Rowdy MDC-T youths destroy Tsvangirai’s maize crop

ROWDY MDC-T youths reportedly destroyed tasselling maize crop at the late party leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s mother, Lydia Zvaipa’s home during the burial of her son in Humanikwa village, Buhera, last week.

By Everson Mushava

Tsvangirai died a fortnight ago in South Africa after a long battle with colon cancer and was buried at his rural home last Tuesday.

His burial was, however, marked by ugly scenes which also saw party vice-president Thokozani Khupe, secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora and national organiser Abednico Bhebhe, physically assaulted by youths from a rival camp as the race for Tsvangirai’s succession turned nastier.

The three were accused of disrespecting party acting president Nelson Chamisa and decampaigning him in the succession race which also pits Elias Mudzuri.

The rowdy youths, according to sources, also accused Khupe of influencing Tsvangirai’s mother to threaten to commit suicide if Chamisa and her late son’s wife, Elizabeth Macheka, attended the former premier’s funeral.

Gogo Tsvangirai was not spared the attacks as she became the butt of ugly social media bashing. She was also booed at her son’s funeral.

“The same youths who held Khupe, Mwonzora and Bhebhe hostage also went on a rampage destroying Gogo Tsvangirai’s maize crop by pulling down the cobs,” a family member said, showing the NewsDay crew the destroyed maize crop.

“Some of the youths went on to allege that Gogo’s feud with her daughter in-law (Macheka) and Chamisa was materialistic.

They claimed that Chamisa, as a lawyer blocked the Tsvangirai family from claiming the MDC-T leader’s property from Macheka,” the family member added.

Family spokesperson, Manasa Tsvangirai, said it was sad some party supporters have continued to use her mother as a subject of attack over things they don’t have information about.

“For the record, as a family, we have taken a position that when our brother worked; he was working for his family — his wife and children. We don’t want anything from his property; it belongs to his wife and children. His children should engage with their mother (Macheka) on the way forward,” Manasa said.

The party youths also caused a scene when they took away Tsvangirai’s casket for burial before the family performed its rituals, and even threatened to beat up the former premier’s younger brother, Collins, after he ordered them to return the body.


  1. So why did the Tsvangirai family denied Macheka the chance to mourn her husband to the extend yekuda kuzvisungirira anga apareyi nhaimi vanhu imi mungadai makamupa mukana zvese zviri kutaurwa zvisina kuitika izvi ndosaka makazonzi do not wash your dirty linen in the publiv hamuna kuita mushe kkkkkk

    1. suffice to say there is a lot happening behind the scenes that you are not aware of. Macheka is not so clean either & as the dust settles, things will start to come out, just hold your horses till then

  2. Mdc should compensate the destroyed crop. A report should be made to the police that valuation assessment be done.

  3. Greedy family.

  4. Comment…if you were there you also destroyed it ,why not say mourners

  5. Comment…It looks like these “rowdy MDC youths” are someone else’s creation. How they assemble, make decisions
    and carry them out, how their actions are covered in the media, I smell a mouse.

  6. Comment…chamisa is clearly becoming mugabe musakanganwe chazuro nechanhasi mugabe aidiwa nevanhu achiita violence muchihwande nkomo akachemachema vanhu mukaramba akazoti okurovai mukasvinura democracy inodiwa for a good economy ska violence anodzorerwa ma sanctions

  7. Whoever committed the violence is sick in the head. I do not have any reason to support it – is unemployment causing this kind of desperation? or it is lack of thinking?

  8. Instead of putting gogo’s picture why not put the picture of the destroyed crop, imwe journalism soo.

    1. kkkkkkkk taura hako Kuda ndatozvishayawo.Journalism yakadakwa

  9. Sorry Gogo Lydia the youths will be severely punished by the Almighty and their chosen young in charge will not go past ED

    1. enda wofa

  10. Violence was meant to instill fear into acting President’s opponents, Khupe (the only legitimate Congress Elected VP) and Mwonzora ( because he is advocating for an Extraordinary Congress for MDC T to elect a substantive party President who will represent the Alliance during 2018 elections, a platform which Chamisa is not keen to have given his experience in 2014 where he was defeated by Mwonzora and reduced to an ordinary card holder despite the perceived popularity then). Gogo was targeted as well because she stood her ground on her position on Chamisa, hence destruction of the maize field by hired rogue youths vending their anger. Realistic future national programmes of MDC T and not claimed, unproven popularity from an individual have a high probability for the Alliance to be competitive and increase the chances of winning elections. Extraordinary Elective Congress and a closer re-look at Alliance MOUs with objective of achieving a synergy from the Coalition. Holding primary elections for aspiring Alliance Parliamentary candidates ( Biti and Welshman,who want to revive their political careers are against this because they know their aspiring candidates will lose) so that proven popular alliance candidates represent the coalition during the forthcoming elections . Allocation of seats without measure of popularity will result in huge defeat of the coalition and undemocratic for an institution with highest number of lawyers within its ranks. Democratically elected MDC T and alliance President will bring about the necessary sustainable unity within the party and the violence against opponents will disappear, since the current violences is a product of how Chamisa imposed himself as the Acting President due to his selfish, uncontrollable and undemocratic hunger for power.

    1. Good analysis…To silence critics, Chamisa should go to an extra-ordinary congress to confirm your claimed popularity. Or is Chamisa not confident of winning a democratic contest for party leadership and presidential candidacy

  11. Chamisa for President 2018

    hauna zvekutaura ,politics is not for the faint hearted ,newsday has demonstrated very poor journalism here my son in form 2 can write a better composition than this.

  12. Chamisa for President 2018

    @newsday ,prove beyond reasonable doubt that your story is true and please give pictorial evidence

  13. HAPANA NYAYA APA, HAVASI MA MDC YOUTH, THEY ARE mourners, wese anga ariko can tell you kuti panga pakawandiwa zvekuti vanhu vanga vasingakwani pamusha, ndosaka vakazopedzisira vavemumunda. ziso rako rakamaka MDC ndazviona

  14. Seems the youth on both political parties is nothing more than a drunkard, uneducated rabble that are easily manipulated.To behave like that at a funeral just shows the state of our society. Threatening the grieving family with violence and booing the grieving mother says it all really. The future will be dark for us all if this kind of behavior is the norm.

  15. Who said MDC-t is not a violent party;see for yourself;pages of past history contain volumes to the witness;they on record-have burnt homes,destroyed property& beaten their perceived opponents.Obasanjo & Mbeki reported it at one time when they were on one of AU election observer mission in Zimbabwe


  16. those saying congress congress should first learn kuti congress chii and what the constitution of MDC says. Why didn’t you make noise when the same executive council made Mudzuri and NC VP’s.Now its bad that it has made NC the president. Inga wani vana Mnangagwa vakangoiswa ne Politubiro wani.The only thing the congress can do is endorse NC. M really sorry for Khupe she gave a good fight but didnt know people to align with at her quest for presidency for MT was on his death bed his anointing could only be for his sons and daughters.#NC2018

  17. brace for more violence if Mdc Alliance wins the elections later this year. They are powerless yet they engage in violence. Give them power and you will see what im saying, surely you will believe the phrase that says power without character is evil.

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