Zim under-explored: Chitando

CAPE TOWN — Zimbabwe’s Mines minister Winston Chitando has admitted that the country has no record of its untapped mineral resources because there has not been any exploration work for the past decades.


Chitando made the disclosure yesterday at the ongoing African Mining Indaba in South Africa.

“There has been no exploration work in Zimbabwe. The only exploration was done long back and nothing has been done in recent times especially with the use of modern technology,” he said.

“So exploration is a very big opportunity which arises in the mining industry and which I am interested in.“

Chitando invited investors to apply for exclusive prospecting orders (EPOs) which gives them rights to apply for mining licences for minerals of their choice after the exploration work.

The minister said currently there were only three EPOs issued in Zimbabwe compared to 300 five years ago.

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Zimbabwe has been boasting of its vast mineral wealth without knowing exactly what is underground. Chitando said his ministry had done work to ensure that it would be easy to acquire mining licences.

In line with the policy to open Zimbabwe for business, Chitando said government had recently sealed deals with huge mining companies in mining of lithium.

“In the next few weeks something will be happening, but the name cannot be announced because the company is listed on the stock exchange,” he said.

There has been growing interest from investors who want to set up shop in Zimbabwe following the change of government in the country last November through military intervention.

Investors, African Chrome Fields (ACF), who hosted a breakfast meeting in conjunction with government, said Zimbabwe was now ripe to be the next Dubai.

ACF senior executive Ashruff Kaka said conditions in Zimbabwe had greatly improved from the time they ploughed in over $200 million into a chrome mining venture in Midlands province.

“It was a great risk, which was next to stupid at the time we invested, but the project has grown and if we could go in at that time, with the conditions having changed, it’s now time to invest,” he said.


  1. Some people are stupid, they just love the limelight. Surely Winston Chitando, how does someone move from private sector leadership positions to be a government Minister? Is it because its easier to loot as a Minister or its simply that the private sector in Zim doesnt pay as it does in other functioning economies – where one would get share options etc? Yaah neeh – well it could simply be Karanga solidarity. I know you from the Colliery – I thought you had by now moved on from primitive tribalism into civilisation – remember you people’s mantra of Masvingo ne tara. We haven’t forgotten!!

  2. uhmm at Oskid please show some respector for this great man

    1. What makes sense to me is where people build businesses in the private sector and once they are thriving; and because they dont like the way the country is being run, they decide to go into politics and become Presidents. They do this to show people how the economy should be run to allow for business to thrive; and that also protects their business Empires. Others dont participate directly in politics, but provide funding to political parties whose ideals they share. Examples out there are Donald Trump, Cyril Ramaphosa in South Africa, the DA in Mzansi that is largely private sector sponsored; ZAPU that was sponsored by Tiny Rowland of Lonrho during the struggle etc – I am sure there are plenty other examples around the world. But this thing of leaving private sector leadership positions to be a mere Government Minister as in Winston Chitando’s case; well that is a FIRST for me. It can only be in Zimbabwe. I mean – how much is a Minister’s salary? What is his real motivation? The same happened with Chitando’s fellow Gukurahundi ex Colliery Fred Moyo who was a Deputy Minister of Mines under Mugabe. To be honest, I believe some of these guys are just overrated by the Media and the ignorant public. There is no ways I could leave the private sector for politics, unless I am gunning for the Presidency – noways!!

  3. oskid please shows some respect for the Minister

    1. What Minister??

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