Relatives have deserted me: Mugabe

WHEN days are dark, friends are few, so the adage goes, and former President Robert Mugabe is discovering now that the saying rings true, as he reportedly told his former deputy, Joice Mujuru earlier this week that relatives had deserted him.

By Tinotenda Munyukwi

Mujuru on Tuesday met Mugabe at his residence, where the former leader is holed up, where he lamented that people had deserted him.

“Now that he (Mugabe) is in this predicament, aaah, we were actually laughing, you know, I just said to him, ah, you know what, when you are in this situation, people desert (you), and he said yes, even relatives have deserted me,” she told Studio 7 in an interview.

Mugabe reportedly asked Mujuru to come and see him at his home in Borrowdale, a curious turn of events, considering how the veteran leader had brutally sacked her just under four years ago.

“He called me and I obliged, he was telling me what happened was wrong (firing her), he was misinformed,” she said.

Mujuru said Mugabe, who has not appeared in public since his resignation late last year, was in good spirits and appeared to be resting well.
“He was very happy, I think he’s resting, he’s doing fine, I was very happy to see him in that mood,” she said.

Mujuru said she did not think Mugabe was under house arrest, but only had his security detail as a former President.

“No, not house arrest as such,” she said.
“Of course, being a former President, he should have people, who guard him as soldiers, they could be soldiers and policemen all included, because that is how he used to move, even when he was still head of State.”

Mujuru said she believed Mugabe had been tricked into firing her by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, so he could clear the way to eventually succeeding the veteran leader.

“So, they knew what they wanted to do – they wanted me out of the way first, so that they would be able to get to Mugabe easily,” she said.

Mujuru and Mnangagwa were both fired in similar circumstances on accusations of plotting to unseat Mugabe.

After Mnangagwa was axed, the military intervened, leading to Mugabe’s resignation and the latter’s swearing-in as the President.

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  1. Mugabe is the one who deserted his relatives and not the other way. When things were fine for him, he deserted his own relatives even the people who voted him into office. Mujuru is very wrong, it is not ED who engineered her dismissal, she has to look at the other kot who was with her, Mutasa, Gumbo etc. Mujuru seems to have a loss of memory that it was Grace who was taking her to the cleaners the same way ED was also being abused by Grace and Mugabe. Mugabe is very cunning and tends to blame others for his own failures. He was blaming the British and sanctions when he was travelling around the world with his people taking our forex, he even bragged that he had chartered a plane to Uruguay because he had given the Air Zim plane to the youths to go to Russia. Imagine 100 youths being given each $3000 spending cash. Mugabe was his own downfall and he listened to his wife instead of listening to those who had been with him in the trenches in Mozambique and before he married Grace. For Mugabe and Joyce to blame ED is childish and trying to find scapegoats for their own misdeeds. When Joyce was fired she said nothing, but when ED was fired he said he would be back. Mugabe should do a self introspection and grow up. Zimbabweans know how ruthless he was and what goes around come around. I wish RGM a deserved rest. He encouraged his wife to scold other politicians and even his own relatives in Zvimba, and these are the results of his misdeeds.

  2. Comment…pakaipa

  3. Motherz Mujuru is astonishingly naïve!!! Bob Matibili was in full control of his faculties and the State machinery when he fired her; even Cde Diddy(poor Diddy was rudely told to stop braying like an old donkey or something to that effect) to reason with him but he just wouldn’t listen! He knew what he was doing; it’s just he was outfoxed by ED et al. He can’t claim to be lonely-Diddy has been trying to contact him and he’s not answering SaMutasa’s calls. Why teacher Bob?

  4. Comment manje tomubatsira nei? He must go hang!!

  5. Its obvious now all of Mugabe supporters will join Mujuru so as to fix ED who equally has few supporters and has the backing of soldiers and that will never win election for him . So it will be zanu Mujuru vs zanu Munangagwa which is likely going to work well for the MDC alliance. Freedom is coming this year .

  6. true.for the first we have another opposition party that will split ZANU votes more than MDC votes.Very good news we may get rid of the ZANU Satanists

  7. I salute our former president ,he was a great leader .what people must know we all make mistakes and can be misled and its not too late to apologise proud of the former president his really a true leader .. my only dream was to meet this great Hero of Zimbabwe

    1. Comment…unopenga

  8. Mujuru is playing a political game her. She wants have an interview with the BBC in London reducing herself to tears saying her husband was killed by Mugabe and Grace verbally abused her. Now she’s going to comfort Mugabe who has been deserted by his relatives. She’s is a hypocrite.

  9. Joyce is finished politically. She is a junior to Mnangagwa in terms of the historical fact of joining ZANU first; so she was always going to go down against Mnangagwa, Chiwenga, Rugare Gumbo and others who are her political seniors. She was propelled to the vice presidency courtesy of Mugabe trying to block E D back in 2004 by dictating that the previous congress had resolved to have a woman deputy leader. Those in the party know this pretty well.
    Racheal and Dibulanyika are seriously deluded if they think that G40 can unite with Mujuru to oust ZANU PF under E D. It’s a very bruising form of wishful thinking and, in a few months time they will be talking about rigged elections when their hopes flounder.
    MDCT and their alliance partners are terribly fractured and Zimbos are not stupid. They are seeing it
    Mugabe went away the same way Ndabaningi Sithole was pushed out of ZANU. In 1975 he thought it was the last time it had happened in ZANU and Mugabe genuinely believed that he owned the party and the country from that time own. Unfortunately, as they say, what goes around also comes around.

  10. Well Mr Robert.You are old enough to know that saying “when you laugh ,you laugh with them but when you cry ,you cry alone. They were around you not because you were a brilliant President. They were benefiting from being close to you. If we don’t listen to other people’s concerns we will always learn the hard way.

  11. gone, gone, gone waenda waenda haachadzoke

  12. Mugabe is trying to clear his dirty linen using ED,s name. Now that he is no longer the President why is it that he did not call Joice when he was in Office. This is the reality people never loved him because of his cruelty and worse more the behavior of Doctor stop it. All the people of Zvimba kutama area do not want to hear about the wicked woman called Grace. At one time she went there and fire all 30 workers at their Zvimba residence claiming that they were stealing from them. It is believed all those people are relatives of Mugabe and were paid by the Government. So you see the reason why they are ignoring him as relatives. At the moment he is left with Patrick Zhuwawo that is if he shall not go to jail because of their previous corruption. He is now harvesting although it is too early to say he is now in isolation.

  13. Dear Sir,

    Have been past your house in Quelimane, some years ago, and would love to sit with you for tea and chat about the past with you. Would be a great experience in my life as a Portuguese offspring !

  14. Joice statements are those from a no-brainer. She doesn’t deserve presidency in my opinion, someone who can so easily be fooled by a few smiles. She is not even aware that the reason she is being stoned is because of hatred created by Robert and later put to practise by his wife? She is bitter for not being part of Zanu, not for Zanu failures. She has no solutions to rescue the country just like her comrades in Zanu, all she wants is the throne.

  15. Comrade In Arms

    Mugabe’s claims are absolute NONSENSE! A crooked political game that no Zimbabwean must pay attention to at the ballot. Mujuru is fast becoming a loser. Enough!

  16. mugabe amama sure hahahaha

  17. If I meet Mugabe I will definitely hug him share some memories and wish him well. he made very grave mistakes but we are not correcting the mistakes all we do is criticise what he did but what are we doing to reverse that, nothing.

  18. one thing we are all missing maybe the fact that although BOB became unpopular in our hearts leading to his demise after the march,The guy still laid the foundations of our understanding of how Zanu PF can be. weather with a popular leader its just gonna be OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLES ,zanu will never change. they are full of orthodox, very rhoetic and preachers..for 38 yrs we at least should have learned. someone once said STUPIDITY IS THE REPETITION OF THE SAME THING EXPECTING A DIFFERENT RESULT>>ZANU is messed up and will continue to mess up , Zimbabwe needs something new ,not an old creaking machinery like ZANU..

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