Zuma ‘agrees to go’

PRETORIA — South African President Jacob Zuma will resign as soon as a list of preconditions has been finalised, in a deal struck on Tuesday between Zuma and African National Congress (ANC) leader, Cyril Ramaphosa and confirmed by sources on Tuesday night.

The deal led to the postponement of an ANC national executive committee (NEC) meeting scheduled for the following day to force Zuma’s removal from office.

That meeting had been due to take place at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town and would have heard a recommendation from the ANC’s national working committee that Zuma be removed as head of State.

The meeting between Zuma and Ramaphosa took place after Speaker of the National Assembly Baleka Mbete announced the postponement of the State of the Nation Address (Sona), which Zuma would have delivered today.

Zuma spent Tuesday morning in Tuynhuys dealing with Cabinet committee meetings.

Afterwards, he left for Genadendal, his official residence in Cape Town.

Ramaphosa met Zuma there after 4pm alongside ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule.

On Tuesday evening, Magashule told TimesLIVE that the meeting between the two presidents had been “constructive and robust”.

“I was there . . . I left the two presidents to engage and I joined the meeting towards the end,” he said.

Magashule said Zuma and Ramaphosa agreed that the decision to postpone Sona was correct.

“They also agreed that the urgent NEC [meeting] called should be postponed after their constructive discussion,” he said.

Magashule would not confirm whether Zuma had agreed to resign, although other ANC leaders indicated that the deal that was struck would see Zuma “go in a dignified way”.

He did, however, indicate that the discussion between Ramaphosa and Zuma deferred the pressing need for the NEC to discuss his exit.

The secretary-general would not say who would deliver the Sona once a new date is announced.


  1. Comment…About 400 years ago, the Munhumutapa empire extended south to include most of Gauteng, Limpopo province, Lesotho and Swaziland. Ramaphosa(a Venda which is part of the Shona tribe) is taking over the presidency of the land that was ruled by his ancestors. We have Muhandi(a Venda) as VP in our beloved Zimbabwe. The Venda played a critical role in the construction of the Great Zimbabwe momument. Operation restore legacy.

    1. The time for tribalism is finished my friend wake up!!

      1. Dont worry – its a ZANU PF Gukurahundi upbringing. More accurately, mental slavery. It will soon wear off once ZANU is out of power!!

    2. Tribalistic disgrace!

    3. Day dreamer for sure with you ZANU PF’s distorted version of history. Those who went before us were correct when they said, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Where in history do you find the word “SHONA”; a name that was given to you people by the Nguni as late as the 1920s? You can check all the clan languages – Chimanyika, Korekore, Karanga etc – there is no word like “SHONA”. It doesnt exist in any of those languages and it has no meaning whatsoever. So how could the Venda be part of what never existed? Some of you people love recruiting people into your narrow agendas of majoritarianism. Go to Mashonaland – you also claim Malawians there – including Mozambican Zhuwao. Sad really sad!!

    4. …and in your Zimbabwe – would Venda Kembo Mohadi ever dream of becoming a President one day – seeing that, somehow Vendas have become Shona since Cyril won the ANC in December in Mzansi? Dololo. Kikkkk Lol primitive mind!!

    5. All that remains of your “legacy is a pile of reasonably arranged rocks – get real and join the 21st century sunshine!

  2. I am getting a little be worried about the pattern stating to develop here.Presidents should go when they are not performing. Mugabe’s deal was a bit different because there were guns involved and the army had to give in because had they been heavy handed, they would have gone to prison themselves .We can’t just let people get away like this.

    1. It’s Karma. But in all fairness it’s a miracle that Zuma is still in office up to this day. Though he was good on social services delivery, he was one of the weakest leader SA has ever seen on the economic front. According to Thabo Mbeki, he and Trevor Manuel left billions of rands as reserves, only for Zuma to deplete the emergency fund through paying salaries of civil servants. President Zuma and Mugabe birds of the same feather, oblivious of the catastrophic effect of what their social agendas do to the economy. They grew up until adulthood believing that government has deep pits of money, and that no matter how much one spends it, the pits will never go dry. They failed to understand a simple principle, that any rand or dollar you spend, regardless of the moral imperatives, needs to be earned. It is far much better to earn and not to spend, than to spend without earning. The best is to earn at a faster rate than you spend and at the very minimum to strike a balance between your earnings and expenditures.

  3. Your point exactly @Sekuru Kaguvi?

  4. Right to say it

    That is not true Mr Kaguvi , shame on your tribal mind , nonsense

    1. What do you expect from someone born after 1990 with a ZANU PF Gukurahundi upbringing? Its a psychological problem – you must feel for him!!

  5. Eve is absolutely correct. Presidents should go if they are not performing. They should leave with nothing, but the pattern throughout Africa is that they leave with their ill gotten gains intact PLUS a huge golden handshake

  6. Sekuru Kaguvi.Do forgot that were where we are with the Gukurahundi because of this tribal issue. Yes we should n’t forget who we are but if you start giving praise like what you did. We will go backwards. Empires come and go. Our lovely British friends had their around the world. You would have luck in the didn’t come but it’s all gone. Finito. Finished Zvakapera.Lets move on as a people. Don’t people fooled by these politicians.

  7. Comment…iwe Eve nyora zvinonzwisisika, chii chauri kutinyorera apo ?

  8. Jonwejena .I am saying you should not forget that you are a karanga , ndebele or venda but don’t bring your tribalist into politics .You will divide a nation.Empires are in the past

  9. Comment…It appears the tribal identity issue is African reality issue that cannot be wished away so long typical Africans continue enjoying personal pride in clan totem and tribe. The most learned of our political leadership have traditionally opted to condescendingly describe tribalism as social cancer, but cancer they had in practice failed to successfully resist. I think candid approach to the reality of tribal issues is actually the more modern manner of taming the social vice.

  10. Tribalism has no place in our New Zim forwad for ever back ward never pasi ne mhanduu!!!!!!

  11. Top of the list of his “preconditions” immunity from prosecution for gross corruption. Second precondition, a pension big enough to support all his wives and any future wives. Zanufied retirement packages.

  12. Any person who turns out to be tribal in this new zimbabwe is a person who has for value for Him/herself,… Siyabonga,

    1. *who has no value….

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