Stop interfering in MDC-T affairs: Mwonzora


MDC-T secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora has urged MDC Alliance partners to pull up their socks and stop interfering in the affairs of the Morgan Tsvangirai-led opposition party and its leaders.


In an interview on the sidelines of the launch of a research on local government elections in Harare on Wednesday, Mwonzora said he had noticed the abuse of MDC-T leaders including acting president, Elias Mudzuri.

“Alliance partners should make ongoing rallies friendly to other officials, particularly MDC-T acting president, Elias Mudzuri. He is our acting president,’’ he said.

“Our acting president was embarrassed at the Epworth rally. Coming to the Mutare rally, I did not see the sabotage by some officials from my party. The rally was well attended, but I would like to say that other alliance partners should pull up their socks, as the crowd was mainly dominated by the MDC-T supporters. The alliance should meaningful.’’

There were reports that some MDC-T officials against the alliance intended to sabotage the poorly attended event.

Mwonzora told delegates to the local government elections survey report launch that educated people were the most corrupt in the country.

This was after some panellists including Harare mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni claimed that councils were being let down by uneducated councillors.
The panellist had claimed uneducated councillors were causing corruption in local authorities.

“Stick to the qualifications as provided by the law. I dismiss the notion that the level of education is deterrent whether one is corrupt or not. There is so much corruption among the educated people,” Mwonzora said citing former Finance minister Ignatious Chombo, who is appearing before the courts over corruption allegations.


  1. Mr Mwonzora, the the other alliance members do not have any supporters. I wonder where the MRD-T got their advice to join the alliance. The MDC-T can go it alone in the elections and win but they will lose if they continue to be a member of this alliance.

  2. Have to say I agree with @ L. Makombe.
    The alliance members are there to confuse the issue and mislead the people.
    Result will be another zanu government.
    Are we willing to let that happen?

  3. Education my foot. It has no bearing on wether or not is corrupt. Kkk. When MDC split it cost us an outright victory.

    You see I am only half schooled unlike our illustrious SG Mwonzora, but I learn. If hypothetical those alliance partners bring 200000 votes and they put you past the 50 +1, that figure will not become so insignificant.

    You want to protect your constituencies to a point were you want to sacrifice whats best for MDC. That attitude may yet turn off the electorate.

    You have the power to make decisions governing MDC T, agreed. That power does not extend to forcing our votes – be careful what you wish for.

    I want us to pool our votes together with other progressives.

  4. mwonzora thankyou fo protecting the peoples party mdc t.keep tell us what is happening in the mdc foyers

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