In pictures: Thousands in Tsvangirai solidarity march



  1. Muchinda, nemunhu mukuru wafa pakati pemhuri yezimbabwe. Mwari tinzwirei ngoni mutimutsirezve mumwe unopfuura save pakunaka nepakuchenjera. Save rest in peace.Viva MDC.

  2. They can try and soil his name but he makes even ED quack in his boots this young man. He should keep his head down as age is on his side

  3. What Nelson Chamisa is doing is exactly how young Mugabe behaved in the 1960s when he was in NDP under Joshua Nkomo. Nelson os power-hungry. A dangerous individual.

    1. its your father who is as dangerous as your mum lydia is…..for your own information leave Chamisa alone

  4. One statement above should read, “Nelson is power-hungry. A dangerous individual”.

  5. I am crying right now.Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai fought tirelessly against the oppression of Mugabe regime.He fought for the poor and the ordinary Zimbabwean citizens. His supporters were killed, tortured, raped, abducted and suffered all forms of abuse but he never gave up.His wife Susan was also killed in the process.He was arrested, tortured, bitten but he never gave up. He tried his level best until the time of his death all in the name of trying to liberate Zimbabweans from the bondage of Mugabe regime.We will never forget you Mr president for trying all yo life to liberate Zimbabweans.U shall forever be remembered for the major role u played in politics. I am deeply hurt that u were never given the chance to rule despite winning elections. I pray that our heavenly father will reward u.U were one of the very few brave man to stand against the Zimbabwean goblin Mugabe.I hope whoever is taking over is going to fulfil your dream of a free democratic Zimbabwe that can be brought by free n fair elections.U were clean that u don’t deserve to be buried along side Zanu Pf thieves at the national shrine.Real heroes like Mandela were buried at their rural homes.With these pictures I doubt very much if Mugabe ever won elections against President Tsvangirai.I strongly believe this wasn’t ordinary cancer but it could have been orchestrated by Zanu machinations n shenanigans.MAKARWAKURWA KWAKANAKA,FAMBAI ZVAKANAKA SAVE WE SHALL CONTINUE WITH THE STRUGGLE. May your dear soul rest in eternal peace Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

  6. Nelson is capable. People may say something else but that can not remove his capability. It is a democratic right for a person to view his ideas but at times it is abusing a democratic right.

  7. Musona ,you are a very danderous criminal who is binding on soiling good people with bad evil spirits.Stay away from MDC and to those people who are doing good things.

    1. @sandy – fool. In the 1960s black people did the same supporting Mugabe against Nkomo and see where it landed the country. Nelson is an upstart. He needs to be patient. A loose cannon.

      1. @ Musona, you are absolutely correct; this Nelson fellow should have his wings clipped. Don’t mind little Sandy-she will never appreciate your Solomonic wisdom.

  8. These pictures are talking and Shouting loud

  9. A true hero has departed. He deserve to be declared National Hero and be buried in the national shrine. These numbers are a testimony to his heroism. Camera never lies! Lala ngokuthula qhawe lamaqhawe.

    1. The crowds are heart warming, showing true honour of a national icon. He must not be buried among crooks and criminals. Some of the hero’s at the Zanu pf private cemetery should also be removed from that shrine dedicated to one “elite” group who think they are better than the rest of us.

  10. Comment…chamisa for presdent viva young man we will vote for u lead us

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