Zimsec suspends top executives

SEVEN top officials at the Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (Zimsec) were sent on forced leave yesterday to allow for an audit into leakages of question papers at the public examinations body.


Zimsec came under the spotlight last week after it ordered all “O” Level students who sat for the 2017 English Language Paper 2 to be re-examined today following reports that the question paper had leaked prior to the examination date.

The decision was, however, quashed by the High Court on Wednesday, leaving Primary and Secondary Education minister Paul Mavima with egg on the face.

Zimsec board chairperson Eddie Mwenje confirmed yesterday that the suspensions were meant to allow for a forensic audit into the examinations management system.

“We want to do an audit so we have sent them on leave,” he said without divulging more details.

In a statement, Mwenje said Zimsec director Esau Nhandara and his deputy John Maramba had been suspended pending retirement from the examinations body, while human resources assistant director Joyman Thabete was sent on three months’ leave pending leaving Zimsec.

Five other top officials were sent on indefinite leave pending audit of the examinations system.

These are Ellen Machingaidze (test development, research and evaluation assistant director), Vutelani Mguni (examinations administration assistant director), Victor Kadenge (ICT assistant director) and Zipora Muzenda (finance assistant director).

“In order to ensure an uninterrupted flow of business at Zimsec, the board has appointed Dr (Lazarus) Nembaware as acting director with immediate effect. Mrs (Tendai) Marufu, the current corporate affairs secretary, has been appointed acting deputy director and head of human resources and administration,” Mwenje said.

He added that the board also appointed Constance Chinonzo as ICT assistant director, Ebba Masiri (test development, research and evaluation assistant director) and Bright Dzinotyiwei as examinations administration assistant director.

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  1. Zimsec is a circus organisation not to be taken seriously by sane people.Why waiting this long after years and years of bungling by these morons.It has shown that the board,just like Zec can’t be trusted with coming up with anything credible to the Zimbabwean public.Zimsec should be disbanded and consider going back to Cambridge examination board.I am so grateful am not a product of Zimcircus otherwise I would be hating myself

  2. as much as it a positive move to suspend the directors. Mr Editor can you direct the following questions to Mr Mwenje-
    1. Where was the board all along before the court ruling
    2.why is the board not resigning because these leaks have been there before
    if the Board has the interest of the students and Zimbabwe at heart please admit failure and RESIGN

  3. We should revert to cambridge exams for the next two years while zimsec gets its house in order

    1. True ko Inga vavo vanodzidza ku Falco, Pterhouse , St Georges havamanikidzwi kunyora ZIMSEC . Kuitira kuti vana vedu vagofa vachisevenzera vavoka uku!!!
      #God have Mercy on Africa.

  4. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    UYE: 1. Board iri rine nguva yakadiyi riri panyanga?
    2.Zvinoreva here kuti vaMwenje vakaziva nezvehuori
    uhu gore rino?
    3.Zvinoreva here kuti hakuna chiitiko chakaita sechichi chakaitika Board iri riri panyanga, ndiko kekutanga here?

  5. ZIMSEC just like most Government depts. will never get their house in order simply because we have leadership at these dpts with the wrong qualities! Exam paper leakage and other operational areas must be fully investigated. From the printing of the papers to the distribution and even the procurement of services and machinery, the entire process must be turned upside down and bring in new guys who are dynamic, retire all these old guys who play politics at the work place!

  6. the board must also go

  7. Babafati You don’t need all that. Just exercise the rules,regulation and the law. It will all stop.

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