Tsvangirai gets State funeral

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday granted a State-assisted funeral to opposition MDC-T leader and former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, turning down public calls to accord him national hero status.


A State-assisted funeral is an honour usually given to the level of provincial heroes.

In an interview on the sidelines of the official opening of the Criminal Investigation Department headquarters in Harare yesterday, Mnangagwa said he had already discussed Tsvangirai’s status with his Zanu PF politburo colleagues and settled for a State-assisted funeral.

Tsvangirai died in South Africa on Wednesday evening after a long battle with colon cancer.

Since Zimbabwe’s independence, Tsvangirai emerged as one of the strongest opposition leaders against the Zanu PF-led government.

Although Tsvangirai had stood out as one of the sternest critics of the Zanu PF regime, Mnangagwa said they decided to honour him for the role he played in pushing for democracy.

“I have already discussed with my colleagues on what honour we are going to give him,” he said.

Asked how big the honour would be, considering calls by Tsvangirai’s supporters to bestow him national hero status, Mnangagwa remarked: “Not as big as your size.”

“We are giving him a State-assisted funeral. All expenses will be taken over by the State,” Mnangagwa said.

“Yes, he was in the opposition, but he was striving to make sure that there was democracy in the country and he has been in the political arena for a very long time.

“Our politics has been shaped by his contribution and at some time, we have had him as Prime Minister for about five years and it is very important that we, as a government, pay last respects to one of us.”

At the time of his death, Tsvangirai had just been endorsed as MDC-T and MDC Alliance presidential candidate for elections expected in the next few months, where he was to square off with Mnangagwa.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said Tsvangirai’s death came as a shock to the ruling party.

“Indeed and you are aware that the President and his Vice-President [Constantino] Chiwenga recently visited him at his house in Highlands and they were wishing him a speedy recovery and we all thought he was really recovering, only to hear the sad news yesterday,” he said.

“We are very sorry about that and we mourn with the family and relatives and we can only say God giveth and God taketh and we wish his soul to anchor and rest in eternal peace.”


  1. ko chebasa rei ko chi national hero che zanu pf ,ndokuna jesu kristu ???,Tsvangirai died fighting zanu pf ,there was no way zanu pf would have accord that status to an enemy,vanhu ndovanotaura u all saw the people at harvest house,chigomo chavo(heroes acre) hachikwana vanhu ve chinja chiya. ? was jesus accorded any status when he died ,,a big noo,

  2. Matebele Warrior

    we dont care about zanu hero status , to us he is a not a national hero but an international hero.
    Vote Chamisa for a free Zimbabwe

  3. People should just dump zanu at the next plebiscite in honor and fulfilling Save’s dreams of a just and equal society. Mwana we nyoka inyoka, there is completely nothing good that will come from zanu, it has a proved record hence need to change and taste other avenues. Zvikaramba toedza zvimwe, so let us just do that. That would be the best way of honoring Tsvangirai.

  4. heroes acre is nothing to Tsvangirai.hero status does not come from zanu pf individuals but it comes from the people.the mdct declared tsvangirai a true hero,a democrat,and a unifier.garai nechi heroes acre chenyu hazvichinje mweya wemunhu izvozvo.save vakati vanoda kuvigirwa kumusha kwavo,he will be buried in buhera besides his wife’s grave.rest in peace save

  5. he doesnt need to rest with those serial killers

  6. There are some huge financial benefits for life to immediate family when one is declared a national heroe, zanupf is hellbent to keep those benefits to their keith and kin or shall i say those that went to the bushwar. Sooner we will have to revisit the Constituition on this matter.

    To me Morgan Tsvangirai is a rare true heroe an international one as some have said on this platform. May his soul rest in eternal peace

    1. pasi ne zanu nehutungamiriri hwayo

  7. Zanu pf is the governig party but its a separate entity from the government. Hero status is a national thing not a party thing. why should a party’s supreme board (politibro) sit to discuss what should be a government issue, why not the cabinet. this zanu has been in power for too long they can not differentiate party business and government business

  8. pasi nezanu nehutungamiriri hwayo

  9. They put criminals and CIO members who did nothing for the people at the a heroes acre and yet fail to make Tsvangirai a National hero. None of all our politicians deserve the status better than him.Ed you are offside. This was your opportunity to show that you are different. You did exactly what Mugabe would have done. State funeral.

  10. Our Towering Hero, Father Democracy Morgan Tsvangirayi, Rest in Peace. We started it and we are going to finish it!

  11. Tsvangirai is an international hero,he was twice nominated a noble peace prize .no one in zanu pf and at heroes acre.has had that opportunity.saka chebasa rei heroes acre,che zanu pf ,if any gvt comes into power,chikomo chenyu,menge muchingovigana ipapo .

  12. Tsvangirai is an international hero,he was twice nominated a noble peace prize .no one in zanu pf and at heroes acre.has had that opportunity.saka chebasa rei heroes acre,che zanu pf.everything zanu is not good,

  13. On this one ED and Zanu(PF) have made a big blunder. I had wanted to vote for you but now in honor of Tsvangson you will not get my vote. You should have declared him a national hero.

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