Parly engages RBZ to rescue Zim students stranded abroad

PARLIAMENT has engaged Reserve Bank governor John Mangudya on the release of foreign currency for the thousands of stranded students studying at colleges and universities outside the country.


Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs Kindness Paradza yesterday said the move had been prompted by reports that thousands of Zimbabwean students were stranded and suffering abroad.

“The intervention by Parliament was prompted by several disturbing reports emanating from more than 3 000 Zimbabwean students studying in Northern Cyprus, most of whom are now stranded due to lack of tuition fees and money for food,” Paradza said.

“From our investigations, it is clear that several students have fallen victim to dubious recruiting agencies based around Harare who offer fake university scholarships resulting in most students being stranded on arrival in Cyprus.”

The Parliamentary committee said it had held several meetings with government officials and various stakeholders to try to find a lasting solution to the many challenges facing Zimbabwean students abroad.

“It has come to our attention as Parliament that out of desperation, some female students end up engaging in immoral activities, such as prostitution or co-habiting with strangers,” said the statement.

“Some of their male counterparts are involved in criminal activities in order to make ends meet. So far, three Zimbabwean students have been jailed in Cyprus for drug pushing.”

The committee said Parliament would send a fact-finding mission to Northern Cyprus to ascertain the magnitude of the challenges faced by the students.


  1. The new Gvt should focus on capacitating local universities rather than sending people to foreign universities. This is costly for the nation

    1. Agree. Lets capacitate the local universities. Some of these students were chosen on political grounds, it wasn’t a fair selection.

  2. Just across the boarder there in Botswana, foreign students are funded by government. Why cant we copy the good that others are doing, instead we are busy building large empires/mansions for ourselves as political leaders such as 50 bedroomed houses and owning huge fleets of cars per household while others have even got to the extent of owning almost 3/4 of buildings in certain large cities. What an alarming level of greed.

  3. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    If it is true that there are bogus local agencies who “offer: scholarships, let the law take its course. Anti Corruption, the police please investigate. This calls for the government to build more colleges and universities

  4. 37 years of misrule have given us about ten government and non-governmental universities within a one hundred kilometre radius of Harare in Harare, Chinhoi, Bindura and Marondera. Most of them are badly built or inadequately built and ill furnished and do not deserve the title of university. We need a better development trajectory which places university institutions in other high population provinces such as Masvingo, Manicaland and Midlands—-in towns like Kwekwe, Redcliff, Zvishavane, Shurugwi, Chipinge, Rusape, Chiredzi, Mashava, Gutu, Kadoma, Chegutu, Karoyi, Kariba, Hwange and chimanimani.

  5. I agree with prophet profit

  6. The reality of the matter is that internationally the so called Northern Cyprus universities are not recognised so the money spent to gain an education is wasted. The sooner that foreign countries establish their own credible universities the better.

  7. I do have a kid in an EU country. I sent in money through Standard Chartered and was sent back because they do not allow money coming from Zimbabwe because it is under sanctions
    I tried through another bank, tuition was accepted but upkeep money denied again and returned. A colleague’s daughter was sent back due to these complexities.
    The kids are/were on medical studies and now fourth year of seven.
    The RBZ should have a facility for such students please. Much the hype about capacitating own universities, Yes but remember corruption and under utilisation of these facilities is rampant.
    I want to welcome Parliamentary committees, they are doing a steering job. Temba……. please help him guys

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