Zimbabwe’s Morgan Tsvangirai ‘critically ill’

Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is critically ill in a South African hospital, reports say.


Local media quoted family sources as saying the 65-year-old former prime minister – who is being treated for colon cancer – is suffering from weight loss, exhaustion and muscle thinning.

During his political struggle against ex-President Robert Mugabe, he has been beaten and imprisoned numerous times.

Mr Tsvangirai heads Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party.

What is known about Tsvangirai’s condition?

He has been in and out of hospital since June, receiving treatment in a Johannesburg hospital for cancer. He returned to the hospital early last month.

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Mr Tsvangirai’s health deteriorated rapidly on Monday, family sources told Zimbabwe’s Bulawayo24 news website on Tuesday.

He had lost appetite and had difficulty eating or swallowing fluids, the sources said. Mr Tsvangirai also reportedly had breathing problems.

Meanwhile, an MDC party source was quoted by Reuters news agency as saying that Mr Tsvangirai “is critically ill and we should brace for the worst”.

Mr Tsvangirai’s spokesman, Luke Tamborinyoka, said the MDC leader was “stable but the nation should keep on praying”.

The hospital where Mr Tsvangirai is being treated has so far made no public comments on the issue.

How could this affect future elections?

Last November, Mr Tsvangirai hailed the resignation of Robert Mugabe, expressing hopes that Zimbabwe was on a “new trajectory” that would include free and fair elections.

He said that Mr Mugabe – who was forced to quit after ruling the country for 37 years – should be allowed to “go and rest for his last days”.

Mr Tsvangirai’s illness has divided the MDC, with a number of party officials reportedly jockeying to succeed the former trade union activist.

This has raised concerns about the party’s political future, and its chances of taking on the ruling Zanu-PF party in presidential elections expected within six months.

In November, Mr Mugabe was succeeded by the former vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa.


  1. I think mcc leader should be healed in jesus name by prophet w magaya if he wants

    1. You are very right, my Daddy Dr. Prophet Magaya has unparalleled anointing that heals cancer. Watch him on Wednesday or Friday for evidence. I am proud of my Daddy . I also advise Grace Mugabe to go to my Daddy’ Holy Ground for her deliverance from among other things the spirit of Jezebel!

    2. Magaya is not Jesus my friend…..Hope you will realise this one day

      1. He is not Jesus, yes, but there is a big Jesus in him!

  2. Why magaya, why do you put your trust in a person. Wanga wagona pawati he should be healed in Jesus name wazofoira pawati by prophet w magaya. The bible says we were given power not magaya only but to all those who believe

    1. true that

    2. Not true Big Horn. God works through people and gave different people different spritual Gifts. Tsvangirai’s case doesn’t need all believers but those who were given the gift of Miracles and healing by God(1 Cor 12).

  3. From the look of things he may die anytime, although we may want him to soldier on. In life there are few happy endings instead we have to continue. Sometimes we have to brave for such challenges.

    1. I know how heartless this must sound but Morgan really has to let go and not wait to suffer the same IGNOMINY that his colleague Mugabe suffered less than 100 days ago…It is really not worth the suffering that he has exposed himself and continues to…he does NOT DESERVE to suffer like this…and for what?

    2. Morgan really does NOT need this UGLINESS and for what?

  4. Comment…ahhhh magaya is not a god anymore gyz hakuna chakaitwa najesu chinokwaniswa newenyama

    1. Ko ndiro idi racho zve…hakuna wakaita sa Yesu, hakuchina!

  5. Without him, Morgan, Zimbabwean opposition politics will be thrown into turmoil for some time. I hope Chamisa does not take over the leadership. When he was organising secretary he did the party a big disfavour by parachuting Eric Knight and Ezra Tshisa into constituencies which were winnable, only to help ZANU PF re-take them. With Nelson we are likely to see the end of the MDCT as a viable political outfit. Newspapers, especially the independent media, want him to lead, and contest the presidency representing the youth, but, unfortunately, newspapers don’t vote and nobody really cares about what they say, from among the voting public.
    He is singularly immature, inexperienced, and has o experience of real life outside politics since living school. A lot of his political and socio-economic mind is imagination and wishful thinking or day-dreaming.
    Work out of politics only began a couple of years back when he started law practice after finishing the law degree in 2015.

    1. I think you are correct. The “Alliance” will fall apart, MDC-T were banking on President Tsvangirai to lead the coalition. If the worst happens, the opposition will no doubt splinter and have no hope of unseating the military Junta. We pray for a miracle.

    2. akapedza law 2015, did you say?

  6. Chamisa is good guys. Take it or leave it but Zimbabwe likes him

  7. I pray that Save get better.

    And respond well to medication.

  8. only jah knows

  9. Comment…Liking a leader doesn’t make them suitable if they don’t have the qualities. You need a mature experienced and unbreakable guy to deal with the current confusion.

  10. What you call a Junta is a set of intelligent cadres who have sacrificed until today to ,make this country habitable. Mind your opposition politics and leave Zanu PF alone. That said I wish Save a quick recovery and l pray for maturity in our opposition.

  11. Umm zbvaana Magaya izvi.Inga vanhu varfi kungofa wani varipo.Jesu chete ndiye anoraramisa siytai zven’anga izvo

  12. Comment…mr tsvangirai health can can only be solved by Jesus ..He should visit a Man of God and he be administered healing power of God

  13. Avo vari kuti Daddy Magaya ,Do you mean father ? If yes,let me tell you that the Bible says don’t call anyone on earth other than your biological one,father.

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