You are your own enemy

“Know your enemy very well and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster,” observed Sun Tzu. If a ball past your goalposts, who do you blame, the coach, the defenders or all the team members?


Some may blame an uneven pitch and others the weather, but what is certain is that there will always be a scapegoat.

While all the above may be true, finding something or someone to blame may not always be the right thing to do.

The story of a villager

There is a story of a villager, who announced to his fellow villagers that their enemy had died.

This was certainly good news to the villagers.

The villager then told his audience, who had come out in their numbers, when the burial of the enemy would be.

As normal proceedings of a funeral go, time came for body viewing and the atmosphere was predictably tense and sombre.

One by one they walked towards the coffin, expectant to see who the enemy was.

On getting to the coffin, they were to peep through as they bade farewell to this unnamed enemy.

Surprisingly, there was nothing in the coffin.

All they could see was a mirror which was fixed inside.

The mirror was fixed so it could reflect the face of the mourner as they passed by.

At the end of it all, people were now wondering what the message was.

This was so because there was no body to view and there was no one being buried.

Later on, they were called for the explanation and they were told that what they saw in the coffin was their real enemy.

What had they seen?

Their own faces!

In brief, this man was saying you are your own enemy.

The only enemy you have is none other than yourself.

You are your own enemy

Remember, the supreme art of a war is to subdue the enemy without actually fighting.

This is your time to subdue your enemy.

Still, you may be wondering who your enemy is.

Your enemy is yourself.

You can take yourself forward or backwards.

It is within in your capabilities.

The ball is in your court.

It can be done. Be blessed.

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