Violence rocks Harare after police shooting

VIOLENCE rocked the Harare central business district late yesterday evening after police officers allegedly shot and reportedly killed a bystander after engaging in running battles with kombi drivers.


The violence started when the police fired at a kombi that was near the Seke Road flyover and reports were that one person had died and another was seriously injured.

It was not immediately clear what triggered the running battles between the police and kombis, leading to one of the officers firing their guns.
Members of the public then besieged Harare Central Police Charge Office, where they wanted to lay a charge against the officers, triggering riotous scenes.

They started throwing rocks at the police and vehicles parked outside the police station. In the ensuing melee, a car was burnt and another vehicle also caught flames. The police responded by firing teargas to disperse the mob.

Roads leading to the charge office were later blocked to pedestrians.

Efforts to get a comment from the police were fruitless late yesterday. Ads



  1. The Chihuri police are at it again. They have not changed their violent mindset!!

    1. Police never fired a loaded gun at the public in the days of Chihuri and Mugabe. Zimbabwe yarumwa nechekuchera

  2. ZRP mukaramba muchiita hunhu hwakadai ndozvisungirira

  3. bhigiugbjbgtcjv gfck

  4. Comment…Kungomhanya kuita zvinhu pasina tsvakurudzo dzakarurama. Musangomhanya, hezvo
    mokumbira ruregerero. E. Zvobgo, E Chikowore, I Chombo, S Kasukuwere nhasi J Moyo. Nyatso garayi pasi naavo vose vane kodzero rekupinda dare. Porongwa zvinopunduka veduwe vehama. Zvino honayi, vamwe vana dzanherera. Nhayi Samasimba!!

  5. zrp will cost you election for sure if you leave them n their own on the roads again. They are not happy because you disturbed their lively hood of corruption saka vatotanga kunetsa vanhu pamigwagwa kuti imwi zita renyu risvibe. Madzingeyi mummigwagwa zvachose road blocks should be there when necessary not to just inconvenience and frustrate people willy nilly into paying bribes to pass through

  6. machinja ese ane rudo achapiwa kororona ..machinja ese ane rudo achapiwa korona .. korona weee …korona.. achapiwa korona (Song)- BY SAVE

    get up stand up… stand up for your right.. oooh yo yo yo (Song)- BY BOB MARLY

    zanu yaora baba.. huyauone zanu yaora baba.. zanu yaora baba (Song)- BY THE PEOPLE OF ZIMBABWE!!!!

  7. May the families that lost their loved ones be comforted… Zvakangooma!

  8. A country taken over by new leadership must revisit its constitution and quickly amend all loopholes. Engage the nation and make them feel important as you formulate a national policy document. Taking over and changing personnel without changing policies is like changing tyres of a bus with expired licence registration. All these incidents could be avoided if proper road policies, guidelines and markings are put in place. Where there is no NO STOPPING sign, a Kombi can stop because there are no proper signage or even road markings. Don’t blame the masses, you as the government are taking too long to avail good service to the populace.

  9. When idiots make hurried decision they affect a lot of people. Banning kombis without an alternative was a maximum height of stupidity. What now differs with Murambatsvina were homes where erased without alternatives

  10. Baba, nhai baba, tiri pachirangano baba, nhai baba here tiri pachirangano,
    Police ichishuda, baba nhai baba here, tiri pachirangano …….(singing)
    Chamisa huya vanhu vaye vatanga.

  11. They started throwing rocks at the police and vehicles parked outside the police station kkkk saka isu taita vatete isu tinoperera pakukanda stone. ndivanaGoliath chaivo

  12. masoja huyai murove vanhu order

  13. vaMatanga hamunha kana 30 days mapinda muoffice haaaaaaaaa

  14. Chipangano chauya

    election lost

  15. Aya ndooanonzi ma1 manje. They have refused to change for sure.

  16. zanu is the same yesterday the same today the same tomorrow,what New Zimbabwe ???under Zanu pf ,what becomes new???? changing a driver does not mean the bus is new,new dispensation is when there is complete overhaul and revamp of institutions,not junta gvt

  17. City fathers should consider;
    1. turn the land on the right side of Seke Rd soon after the flyover into kombi rank for Chitungwiza and relocate the car sales to Cocacola grounds
    2. turn the city car park behind Livingstone House into rank for Greencroft and adjacent areas
    3. annex 4th street car park to expand 4th street rank
    4. maintain the rest of the in-city ranks
    This will deconjest the ranks, and kombis will then confined to certain ranks and certain route to and from those ranks.

  18. Chamosa I kindly ask u to attend the funeral of these innocent citizen ….campain in tym

  19. Hatichatoziya kutizvirikumbofamba sei tirikushungurudza nemapurisa vakakuvadza kamwana kangu kane six months netware Gas.Mapurisa akudheererwa nekuti vakungokwana kwana pese pese unoona mupirisa achitora zingoro remaBanana Kanzuru iripo zvimwe zvinoda uona ukundokunozvi kutonga nedemo chaiko.Imbwa dzinoruma dzikangopota dzichivhurwa pavanhu dzinopedzesera dzotasvwa nepwere

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