ZBC scribes, Makamba fight for Mt Darwin South

TWO Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation senior reporters have declared their interest in representing Zanu PF in rural Mt Darwin South constituency in Mashonaland Central province in this year’s general election expected in a few months.


Tendai Munengwa and Andrew Neshamba have both gone on leave to prepare their campaign strategies.

The two will battle in out in primary elections with the ruling party’s youth national political commissar, Godfrey Tsenengamu, and businessman James Makamba.

Mount Darwin South was last represented in Parliament by former Zanu PF national political commissar and Cabinet minister Saviour Kasukuwere, whose whereabouts are unknown since the military coup last November.

Contacted for comment, Munengwa said of all the people in the race to represent the constituency, his chances were high.

“It’s a walkover,” Munengwa said.

Neshamba also confirmed that he will contest and chose not to share much, keeping his cards close to his chest.

It has been difficult to get hold of Makamba, but his close ally told this publication that the groundwork had already begun in the constituency and the official announcement would be “coming soon”.

Makamba returned to the country after more than 10 years in self-imposed exile.

Tsenengamu said when the right time comes, he would announce his position but his interest lay in the constituency.

“But as youth leadership we have agreed that whenever there is a youth contesting for a seat, we are going to rally behind him or her in full force, but if our youth candidate is defeated during the primary elections, we will rally behind the winner so that the party wins,” he said.

Recently, Zanu PF ordered aspiring candidates to stop campaigning as they were fuelling division within the party, but to wait for primary election guidelines and candidates selection criteria.

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  1. Comment…No wonder zbc stands for zanu brodcasting corpoeation. Rubem is likely to stand for zpf should he go into politics.

  2. makamba is a fugitive after externalizing stolen funds from TELECEL.he is not fit to run.ZACC should really investigate makamba.he illegally sold shares belonging to other shareholders.

  3. ZBC supports the ruling gvt hence the clue is in its name. Other TV /Radio stations should be supporting other parties that’s how it works in politics all over the world.

    1. AGREED. If the political space id truly open then that is the way to go.

  4. Zanu Broadcasting Cooperation

    Hilarious though it’s sad that we allow ourselves to be taken of advantage and abused like that!

  5. Makunde AMBROSE is the only proper candidate for mt darwin south constituency

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