I feel pity for my beloved Church. We must put heads together and pray for our leadership and church politics. We also need a new presidium which is also spiritually loved. God’s intervention is the best.

  12. Comment…AFM is infested with money mongers,Chiangwa always boosting of properties in Dubai,Kenya kupi kupi,yokubira vanamati,nxaaaaa!

  13. Comment…lt is dissapointing to note what is happening.what is needed is for us to pray for God’s intervention .this is the work of God whatever went wrong there is need to go back to the founder and peefecter of our faith Jesus Christ he has the lasting solution to these issues we are currently facing

  14. vanhu vemuchurch macho ndoo mazunguzurwa madziire agarisa zve mudzingeyi kana kumuimbira aende kumusha.Regai kupusa vanhu ve AFM ngwarai Church haisi yamadawo kana Madziire.itai church coup ASAP

  15. vanhu ve AFM ngwarai kwete kuitq mazombie endai munoimbira madziire paanopindira churchmazive ahachadiwa and kqzvichiita vanopinda kuchurch kwake ngavarovhe vese anamate ega nemukadzi wake

  16. in what ever disputes wrangling our church lest we not forget .zvinobatsirei kuwana zvese zvenyika worasikirwa nedenga

  17. we need to pray for these man of God. the church has lost the zeal to pray for them
    and has adopted the “wait and see attitude” towards vanhu vamwari. Pastors children can be a major blow
    to their fathers charismatic call. we need to pray for them and not undressing them on the public. the issue is on whats happening kuchurch yedu and we all have different views which i think should be our major subject and join hands to ask God WHY?

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