Potraz flexes muscle

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) yesterday directed NetOne to compensate subscribers, who were affected by a glitch in the mobile operator’s billing system as the regulator flexes its muscle.


NetOne was also requested to provide a database of the affected subscribers to the regulator by February 28, according to a letter written to the operator by Potraz.

“The authority has noted the billing challenges you are facing with the OneFusion product. We also noted that you have sent communication to your subscribers advising and admitting the same challenges,” Potraz wrote yesterday.

“Given the extent and magnitude of complaints raised to the regulator by the subscribers, we, hereby, direct you to compensate the affected consumers in accordance with the prejudice they endured. This is done in the spirit of promoting the consumers’ rights to complain and redress.”

The regulator requested NetOne to provide the authority with a database of ”affected subscribers that provides details of the subscriber including the name, number and the extent to which each of them was affected in monetary terms and the compensation levels extended to the affected subscribers”.

“The database will enable us to conduct an audit trail on whether all affected subscribers have been compensated accordingly,” it said.

Potraz said NetOne should furnish the authority with “measures that you have put in place to ensure that the challenges of this nature will not recur”.

NetOne subscribers on OneFusion were being billed from their airtime instead of the package. NetOne has seen a growth in subscriber base driven by the OneFusion product. OneFusion has become a game changer in the industry due to its affordability as well as compatibility, as it fuses voice, messages and data on one bundle.

The directive comes at a time ICT, Postal and Courier Services minister Supa Mandiwanzira has been imploring operators to provide quality service arguing that subscribers were getting a raw deal from operators.

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