Redcliff goes 3 months without water

REDCLIFF residents are up in arms with the local authority after going for three months without water, owing to a standoff between the council and Kwekwe City Council.


Kwekwe is refusing to continue supplying Redcliff with water until it clears a $3 million debt, which accrued over the past year.

Speaking to NewsDay, deputy mayor, Vincent Masiiwa confirmed the standoff, saying the town now fears a disease outbreak.

“We have been without water for the past three months because of the debt owed to Kwekwe City Council. We now owe them nearly $3 million,” he said.

Redcliff said while it had a payment plan with Kwekwe, the standoff had seen taps going dry.

“We have a payment plan with them, but their reason is that we paying too little and, therefore, they cannot open their water valves,” he said.

Kwekwe mayor, Matenda Madzoke (picture) said council has been carrying Redcliff on its shoulders for a long time and could no longer afford it.

“We have been taking money from Kwekwe residents, treat water then give it to Redcliff [resident] who have not been paying their part. They collect rates from their residents and instead of remitting that money so that we can treat more water they use it for something else,” he said.

Kwekwe has been pushing to collect water remittances directly from Redcliff residents, but this has been shot down.

Redcliff has been enjoying protection from the former Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who ordered Kwekwe not to close water valves on Redcliff regardless of non-payment.

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