IN PICTURES: 2 Kariba South Power Station units commissioned

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday commissioned two new power-generating units at Kariba South Power Station (KPS), which have added an extra 300 megawatts (MW) to the national grid.

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  1. Innocent MATANDAMAVI

    Well done comrades. Engage China more on infrastructural development. They have the best costing model in the world as well as India. Consider them for your roads, railway line and other high value projects.

  2. Innocent..unless you being sarcastic the Chinese do not have the ‘best costing model on high value projects’ The Military College in Harare has already started crumbling less than 5yrs after commissioning, the recently commissioned Victoria Falls Airport has some toilet doorhandles coming off.

    And as for the article, did it require the entire cabinet and 2 VPs to commission the project… a worst of non existent resources.

    1. Innocent Matandamavi

      Check with Europe and America. They will testify the low cost model I referred to. However, you need to assure the quality of your project inputs and end product. If you sleep you end up with a shit product.


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