Zimbabwe aims to ‘power the world’s electric cars’

Zimbabwe’s mining minister has said the country has the capacity to boost its lithium supply, CNBC Africa reports.


Winston Chitando told a mining investment conference in the capital, Harare, the country could supply “20% of the global demand when all known lithium resources are exploited”.

The southern African nation is a top 10 producer of lithium, an alkali metal used in batteries for electric vehicles.

The rise in price of the metal, which has more than doubled in the past two years thanks to the demand from the electric vehicle industry, has triggered an expansion of mining of lithium.

Zimbabwe aims to restart its mining sector following years of lull under former President Robert Mugabe.

The new government is keen to attract fresh capital to its mining sector and is pushing lithium as a major draw, CNBC Africa reports.


  1. The Zim government is useless it failed to support a Maxwell Chikumbutso a man who. Could produce fuelless cars and was hoping for local support for a long time till he left to establish Saith Motor’s headquarters in the US yet the company was founded in Zimbabwe then beats its chest at having top 10 lithium reserves. These ministers cant see the future in time or maybe they dont want to look in the future because their arrogant and old selves are busy being corrupt and wont look into the future because they know they wont be in it. Zimbabwe simply needs younger, altruistic leaders.

    1. Haaaa zveZimbabwe kana! Munhu akangova innovative anotozvifira izvizvo. Now look we have Teslas coming from the West.

  2. History is sunk and each time one looks more into history and draw criticism from there, the economy will never go anyway. Winston has a perfect resume and the correct environment nothing can stop us moving into the future. Some of the young guys you are talking of have never achieved anything anyway, Winston brings to the table a successful stint with proven results from the private sector where results driven performance is a key weapon to survive and climb up the organization ladder. Most of these youngsters are after lining their pockets when they are in positions of influence. One wonders how some straight from college into GNU government but already there are filthy rich. Zimbabwe needs leaders who have already made their money who are focusing on building their brand, therefore age is not an issue. We have Kabila refusing to leave office because he still wants to milk. The current chaos in the opposition is not that the leaders will deliver for the generality of the people of Zimbabwe but it is for their selfish interest to make money hence you see that generation not respecting the party constitution but going for outright power grab/ coup.

  3. zimbabwe is in need of realising the capacities of individuals who have focus in manufacturing.nobody will bw interested in manufacturing after hering news that someone who manufactured a chopper was sued for that and the copter was put on mesium kkkkkk

  4. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwi Mazivazvangu

    Comment…Man made history and so, history made man.

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