Zanu PF purges G40 associates

AT least 15 Zanu PF staffers were recently dismissed from work on allegations of being associated with the fallen G40 or having been employed by the former secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo.


Among those fired include a director in the office of former secretary for administration, Brain Gavaza, Stephen Kawocha, Simba Nyachowe, Charles Nkomo-Moyo and Bertha Nyamande, among others.

A letter written by party director for administration to one of the victims Dickson Dzora on January 20, 2018, did not give any reason for dismissing the affected workers.

“We hereby inform you of the termination of your service with effect from 26th January 2018. Please ensure that all party inventory in your possession is handed over to the director of administration before your departure. We wish you well in your future endeavours,” Dzora’s letter read.

According to sources, most of the fired workers were either accused of being close to the G40 faction, which was against the ascendency of Emmerson Mnangagwa to the post of President

“Most of these people were either employed when Chombo was the secretary for administration or were said to be close to the G40 cabal,” a source said.

After the fall of former President Robert Mugabe and his G40 supporters at the height of a military intervention, a number of high-ranking party officials were kicked out of the party among them, Chombo, former First Lady Grace Mugabe — who was seen as the preferred successor to Mugabe by the G40, ex-political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo among others.

The purge has also seen a change of guard in the military and the re-organisation of the police leadership, as well as in the State secret secrecy service.

Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo said he was unaware of the dismissals saying: “Ask the administrations department.”

Obert Mpofu the Zanu PF secretary for administration referred all questions to Moyo.

“Talk to Cde Moyo he is the party spokesperson,” he said.


  1. Mnangagwa is just doing a “Mugabe” to all his real and perceived enemies in his own party.Its a leaf that he borrowed from Bob over the years.If pushed too far the old dictator would physically eliminate those opposing him,thus stiffling democracy and sowing seeds of fear among the party members and those who might be thinking differently from uncle Bob.If those that were dismissed were against Mnangagwa’s ascendency to power,that was their democratic right because they had their own choice of leader within the same party.Zanu pf will never be democratic as long as it is still under the grip of these guys who think that fighting in the liberation struggle was done by a few selfish and cruel individuals.This bunch of old and egoistic mafioso will do anything to remain at the helm even if it means killing and kidnapping.To them the end justifies the means.The current crop of leaders in Mnangagwa’s government are nothing but rubber stampers who will not oppose anything bad done by the top heirachy.There are quite a number of common thieves in the current cabinet yet Ngwena’s govt concentrates on arresting and firing perceived G40 members.Maybe the irony of it all is that Ngena himself is a good candidate for Chikurubi if fairness was the name of the game.

  2. Fire all g40 members including some ministers before they destroy zanupf from within and the President. Don’t show Mercy

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