Rusape installs traffic lights

Rusape Town Council, in partnership with Chinhoyi University of Technology, has identified 15 sites where they intend to install traffic lights as the rapidly growing town faces traffic flow challenges, town secretary Solomon Gabaza has said.


The council needs $350 000 for the traffic lights after successfully installing solar-powered traffic lights at two points last year.

In an interview with NewsDay yesterday, Gabaza said they were working tirelessly to change the face of

“We were having problems during the holidays because we are also a tourist town. Tourists who will be travelling to Nyanga and other tourist attraction areas in the province (Manicaland) also pass through our town, so we have to put the robots to curb traffic flow challenges,” he said

He said congestion is usually caused by travellers from Harare and Mutare.

“We have so far installed the robots at two centres and this year we are hoping to put the robots on two other centres. We have already identified 15 points, where we are going to install the robots,” Gabaza said.

“We need $22 500 per point and we have spent about $45 000 on two points. If it were not for financial problems, we would finish the installation this year. Our target is to install robots at two points this year.”

Cosmas Mamombe, an executive member in the Rusape Residents’ Trust, hailed the initiative.

“’We are happy with this initiative that has been taken by our town council at least this is going to solve the traffic jam in the town,” he said.

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  1. zvimwe zvinenge zvave zvekubhadhara ma journalists. traffic light ringaitise news headline pakudini. vanhu ngavakambeine nezvimwe vakomana. hatiziviwo kuda traffic yeRusape yazonyanya zvange zvotambudza vachairi nevafambi,

  2. 15 points for traffic lights in Rusape?????? do they intend on installing them at every intersection or what???

  3. Isu wekwa Rusape tirikufara chaizvoooooooooo ne reporting yakadai. Happy that robots r in my home town

    1. taurai henyu mukoma.

  4. 350000 yakawandisa
    Rusape haina basa ne robot
    akaiswa acho arikutovhiringidzaaaaa

    1. On the contrary that amount is very reasonable.A fully fledged traffic management system costs around USD 50000.00 per junction.If you take into consideration that Rusape junction are generally smaller as compared to other cities and towns,then you will clearly realize that the cost is very very reasonable.

  5. This is amazing! In Highfield, Harare the Rhodesians put up “robots”/traffic lights in the 70s and 48 years later there is excitement about street lights in Rusape……times move very slowly for others!!

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