Unpaid work for indecent assault

A HWANGE man has been sentenced to 350 hours community service for indecent assault, after touching a female villager’s private parts in public.


This was heard last week when Roger Musaka (25) of Mashala village under Chief Wange appeared before provincial magistrate Portia Mhlanga charged with possession of dagga and indecent assault and he pleaded guilty.

It is the State’s case that on February 5, Munsaka was at Mashala business centre drinking beer and smoking dagga with other imbibers.

He then started insulting people using vulgar words for unknown reasons and that led to the woman (unnamed to protect her identity) approaching him and asking him to stop his unruly behaviour, but Munsaka shouted at her before grabbing her privates and felling her on the ground.

Asked by the magistrate, why he had behaved in such a manner, Munsaka responded: “I was under the influence of alcohol and mbanje. I was not in complete control of my faculties. I apologise to her for stripping her of her dignity.”

Munsaka was sentenced to 12 months which was converted to 350 hours of community service.

He was strongly cautioned and discharged for mbanje possession.

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