Scriptwriter breaks down at premiere

SCRIPTWRITER Amanda Ranganawa found the premiere of her movie, Kushata Kwemoyo, at Eastgate Ster Kinekor in Harare on Friday last week so emotional that she broke down in tears before the audience.


Ranganawa said some of the scenes captured in the movie chronicled her trying life experiences as the character Chiedza — played by Gamuchirai Duve — grows up with bitterness fuelled by the ill-treatment she received from her step mother.

Ranganawa said she wrote the story not only to reflect her painful experience, but to call for an end of such abuse.

“I went through this and I wanted something to change regarding everyone who is being treated this way. I hope you take this film home and change the way you treat others,” she told the audience in tears.

Chiedza’s hostile relationship with her stepmother in the movie is so bad that it ruins her marriage to Baba Sean, played by Charles Muzemba.

Ranganawa told NewsDay Life & Style on the sidelines of the premiere that she suffered many forms of abuse and scripting the film was a form of therapy, as it allowed her to release the bitterness she felt.

“Kushata Kwemoyo expresses the bitterness I felt as I grew up. I created Chiedza as unforgiving because I wanted to show the depth of her pain. I also wanted to show how hard and painful it is for a person to be forced to live with their abusers,” she said, adding that she was severely abused by her guardian.

The Mutare-based filmmaker expressed gratitude to her mother, who supported her during scripting.

“My mother wrote the lobola scene. If you have a parent who supports you when doing art, be proud,” she said.

Meanwhile, Duve said playing Chiedza was not a tough act.

The National Arts Merits Awards 2017 best actress nominee said only the romantic scenes “were difficult”, but she was able to sail through because of the director’s expertise.

“Here and there, I could feel the real pain considering it’s a true story. My director told me to keep it real,” she said.

Co-executive producer Mike Zemura was pleased by the turnout and thanked the audience for coming while the director, Shem Zemura, said he was humbled by the ovation they received.

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