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Acapella group launches album


A SEVENTH Day Adventist (SDA) acapella outfit, Warm Praise Music Ministries, which launched its second album titled 1000 in Harare last Friday has bemoaned the lack of support for acapella music from promoters.


Although the venue of the launch in a local hotel was filled to capacity, the group’s manager, Trust Matongo, told NewsDay Life & Style that acapella was not getting the much-needed support.

“Acapella doesn’t have much support so it’s been a tough journey. In our preparation for this launch, we approached music promoters for sponsorship but our efforts were fruitless as many turned down our request,” he said, adding that acapella should be accepted like any other music genre.

Matongo said Warm Praise was moving around other churches promoting the genre.

“We are not only ministering in SDA churches, but we have been touring other churches to popularise the genre. We have also made our music free for everyone. It can be accessed on iCloud, YouTube and WhatsApp without paying,” he said.

He said they named the album 1000 because the title track makes reference to thousands of angels that will accompany Jesus Christ during his second coming.

“We were giving people hope of the good things to come,” Matongo said.

The eight-member all-male group formed in 2010 recorded its debut album in 2015.

Acapella outfits Shower Power and Reunion staged lively performances at the launch.

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