Worshipper dies from panic attack after hearing gunshots

A JOHANE MASOWE worshipper suffered a panic attack and died at her church after hearing gunshots from Zimbabwe National Parks and Authority Management (Zimparks) shot an elephant that had been terrorising Mkhosana residents for weeks.


The elephant was gunned down on Wednesday around 5:30pm along Kazungula Road.

The woman has been identified as Clara Nyabadza (38) of Mkhosana high-density suburb.

Her husband Francis Nyabadza (48) confirmed the death, attributing it to heart failure.

“It is still difficult to accept that she is no longer with us. I was at work when it happened yesterday evening. I was called and I found her already gone. She was at church at Johane Masowe and that is where she immediately died but the doctor told us that she had a cardiac arrest, but people that were around said there were gunshots, maybe she couldn’t cope with the sounds.”

Victor Ndlovu who witnessed the incident said the woman was worshipping with other church members, while rangers were scouting for the elephant.
“Rangers told us to move as they were tracking an injured problem elephant. They approached the worshippers who were praying in the bush and asked them to leave, but before they could all walk away, a gunshot was heard followed by another and that is when she panicked and fell. We rushed to the scene, she could hardly breathe and when she reached the hospital, she was pronounced dead.”

Nyabadza said his wife was on heart disease medication.

District medical officer, Wisdom Kurauone said he had not yet received the report.

A Mfelandawonye resident Bernard Sihwaba Ncube said: “This elephant had been wounded on its trunk and for the past three days, it kept charging at people in the area. On Tuesday, it attacked a Toyota Gaia taxi carrying passengers near Moringa shops. The driver fortunately, sped off,” he said.
A resident, Isaiah Chipepura, said on Wednesday night the elephant destroyed his vegetable and sugarcane patch.

Another resident said the elephant charged at her while she was taking a bath in her makeshift bathroom.

Human-wildlife conflict over the years has increased in the resort town, where many people have died with some injured at the hands of elephants, buffaloes and lions which stray from the parks to residential places.

On Monday, a lion was spotted crossing the road near Victoria Falls Primary school during the day.

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