Zimpraise ropes in new members

TRENDSETTING Zimpraise mass choir has roped in 30 more members following successful auditions held in Harare last weekend, which attracted over 200 aspirants.


Zimpraise executive administrator, Antonette Mabhena, told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday that they could only accommodate 30 people, as most of the hopefuls did not meet their set criteria to join the band.

“The event was very successful with over 200 people, who participated in the auditions. There was a lot of good talent, but we had to select only 30 that we saw could be compatible to the Zimpraise style of singing,” she said.

Mabhena said she was happy with the turnout at the event, as many aspiring singers attended with high hopes of making it into the colourful gospel outfit.

She also said the auditions were meant to bring in new skills and talent to help the award-winning band maintain its dominance in the industry.

The group fuses different music genres with dominant strains of sungura, church hymns and traditional choral sounds associated with white-garment apostolic churches.

Zimpraise choir was formed by passionate members from different Christian backgrounds, who joined hands to bring dynamism and diversity to gospel music while at the same time spreading the word of God through music.

In an earlier interview with NewsDay Life & Style ahead of the auditions, Mabhena said: “We have developed the culture, where every year, we add people into the team, which is our way of introducing new talent, new ideas and new music, which creates diversity.

“We encourage all singers, dancers and musicians, who wish to be excellent in their craft, to build their skills or develop their God-given gift to join our technical, practical and spiritual approach to ministry training that will develop you into a brilliant and holistic musician.”

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  1. Congratulations Zimpraise for the continued growth of such an excellent brand. However I’ve noted with concern the issue of your group when it comes to credit as to founded this group. I would think it’s more honorable if you are to state the real truth, because of all the people in the current set non is the founder of among the founders, they all came to join at some stage long after it was founded, so my appeal goes to the group’s PR department and some journalists not to tell half truths and atleast give credit where it’s due. Once again keep up the the good work of spreading the Good News

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