No reunion for Bustop TV, P.O. Box

BUSTOP TV co-founder and producer Lucky Aaroni has poured cold water on claims that they are on the verge of reuniting with comedians Admire “Bhutisi” Kuzhangaira and Rolland “Boss Kedha” Lunga of P.O. Box after having gone separate ways.


Both Bustop TV and P.O. Box are leading content producers in Zimbabwe revered for their cutting edge online satirical productions.

There have been wide speculations on the showbiz scene that Bustop TV and P.O. Box were considering a reunion following their latest production Akiliz, a parody of Ammara Brown’s musical video, released yesterday.

Dream State Pictures was also involved in the production of Akilizi alongside Samantha “Gonyeti” Kureya and Sharon ‘Magi’ Chideu.

Aaron told NewsDay Life & Style that the latest production was just a collaboration and not a precursor to a reunion.

“We are not reuniting with P.O. Box, neither are we enemies. When there is an idea that needs us to work together, we can collaborate for that production, but that does not mean we are reuniting,” he said.

He said their latest production was a non-commercial parody as they believe the Akiliz video is one of Ammara’s best works that deserved another life with humour in the form of parody, adding that they hope to do more parody videos on local music with a touch of comic relief.

The co-founder of P.O. Box, Bhutisi said: “The thought of producing the parody came after realising that we were not the only ones who felt that the Akiliz musical video could be made on another version. We realised that artists and producers needed a challenge for them to be on their toes so, we did it using a comic effect.”

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