Tsvangirai memorial turns into Chamisa rally

THOUSANDS of MDC-T supporters thronged the open space in central Harare near the Rotten Row Magistrates’ Court to bid farewell to the late veteran trade unionist and opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, but the event morphed into a near campaign rally for acting party president, Nelson Chamisa.

Chamisa is locked in a bitter internal power tussle with fellow vice-presidents Thokozani Khupe and Elias Mudzuri.

Khupe and Mudzuri sat stone-faced with the former even failing to acknowledge Chamisa after he gave the main speech in which the MDC-T acting president not only called for unity, but warned “the people will get rid of you if you do not listen to their voice”.

Time and again, the sea of red that covered what is commonly referred to as Freedom Square broke into chants of “Chamisa, Chamisa, Chamisa” and booed other senior leaders like secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora and Khupe when they were introduced.

Tsvangirai’s eldest son Edwin implored the party to respect the family’s wishes and allow them to mourn their father.

“The struggle continues, but we hope you will respect the family and not draw us into political fights. We also hope the party establishes an academy to groom future leaders and cadres to carry the wishes our father forward,” he said.

The crowd demanded that one of the late MDC-T leader’s sons, Richard, who reportedly endorsed Chamisa as party president on Sunday speak. After consultations and a long wait, Richard, spoke sending the crowd into a frenzy.

“Our wish is that his [Tsvangirai’s] legacy be protected. It can only be protected through a free and fair election as well as a violence-free campaign,” he said while whipping the youth into delirium with his slogans.

Zambian Congress of Trade Unions representative, Clarkson Chimenda, called for unity in honour of Tsvangirai, who he said had chosen to “work with the devil”, in reference to former President Robert Mugabe.

“I had advised him not to join the unity government, but he was stubborn but democratic. He said the man [Mugabe] had tried to kill him arguing ‘revenge is God’s’. He told me he did not want to be president at any costs, but wanted proper democracy for his motherland.

“To Chamisa and the other leaders, do not share your chickens before you catch the hyena. Have a common goal to save Zimbabwe,” he said.

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions president, Peter Mutasa said Tsvangirai was a national hero and president of Zimbabwe.

“Everyone knew that he won the elections in 2008. He is president of the republic. We will not allow anyone to distort our history.

“We will not impose a leader on the MDC-T, but respect its members’ wishes. However, we will impose an ideology on the party, which should be pro-working class,” he said.

Namibian opposition leader McHenry Venaani, of the Popular Democratic Movement, described Tsvangirai as a “doyen” in the fight for democracy.

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  1. but i dont see how turned into a Chamisa rally from what i have read above.maybe i simply not good in english.

    1. i agrre with you. the reporters are biased

    2. I always complain about Newsday’s poor reporting

  2. Chamisa supporters are not many enough to give him a presidential victory in elections. And, the guy himself is more than naive, politically and socially immature, and a bad organisor as shown by the collapse of the party in 2013 elections when he was organising secretary.

    1. You are the one who is naive.

    2. thought he was spokesperson then not organizing secretary.

      1. He was organizing Secretary after 2011 Congress. In 2013 Mwonzora was Spokesperson


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  4. You complain that you are not given airtime on ZTV while you are failing to give others chance to speak at a FUNERAL.

    1. are u sure they were not given a chance.. they refused bcz they knw they were going to be booed.. u even knw it. it was going to be very embarrassing

  5. Matebele Warrior

    @prophet profit , at times it is wise to keep your mouth closed because what you are saying are untested facts , which in simply language is called lies.

  6. Chipangano chauya

    msarwadziwe mwana aenda nechimuti kana wakaona events of yesterday so khupe n mudzuri asante sana good night

  7. Love him or hate him, its all too late. Politics is a game of popularity & numbers. No amount of jealousy or denial can block the rise of Chamisa’s star

  8. Chamisa chinomiswa nani?

  9. On a comparative basis Chamisa has the youth, gift of public talking and has the looks and therefore it makes him a perfect candidate for the opposition President post but he is not yet a national leader material , he is packed with lies and element of childishness the young lad still need to grow mentally and grow very fast.

  10. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    only idiots like fake Prophets for Profit will not see that the Chamisa storm has conquered Zimbabwe.

  11. Chamisa Nelson mwana waenda nechinhu mhani uyu

  12. people cannot handle the truth. point out a fact unotobaiwa nekutukwa pano. Chamisa haana ma supporter enough to give him victory without the help of the other opposition leaders. that’s a fact. a divided Mdc will not stand a chance come elections but a united opposition will.

  13. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    Chamisa is a mature politician. He was under the tutelage of Honourable Doctor Richard Morgan Tsvangirai for a loyal 18 years. That is the reason everyone including Former President Mugabe once described Chamisa as a supersonic minister during the inclusive government. The thousands who were chanting ” Chamisa, Chamisa , Chamisa ” are mature as well.

  14. Twimbo Mudzuri usarwadziwe. Chamisa has inherited the Tsvangirai pulling factor. The young and the old all admire his unimaginable wisdom. He has even appealed to us in Zanu PF and I am putting my X on Chamisa this time around.


  16. Peace be with us all and let us stand together leading our beloved Country to a bright future……for we can not change the past but we can change who we are today……

  17. But G40, if November 2017 hadn’t happened were you still going to put your X for Chamisa? If not it means exogenous circumstances have influenced your decision and not necessarily his appeal.

  18. I am a young man in Enyimba Nigeria. I once operated a cellphone shop downtown Harare near the flyover. Even though I am no longer in Zimbabwe, what I really saw with my own eyes on you tube about the young man called Chamisa is amazing. That young man has leadership talent. I really admire that young man. Just look at the way he present himself to the big audience. You will love and admire him once he starts talking.

  19. Politics in not quet good

  20. Elisha,Mugabe was mature,old and a little of teacher in education,politically he was useless lies lived onto his life forever and he dismally failed zimbabwe. Chamisa is youth and today’s eco-system fits him so well.He deserves the zimbabwean votes not anymore to any useless zanu pf cadres.

  21. We were wrongly haunted out of the Revolutionary Party because we wanted young leadership as well. The coming in of Chamisa gives us something to smile about.

  22. Linda Ndlovu- UZ


  23. Kana usingade Chamisa uri we G40,,, taneta nezvimadhara izvi, let a young one take over, mature or immature madhara auraya zvinhu

  24. While Pepsi may have appealing adverts, better taste over coca-cola, it will never win against coca-cola. Why is it so? Coca-cola’s business model of having a coca-cola fridge at every corner across the country has been its winning formula over the ages and continues to be. ZANU PF through its cell structure has managed to reach every corner of the country. If MDC does not replicate ZANU’s cell strategy, but rely on rallies instead, it will never win an election in Zimbabwe. Right now people are going overboard because of thousands of people who thronged Glamis Arena from across the country, majority of whom are not registered voters. That crowd will not win an election for anyone.

    Back to the cell structure. A cell may have 100 or less people. In discussions people can easily know who among them has not registered to vote and so encourage each other to. The Cell concept brings about comradeship among members because they will be few and tend to know each other better. Compare that to multitudes of people drawn from Radii as big as 60km. The closer they get to each other will be in chanting similar slogans. After that there will be no intimate discussion of issues, such as being a registered voter. It will not be a surprise if half of the current registered voters are hardcore ZANU PF suporters.

    1. from the onset we have seen that your mind is zunufied.now hear this man of little hope n faith, when God says yes to Chamisa not even your hateful talk will stop that, neither the jaws of your so called crocodile. but listen Chamisa will be president in a year called 2018.mark these words i said today.whatever philosophy or political architecture or opinion or analysis be it psychologically or sociologically or mathematically sound will never in any way stop this.its too late. Chamisa is the David of this time, whether you are Goliath or Soul, but bear in mind that time is ripe and Chamisa is the man now.

  25. It’s sad that politics is a game of popularity and numbers. The popularity aspect tends to blind people from objectively analysing the capability of a leader in relation to the the task at hand. Chamisa has no doubt some very good traits in him. But his seeming inability to work with other senior members is something to worry seriously about. Read the story of Rehoboam in the bible and take not of the folly of being a youth.

    Zim needs a mature leader able to work with the youth and more importantly have the aptitude of effectively dealing with our tattered economy. ED and Chamisa do not fit that bill.


  27. i don,t see any problem with chamisa being a president of the republic of zimbabwe do you?

  28. Ende MDC ichingopinda zvinobva zvachinja ipapo ipapo kkkkk i like that statement.Icho chiri chokwadiwo.Ko GOGO vararasei nhai.mukasadaira ndozvisungirira

    1. Kkkkkkk gogas vanetsa vati varikuda tea nepizza ikasatengwa vati vanozvisungirira saka kwatotumwa munhu kuchivhu


  30. Demagogue/… noun
    (ˈdɛməˌgɑg ; demˈəgägˌ; ˌdɛməˌgɔg ; demˌəgôgˌ)

    :a person who tries to stir up the people by appeals to emotion, prejudice, etc. in order to win them over quickly and so gain pow

  31. Chamisa aenda ne nyika ,kuno kwatiri beitbridge after That amazing speech yesterday yangove x pana chamisa..zvekuti haa winner,tozozviona after x tamupa coz he is relevant..

  32. Hameno but we shall remain colonised till Jesus come for the second time. Now we are following the Communist approach (China and Russia). Its better to have the European approach (democratic or that Capitalism). If a country is against America, its Automatically against Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Japan and Scandinavian countries will follow and Kutambura kwacho kwakaoma. The situation in the communist will be good for a few countable individuals and rest are suffering and toiling. For me better the European and American approach.

  33. Chero panovigwa amunoti magamba eZANU PF kunozni pamberi neZANU zvoshamisa nekuti yaMDC

  34. Nicodemus Munyanyiwa Mutsvairo

    Its good the social media will be trying to bring news to the people but they should report correctly and not influence the reader with lies. We should be able to identify what we read as news that does not encourage conflicts, so please just know we have been watching your reporting which is biased to confuse the readers. Being a senior member in the party is not enough to get automatic rise, you have to work for that to happen. In the old party they hero worshiped to rise, and that’s why the country got to where it is now, they never wanted to develop but to loot hence we are now saying the old guard must pave way for the young generation with new ideas to change things.

  35. Vanhu vasanyepa vanzwa pa paper kana news Chamisa haaifanira ktaura. Mudzuri ndiye aida kunzi ataure then Bhebhe paakapa Mudzuri nguva vanhu vakasimuka vamwe vakuenda vamwe vakabva vatanga kuimba ipapa mudzuri akupiwa myk akabva ainongedzera kuna Chamisa kt ataure aona kt zvakanga zvoitwa navanhu paipa piano.

  36. poor ethical disposition from a once respected Newsday, no difference with Herald, surely you go through to see where and how all this iturned to be a Chamisa Rally only to see the end. Poor and very Poor, thats why people are no longer excited buying a copy of the Newsday, did u change the Editor guys advise us.

  37. Comment…chamisa zvava zvinhu mfanami unechipo vote yangu ndokupa.

  38. ini newe tinebasa vote pana Chamisa

  39. chamisa kumberi mberi, todawo mufana madara atiponda aya

  40. As long as we have more than one presidential candidate from the opposition ZANU PF will continue to rule. Lets all be united and have one presidential candidate to stand against ZANU PF that way victory is certain.

  41. Chamisa for president

    Comment…chamisa our man our future president not this tired corruput mnagagwa and his useless party

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