Observe peace, Chiwenga tells political parties

VICE-PRESIDENT Constantino Chiwenga has urged political parties to observe peace during this year’s harmonised elections, saying those engaging in violence would be chastised by society.


Speaking at the launch of the $300 million special livestock, fisheries and wildlife programme at Gwatemba area in Insiza, Matabeleland South on Saturday, Chiwenga said there was no room for violence during and after the elections.

Zimbabwe expects to hold elections mid-year.

“We are clearly saying no fighting or violence as the roadmap to harmonised elections begins. Our elections should be free, fair and credible. The electorate should be given an opportunity to vote for the candidates of their choice, be it councillor, MP or even President. No to violence, I repeat,” he said.

Chiwenga said President Emmerson Mnangagwa would soon be meeting with political parties to discuss the issue.

“His Excellency, before it is too long, we are going to be meeting with all political parties and can you imagine we are now 84, I don’t know who are serious, but we are going to meet and the President has agreed that we meet at State House,” he said.

“We all need (free and fair elections). There shall be no fighting and we shall all agree that who does not abide by that must be chastised by the society,” he said.

On Saturday, the government launched a $300 million facility for the special livestock, fisheries and wildlife programme, meant to boost agriculture production and the national herd.

Chiwenga said the $220 million of support package would be sourced from the private sector, with the balance coming from the government.

The government has already set aside $80 million to kick start the livestock programme.

The government is working in partnership with Sakunda Holdings, Zimplats and the Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS).

They are targeting to inseminate 6 000 semen straws into a livestock population of 3 600 anticipated to produce 1 800 bulls and 1 800 heifers during the first phase of the programme.

Semen straws will be increased to 16 000 in the second phase.


  1. there is now going to be peace as ed is guaranteed to wallop the youngest in charge

  2. People who keep on voting ED and his Zanu pf party want to keep on suffering because no any investor would want to throw away their monies in a toilet pit ,Elisha.

  3. Just last week Chiwenga said he will deal “personally” with people who dispute results of Zanu Pf primaries. What did he mean?.

  4. Patrick Guramatunhu

    You are clearly saying no to fighting and violence! Over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans have been murdered by Zanu PF in the last 38 years. How many, may I dare to ask, Zanu PF thugs have the regime arrested and punished for the heinous crime?

    If Zanu PF is serious about stopping all politically motivated violence then the regime must implement the democratic reforms to give back the Police, the Judiciary and all the other State bobies the power and confidence to arrest and punish all political thugs regardless which party they belong to. Without the reforms, everyone knows that Zanu PF is saying no to violence by day but continues to promote violence by night. Everyone knows that should the party feels its hold on power is being seriously threatened it will unleash is political thugs and they will have the backing of the Army, Police, CIO and all the other state institutions.

    It is naive and inadequate to describe Zimbabwe’s political violence as simple interparty violence; it a lot more than that, it is institutionalised violence in that State Institutions are involved in turning a blind eye, at best, or by taking an active part. It is therefore foolish to even an interparty meeting will address the problem. Those opposition politicians who attend the proposed State House meeting will only be showing the world how naive they are!

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