Stop hate speech, derogatory slogans: Heal Zimbabwe

CIVIL and human rights watch dog, Heal Zimbabwe Trust, has expressed concern over the use of derogatory slogans by some political parties, which it says can incite political violence ahead of the upcoming general elections.


The trust said Zanu PF and the main opposition MDC-T have slogans that have undertones of violence.

“The slogans chanted by these two political parties during their rallies are inciteful and have violence undertones. Slogans such as ‘Pasi neMDC…’ (down with MDC) and ‘chihurumende che Zanu PF mudenga, icho varoverei pasi!’ (Lift the Zanu PF government up, crash it down hard) incite hate and animosity among political players,” the trust said.

“On February 7, 2018, while addressing a rally in Guruve, President Emmerson Mnangagwa chanted a slogan ‘Pasi nezvimbwasungata, pasi nemhandu’ [loosely translated as ‘down with enemies and sellouts’]…”

The trust said though leaders of these political parties have openly denounced political violence, their party systems and structures appeared to celebrate violence.

“As the nation readies for elections, political parties must now take a leading role campaigning for peace and tolerance.”

The trust said political parties must be guided by the provisions of the Electoral Code of Conduct for Political Parties, which stipulates that no political party or any of its members or supporters, and no candidate or any of his or her supporters, may: use violence, or threaten violence or incite or encourage the use of violence, against anyone on account of his or her political opinions or membership or support of a political party or participation in the election.

It added parties should not force citizens not to vote or to vote for a candidate or political party against his/her will or to reveal the identity of the candidate they voted for.

The organisation in its campaign dubbed 13 Million Voices for Peace will engage various political parties on the need for peaceful polls.

Cases of voter intimidation are reportedly on the rise, amid accusations that some Zanu PF and traditional leaders were forcing villagers to submit their voter registration slip serial numbers.

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  1. Comment…On the Lacoste’s special congress, Oppah chatted, ‘pasi naJoice Mujuru’ and recently Dr Joice Mujuru was attacked by lacoste cabal’s thugs. This shows Dr Joice Mujuru has been targerted by the lacoste cabal as its main rival in the coming elections. Last week, in Guruve ED was chatting the hate slogans and after went on a hate speech on Dr Joice Mujuru’s trip to South Africa.

  2. gumindoga renias

    the political leaders on the day of united demonstrations greatly denounced the chanting of hate speeches but barely two weeks after that, the hate speeches began resurfacing again. the major problem is that what they preach is not what is their hearts. they are full of hatred!

  3. At this juncture as Zimbabweans we need to sing the same song,disregarding our political affiliation.Lets stop politicking and walk the same direction for the betterment of our Nation which was destroyed socially,morally and economically.Hate Speeches and Derogatory Slogans wont bring Bred and Butter on our tables,but hardwork,unity and constructive arguments.Hate Speeches and Derogatory Slogans is just an immature and outdated way of politicking.Those Politicians who practise it don’t have anything to offer in terms of development and ideas which enrich the Nation.So,they go about shouting these useless Slogans and insulting their rivals.After the “November Revolution” we must show the world that Politically we have reached maturity.

  4. Pasi nemhanduuuu

  5. Comment…@jari ndiani mhanduuuu. This comes from ED. This is the same hate slogan he chatted whilst leading the Gukurahundi operations

  6. As long as you continue being governed by a party of the 1960s and its liberation war credentials – you will continue to suffer this. They cant stand democracy. Its not part of their DNA, but violence is!!

  7. ED is busy learning not to use pasi nemhanduuuuu any more. Even tichingotonga tichingotonga matra must end. It reminds us about Grace maddiness.

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