Vic Falls introduces water rationing

VICTORIA Falls Municipality has introduced a tight water rationing regime in the tourist resort town, following shortages of water treatment chemicals.

By Nokuthaba Dlamini

Town clerk Ronnie Dube yesterday said their regular supplier of water treatment chemicals had cut supplies, citing foreign currency shortages. He said the local authority had started scouting for a new supplier.

Ward 11 residents said they found it ironic that they were running for weeks without tap water despite living on shores of the Zambezi River.

Garikai and Mfelandawonye residents have gone for years without adequate running water and a sewer reticulation system.

“For the past decade we have gone without water in Mfelandawonye, Garikai and some parts of Mkhosana and nothing has been done. This time it is worse because we have gone for over a week without water. We are relying on rain water.

“In Ward 11, especially in Mfelandawonye, there is no working sewer and thousands of people are relieving themselves in the bush and their backyards,” Kholisa Chuma said.

Ward councillor Goshen Zhou said he had engaged council over the matter.

“The engineering department said they were rationing water, but my ward remains more affected. They told me that their water purification chemical supplier had stopped supplying them and they were looking for other options. The other challenge is that, council does not have water reservoirs so they depend on pumped water for circulation.”

On the issue of the sewer system, Dube said: : “The BD 46 and BD 39 that is Mfelandawonye and Garikai were allocated to home seekers in 2002 before Operation Murambatsvina. The agreement was that, they were going to service their own roads and install water and sewer reticulation systems.

“They managed to connect water pipes, but did not provide sewer connections and roads, however, council has resolved to deal their sewer connections soon.”

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