Readers speak on Tsvangirai’s hero status

AMH Chairman,Trevor Ncube this morning wrote an open letter to President Emmerson Mnangagwa making a case on why the late former Prime Minister and opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai should be conferred national hero status. Our readers immediately joined the conversation on our social media platforms. Here is what they said.

By Felix Machiwenyika


  1. Pakaipa. It is not just one mistake, they are many! Handisi hangu journalist, but I can write better.

    “Here are screen shorts that show some of the feedback from the audience. Mostly positive comments on the open letter by Trevor Ncube to president Emmerson Mnangagwa, appealing for the late Morgan Richard Tsvangirai to be accorded national heroin status.”

    1. Replace ‘here’ with ‘below’.
    2. They are not screen shots! Screen shots are image extracts. Replace ‘screen shots’ with ‘comments’
    3. You cannot start a sentence with ‘mostly positive’ in the context presented [It is a fragment].
    4. Replace ‘president’ with ‘President’
    5. Improper punctuation: The comma is not supposed to be there
    6. Syntax error! Should be: ‘appealing to the President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, for the late, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, to’
    7. Heroin is a DRUG! Not ‘heroin’ but ‘hero’
    8. ‘to be accorded a national hero status’

    1. heroin ? Really English teacher?

  2. Comment…Hausi teacher wa Trevor Ncube iwe.Chero wazvinzwa zvaanga achireva kana nesuwo


    1. Noted, 2018 Ours; just a concerned reader. I am happy vagadzirisa. Zvakuflowa manje.

  3. Tsvangirai I a true national hero

  4. Tsvangirai Is a true national hero

  5. Murwira and mavhima have failed their 100 day mandate so they must can one sensible minister remove stem scholarship?

  6. I think the heros acre is supposed to be national not a party property. after all the burials are funded with tax payers money.Hero status is supposed to be confirred by an independent office/commitee which is inclusive. I’m trying to imagine what will happen if this organisation which seems to have the prerogative of confirring hero status becomes extinct. Are we saying at some point this country will cease to have heros.

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