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“IF (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa wins the next election, I will quit. We are ready to form the next government and in September we will. (Former President Robert) Mugabe failed to plan his succession, but our president (Tsvangirai) did. God has a plan for everything. When a great leader dies, his protégé takes after him. When I was appointed vice-president, people did not understand him.” MDC-T interim leader Nelson Chamisa

“… we are also celebrating Tsvangirai’s life, a life which was so rich, so diverse. I want to remind you that Tsvangirai won the 2008 presidential election. He did not get the 47% as claimed by the (Zimbabwe) Electoral Commission. He got more than that, that is why it took them six weeks to rig, and that is why I always say Zimbabwe’s first coup was in 2008, not in November last year. It was a pre-emptive coup. When they removed Mugabe, they already had experience, but Tsvangirai forgave them. The 2008 coup leaders are the same that removed Mugabe last year, but Tsvangirai had long forgiven them.”
MDC leader Welshman Ncube

MDC leader Welshman Ncube

“I met him (former President Robert Mugabe), we exchanged views, and he also explained why he resigned. It was for peace and development of the country. And we appreciated that very much. This was the first time I was visiting the country. I could not go without meeting him. Since President Mugabe forms part of the heroes of who fought for the independence of Zimbabwe and the continent, he is a common heritage for us. If there is any unconstitutional change of government, then we have our own instruments, we have rules that apply in the case.”-AU chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat


  1. we are ready to die for a new better zimbabwe

  2. We want Chamisa pliz

  3. Comment…Khupe ngaangoramba achiita maitiro aanga agara achiita Save vachipo zvekusabatana nevamwe.akumira mira Save vasisipo as if anga achikuwirirana naMorgan.misangano mingani yawaisa pinda. akazvikanyira ega ungadai uri panyanga.saka SAVE vakanga vaona zviri mberi.saka rega tipe mwana Nelson chimuti.

  4. Although the cruel hand of death took him at the final leg, Tsvangirai remained the sole remedy to the nation’s socioeconomic crisis. He had the charisma and wherewithal to Marshal and influence the public as opposed to the current leaders who keep fighting and outdoing one another for slots. He might have had his weaknesses but he remained a darling to many. Notwithstanding his failing health, he had played over 80 percent of what was required to send the ruling party home. Unless curbed beforehand, the current succession wrangles are only going to give Zanu PF a new lease of life. Turning the tables for the regime has never been so close also so far depending on the oppositionse give -and-take realignment in the remaining three months or thereabout. Surely, the richest place on earth is the cemetery. REST IN PEACE Sir, heroes never die.

  5. Comment…yes we want pliz pliz

  6. Comment…yes we want nelson pliz pliz

  7. Toda vaChamisa isu zvedu navamnangagwa navaMUTINHIRI NAMAI MUJURU PAMWE NAVAMWE VOSE

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