NPP to kickstart selection of new leadership

THE National People’s Party (NPP) will next week meet to kickstart the process of selecting new leaders to replace the bulk of those that have left to join other opposition parties or those who have retraced their footsteps to Zanu PF.


Since its formation, the party has been riddled with factions and divisions that have forced members out.

Recently NPP women’s league boss, Marian Chombo retraced her footsteps to Zanu PF, while youth leader, Lloyd Masiya and other national leaders formed the National People’s Party Democrats (NPPD), claiming NPP had lost direction.

They also claimed some leaders had captured party leader, Joice Mujuru (pictured) and as such she was no longer in a position to take the party forward in a desirable manner.
As NPP is preparing for elections, secretary-general Gift Nyandoro told NewsDay yesterday that they will meet next week to start the process of filling gaps so that they oil their machinery for the watershed polls.

“The national leadership will be meeting on Thursday next week, but we will not appoint leaders in this democratic process,” he said.

“What will happen is to get a directive from the leadership that specific elections have to be done for coming up with substantive leadership. Ads

We will not dictate because that will be tantamount to dictatorship.”

Nyandoro claimed the party had been infiltrated by moles, who had, however, retraced their footsteps and, as such, they were ready to move ahead with new faces in the vacant positions.


  1. Madam why not crawl back to zanupf if it means kissing EDs feet do likewise and be readmitted into the party of your origin, this is not paying off at all.

    1. why do you think she is oblidged to go back to zanu?

      1. thats where she came from east or west home is best

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