Tsvangirai succession bombshell

THE late MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, has said he will soon release audio recordings of the late former prime minister speaking on his succession, as tempers continue to soar in the opposition party.


Tamborinyoka, in an exclusive opinion piece published elsewhere in today’s NewsDay, said it was disappointing that Tsvangirai agonised in his last days after he was barred from meeting his preferred successor.

“I will be relaying to you Morgan Tsvangirai, in his own voice, divulging the succession permutations and his succession preferences,” he said.

“That revelation will put paid to any doubts about the satisfaction of Morgan Tsvangirai’s spirit at what is about to unravel.

“That revelation is a function I promised him I would posthumously execute as a valediction to my role as his spokesperson.”

Tamborinyoka said Tsvangirai died a frustrated man, as he was barred from seeing the people he loved.

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“I know he died a frustrated man by being precluded from seeing and talking to those he loved – those he wanted around him in his final hours,” he said.
“For the record – and without going into details – I know this because he told me himself.”

There are reports that Tsvangirai’s widow was stopped from visiting the late MDC-T leader in hospital, although it is not clear whether Tamborinyoka was referring to this incident.

Tsvangirai died in South Africa last week after a long battle with cancer of the colon, and his death has triggered fierce succession fights among his three deputies – Thokozani Khupe, Nelson Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri.

Khupe is on record saying as per the party constitution, she is the one that must lead the party, and not Chamisa.

On the other hand, Mudzuri claimed he was called to South Africa by Tsvangirai and was ordained to lead the party in an acting capacity.

Chamisa had earlier reportedly travelled to South Africa to meet Tsvangirai, but was barred by close family members sympathetic to Mudzuri.

Meanwhile, party spokesperson, Obert Gutu yesterday insinuated he will quit MDC-T in protest over violence meted against Khupe, secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora and organising secretary, Abednico Bhebhe at Tsvangirai’s burial in Buhera on Tuesday.

“Big announcement, I’m not going to continue associating myself with an organisation that advocates for violence and thuggery,” he said.

“I’m a principled politician and professional.

“I’m not quitting politics. I’m going to contest in Harare East constituency in the 2018 elections.”

According to the MDC Alliance, Harare East has been reserved for People’s Democratic Party and Gutu could either be willing to go against MDC-T or quit the party.

In a follow-up interview with NewsDay, Gutu said he was not leaving the party.

“My tweet is very self-explanatory. I am not adding or subtracting anything on my tweet,” he said.

“A person, who quits, resigns and I am not resigning.”

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  1. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    It is now clear that the late Tsvangirai was now above the constitution of the party.If the constitution is supreme,the extra ordinary congress should be held as dictated by the constitution.That he preferred Chamisa was mere personal opinion or preference,that does not necessarily give one the licence to circumvent the provisions of the constitution in the manner the Chamisa supporters are doing.

    1. @Mgobhozi Wezintabeni, let Khupe test her own medicine, how many did she impose uncosntitutinaly in Bulawayo Province and Districts?

  2. Should the words of a dying man supercede the party constitution? We are not interested in the so called audio. Follow the party constitution. Select a party leader properly.

    1. thats a lie iwe hapana audio iriko, tsvangirai didnt have access to a phone so how did Ruka talk to him

  3. Dont talk of a party constitution that u havent read ……the mdc t constitution wwas followed to the last letter …..unofunga kty Chamisa ndigarwe here anotoda masoja kty atore nyanga….CHAMISA2018..the peoples choice


      ndaisa like penyu Mudhara

    2. hadi masoja anoda mayouth

  4. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Mula!!!! Taura zvinotaura Bumbiro reMDC-T mayererano nekunge paitika chiitiko chakadayi. Wauya zvakanaka wamai, unoziva zvarinotaura hama, pedza gakava iri. Tamborinyoka, AUDIO haishande, unoyeuka here AUDIO ichirambwa negweta gore riya reTIRIZONI.

  5. “A person, who quits, resigns and I am not resigning.”
    I thought one who quits naturally resigns, and one who resigns does not necessarily quit. So if you quit, i presume you are resigning from the MDC

  6. I do not see any bombshell in this article…

  7. A reformed ZANU PF under ED’s leadership is a lot better than this MDC and Chamisa nonsense!! We are all sinners and I’m convinced ED has experienced his own Damascene moment. For the sake political stability and in honour of all fallen and living liberation war fallen heroes, ED’s will certainly have my vote.

    1. Ed still controls looters, murderers ,tribalists and straight out thieves, where will you come in that line up?? u just want to remain povo,thats what zanupf wants to control you…37 years and you learnt nothing ??? NXA

  8. Why should the MDC-T have a new leader basing on what Tsvangirai said? The constitution should dictate the next person to lead. Perhaps the Movement for Democratic Change is far from the democratic ideals they claim to stand for. What will happen then if they get the reins of power, if the can’t respect a simple party constitution?

  9. NewsDay please grow up

  10. Chamisa apinda no doubt as Tsvangirai loved this young boy for standing with him in thick and thin when Welshman and Biti deserted him.

  11. Obert Gutu you are now history. Even if you stand as an independent in Harare East you will be lucky to get more than 5 votes.

  12. According to the MDC constitution the NC is the decision making body and its resolutions are binding, so the N.C decided N.C and it is perfectly constitutional.

  13. According to the MDC constitution the NC is the decision making body and its resolutions are binding, so the N.C decided N.C and it is perfectly constitutional.

  14. National Council the decision making body in between congress

  15. Again a strategic move. By the time the inevitable Congress is convened mdct structures will be fully behind Chamisa and it will be a walk in the park.

  16. humility ,humility, humility baba Chamisa
    ,standing against an icon like ED is not just addressing vulnerable hearts at a funeral, what exactly are you offering Zimbabweans??? ED has my vote VIVA ED

    1. These MDC people apparently they tell us that they are learned. Since when has a political party be part of a Will. This guy wants to get people sympathy. Its all rubbish, Ko iwe Trevor matotambirawo nyaya yakadai mototi bombshel nxaaa. Are you telling me that Tsvangirai was the constitution. Ko nhaimi if it is true that Chamisa is indeed a people favourate why not just appease the process by going to congress! Certainly there is something wrong there.

  17. Morgan was a dictator, he had no right to choose anyone to lead the party, the constitution of MDC T page 71,.9.20.1 reads,”in the event of the death or resignation of the President, the Deputy President assumes the role of Acting President pending the holding of an Extra-ordinary Congress that shall be held to elect a new President, which Extra-ordinary Congress to be held no later than a year of the former President”, of which the Deputy President is not an Appointee. The chaos is likely to continue and those with level headed are likely not to vote in the next election, for as it stands there is no sound candidates, your guess is as good as mine to the outcome.

  18. Appointing the Acting President based on the feelings or preferences of the incumbent or former leader is tantamount to personalising the organisation. If Chamisa gets the position in terms of the constitution, fair and fine, but giving him the position because Tsvangirayi preferred him as the next leader as expressed by Tamborinyoka is a bad precedent being set. Let the party’s constitution be the supreme document, not allowing leaders to annoint successors as if the party is part of their personal estate

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