Price of diesel 50 to drop following phase-out of diesel 500

THE price of diesel 50 will drop from $1,36 per litre to $1,24 per litre when government phases out diesel 500, Energy minister Simon Khaya Moyo said on Wednesday.


Responding to a question by Gokwe MP Dorothy Mhangami (Zanu PF) on how government intended to curb arbitrary fuel price hikes, Khaya Moyo told the National Assembly that diesel 500 would be phased out this month. This would result in diesel 50 being transported into the country through pipelines.

Khaya Moyo said in the past diesel 50 could not be imported via pipeline because the storage facility was in Beira.
Diesel 500, which is being phased out, has high sulphur which pollutes the environment and damages engines, while diesel 50 is a low sulphur fuel.

The Energy ministry will amend the Petroleum Act to ensure that all fuel importers bring in diesel 50 and do away with diesel 500, which would be gradually phased out in four months from February to May 2018.

Khaya Moyo said the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority was responsible for pricing of fuel in the country and did so on a weekly basis.

“It is common for the price to increase by a cent or so each time pricing is done. It is rare for the local price to remain constant for two weeks. If there are any arbitrary fuel hikes, then these are illegal,” he said. ads Ads

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  1. thats good on D50 but please relook at the whole duty regime on fuels as this is going to be one of your major black spot in the forthcoming elections

    1. It makes sense now but make diesel 500 available for $1.36 so that slow learners can quickly adjust, eMoyo babazala

  2. just make diesel 50 available at $1.24 and there will be no takers for diesel 500

  3. why is it that adjustments are always upwards and never downwards?

  4. The price of diesel 50 in Botswana is US$.72 per litre. Why is fuel always so expensive in Zimbabwe?

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