NSSA salaries way above limit

THE National Social Security Authority (NSSA) has been paying salaries well above the threshold as prescribed in the Cabinet circular Number 3 of 2014 dated March 20, 2014 which pegged a salary cap of $6 000 per month for chief executives of public enterprises.


NSSA finance and operations director Emmerson Mungwariri told members of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Accounts (PAC) yesterday that the general manager was receiving $18 000 per month, while his subordinates were getting $16 000.

“We did discuss with the AG’s (Auditor-General’s) Office at great length that interpretation of what that framework (Cabinet circular Number 3 of 2014 ) said… Let me take you back to a time when basic salaries were very low and then the quantum of allowances allowed a person to get basic earnings from $6 of total earnings to say $30 to $35 to $20 000,” he said.

“Then, when the new board was put in place in 2015, they reviewed and said these salaries were not acceptable and are exorbitant let us put in place a framework which then guides us. They did put in the framework which they sought authority of the minister to say 60% of your salaries should be basic and under no circumstances should your allowances exceed 40%, unlike in the previous circumstances where a person would get 10% basic and maybe 90% in allowances.

“Like the general manager (at the time) was earning a basic of about $13 000 plus various other allowances which brought his salary to about $35 000 and the others were on $7 000 (basic) and their allowances gave them in the region of about $20 to $25 000. And, when that new framework was put in place the salaries were then reduced to the maximum where the general manager, including his allowances were earning $18 000 and those second in line were reduced to $16 000.”

He said these new salary figures were sent to the Labour ministry for approval and presented documentation confirming that the salaries were approved.

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However, PAC committee member Eddie Cross was unsatisfied with Mungwariri’s response and asked whether he knew that in spite of the 60/40 basic versus allowances whether he knew the cap set by Cabinet was at $6 000.

Mungwariri responded: “The Cabinet cap? I am not aware of that number of the Cabinet cap”.

Back in March 2014, government capped salaries and allowances for parastatal and local authorities’ bosses to $6 000 monthly.
“The Cabinet resolution passed a resolution that all State-controlled organisations should adhere to a cap on the salaries and it was obtained in the memorandum. But, I am concerned that you are admitting that you are not adhering to the cap,” Cross said.

In the end, PAC chairperson Paurina Mpariwa ordered Mungwariri to submit paperwork on why NSSA was not following the Cabinet directive.

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  1. The plunder by this cabal is worse than that of any other previous NSSA management regime. They have made the NSSA so top-heavy that it may collapse from paying managers top salaries, bonuses and allowances that the ministry approves at the expense of pensioners and the ordinary workers. Ministry and the NSSA Board are the major culprits as are in collusion with the managers by approving all these pecks. We hear managers got a bonus of 360% in December and gave the pensioners and ordinary workers peanuts.Restructuring at the organization has been about creating top jobs for the connected at the expense of recruiting staff for critical operations. Their ICT system is in tatters making it impossible to trace the contributions by individual workers yet little effort is being directed towards rectifying this fundamental issue.

  2. No wonder why pensioners are struggling while NSSA managers are enjoying as if the belong to companies in Europe or America. What boggles the mind is why it take this long to discover such glaring anomalies. Are we saying the responsible Ministry was not aware of this. If there was corruption then ZACC must do its job.

  3. Im not a NSSA employee but how on earth would you expect NSSA CEO to get US6,000. Thats not practcal considering the nature of the job. Im sure the current scales are reasonable

    1. Whats the ‘nature’ of the job that warrants an $18000 salary given the unemployment rate in Zim, besides being ED siblings.

  4. The whole lot must be shot in front of their families.
    These are salaries of a FTSE 100 company.

  5. NSSA is rot to the core. There is a lot of corruption and nepotism at this institution. The CEO (Chitiga) brought her relatives. When this new board was appointed, they claimed that NSSA was overstaffed and the wage bill was unsustainable. They retrenched lower level employees and now they are hiring several managerial employees (from outside the organisation). They spent almost $20 million on SAP system and they have now dumped it. Several investments have gone down the drain. Operation Restore Legacy should be extended to this institution. Pensioners are getting peanuts yet Chitiga, Vela, Mungwariri and others are earning astronomical perks. It’s very painful.

  6. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwi Mazivazvangu

    Comment…Ko varidzi vemari vodye nhoko dzezvironda pamudya ndigire wekunzi wotanga wasvika makumi matanhatu neanoraudzira kuti udye yako yawaidikitira. Kana usati hapana chembwa, tenzi vararira mutakura. Apa kubvira 1994 muchitora chete.

  7. These are plain thieves, nothing else.

  8. NSSA, like all parastatals were created by the zanupf government as ‘kitchen soups’ thats why the respective ministry approved NSSA salaries. NSSA was supposed to be given a 5yr-term and review, the government if it is for the people must immediately scratch NSSA as an SI and allow other insurance players in so employees/employers can make their own choice.

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