Mujuru takes on Mnangagwa


PEOPLE’S Rainbow Coalition (PRC) presidential candidate and former Vice-President, Joice Mujuru, has dared President Emmerson Mnangagwa, to come clean on a number of electoral-related concerns, amid allegations that government has deployed over 3 000 soldiers in civilian clothes to campaign for the ruling Zanu PF in rural and urban areas ahead of this year’s general elections.

In a letter dated February 23 and addressed to Mnangagwa, Mujuru’s lawyers, Hamunakwadi and Nyandoro, said her coalition partners feared that the deployment of soldiers by Zanu PF compromised the integrity of the upcoming polls.

“Zanu PF political commissariat and government have deployed an estimated 3 000 military officials in civilian clothes into both urban and rural communities to campaign for Zanu PF ahead of the election,” Mujuru said.

“These and other security personnel deployed in various institutions including the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) should be weeded out urgently.”

The PRC, which comprises Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (Dare), Mujuru’s National People’s Party (NPP), and Zimbabweans United for Democracy (Zunde), is one the three opposition alliances contesting this year’s elections against Zanu PF.

The other coalition — MDC Alliance, led by Nelson Chamisa — is made up of MDC-T, MDC, Multi-racial Christian Democrats, ZimPF, Zanu Ndonga, People’s Democratic Party (PDP), and Transform Zimbabwe.

Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe leader Elton Mangoma also leads another opposition coalition, Code, but comprising fringe political parties.

In her correspondence, Mujuru also challenged Mnangagwa to stop paying lip service to electoral reforms.

She argued that despite making several public pronouncements to reform the electoral roadmap, Mnangagwa had done nothing tangible to level the political playing field with less than six months before the polls.
“Our client is worried that despite your office’s pronouncements to that effect, there are no indications that since you assumed power, sufficient steps and programmes of engagement with all the necessary stakeholders has been done in order to ensure the promotion of a conducive environment for free, fair and credible elections,” the lawyers wrote.

Mujuru claimed that the State media remained captured by the ruling party to the detriment of the opposition.

She warned that failure to free media space, confine soldiers to the barracks and reform legislation to ensure compliance with the Constitution would result in disputed election results
“Without the necessary and much-needed electoral reforms by Zimbabweans, hope for a free, fair and credible election is diminished on a daily basis,” she said.
“We call on the demilitarisation of the electoral process. All members of the security forces, in adherence to the Constitution, must first and foremost protect the Zimbabwean citizens despite their political affiliation.”

Contacted for comment yesterday, government and Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo dismissed Mujuru’s claims as “hogwash”.

“That is nonsense, absolute hogwash. Why would we do that? We are the people’s party, we have support and strong structures that can campaign for us. The army has no business in elections. If she has deployed her army, then she can talk about that army because we have no knowledge about what she is talking about,” he said.

Moyo said the party’s political commissar, Retired Major-General Engelbert Rugeje, had no powers to commandeer soldiers to campaign for Zanu PF.

“Rugeje is not part of the army. He retired and is, therefore, no longer part of the command element. He has no powers to deploy or command any section of the army,” he said.


  1. Government has invited EU and international observers to send observation missions for the elections. Regai tione July what the international community will say. Pachanakaidza.

    1. Elections are usually rigged long before observers come

    2. alheit-nemoyowese

      Runaidha Mujuru unopenga. Taura even 5 members of ZNA dziri munzvimbo mako. Ko kana va retire unoda kuti vasatsvage rimwe basa even ku ZEC. In my area of Gutu there is nothing of that nature. Hogwash, cry baby instead of campaigning. Wakakaura kunzi member ye Party yafa tipe mari kwaGutu iro riri dhongi rakatsikwa ne Bus. Mari yakainda mahara and munhu wacho akatotiza kuchi Party chako ichocho.

      1. GUTU NORTH-staff sergent thomas magumise is compaigning for zanu pf,

  2. ana Mujuru dziri tstsi dzeyi 2014 mai zipigwa wani ,,kungoti makazongodzingwa munga dayi murimi murikutumira ma soja .isu toziva kune 1 opposition MDC chete .mwana we zanu i zanu .

  3. Comment…haiwao nonsense She is complaining yet in my area we don’t even know her party or programs kngoita vekuverenga mu Newsday&also our opposition luvs to comment on rumours a lot
    be srs

  4. Comment…mwana weZANU iZANU ndoziva MDC alliance chete

  5. Evil is Evil, zanus you will never ever develop zimbabwe come what may i bit you, and as long as you continue to do evil ways,god is watching you. Yes Mujuru must complain because she knows very well the inside jobs for she once was the daughter of evilness, hence she has to blow the whistle. We Diaspora vote and must be implemented like it or not because other countries people vote anywhere,why not zimbabwe?

  6. It’s actually in Mnangagwa’s own interest to ensure the polls are free & fair because there’s already a cloud of dust around his legitimacy as we speak. The tide of international disapproval topped by domestic discontent with his presidency may prove ultimately fatal to his political career if the history of what happened to other leaders in similar circumstances is anything to go by

    1. @Eagle, good analysis, the elections cant come soon enough for ED so he can get legitimacy through them. Mugabe could get away with it but I don’t think ED has such capacity just yet.

  7. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    But why must another party be worried if Munangagwa is paying lip service to the people. It is then an opportunity for them except if they are saying it for the sake of filling the media pages. People will decide on their own

  8. Commander Guvamatongo

    Such claims should be backed by concrete evidence. If these lawyers representing Mujuru have evidence of what they claim, let them give a list of the soldiers deployed including their names, IDs and ranks. Its like some Opposition parties who always claim being infiltrated by ZANU-PF and blame ZANU-PF for their own intra-party violence which is well known and documented. If it is true that they are being infiltrated and they cannot do anything about it, then give credit to ZANU=PF for being smarter and better players of the political game. It’s like a soccer team blaming their opponents for employing better tactics in winning the game

  9. Mujuru has a knack of lying every time she is given an opportunity. That is part of their strategy with Mugabe. Remember they had a meeting to map the way forward. That is why she reported assault by some youths in Glen Norah or Highfield. She was actually testing waters and in the end her youths were arrested and they are languishing in prison. Yes, Zanu PF under Mugabe, was violent and the youths were untouchable. ED has a different approach.

    By the way it reminds me of Bob (Musatanyoko) inviting the AU to look into the Zimbabwean issue? Mugabe, as per your language, Zimbabwean problems are better solved by Zimbabweans themselves, unless you are saying the AU has Zimbabweans only in their hierarchy. You are testing your own medicine. ED please if you happen to meet Mugabe, tell him that his days are numbered. Why not arrest him for behavior likes to cause alarm and despondency. We Zimbabweans were happy with what our soldiers did. Even in Zanu PF we no longer wanted you Mr Bob Mugabe.

  10. there is no smoke without fire

  11. staff sergent thomas magumise is compaigning for zanu pf in gutu north

  12. Comment…let’s only pray for good thing ,election without violence that all

  13. Comment…varume vanhu ava ndivo vakaurayisa vanhu ne masoja 2008 vana ED hapana chinochinjja ne zanu fair electin mavoko enyu azere ropa

  14. Comment…hanzi free and fair election vanhu ava havasivo here vakauraisa vanhu 2008 nemasoja hapana chinochinja zanu izere neropa

  15. Lets face it, politics requires a bit of experience . unfortunately the opposition parties are not quite there yet. They should mourn the lat with dignity, regroup and think coherent strategy in unity , not panic to rush into it. Time will come but patience is of the essence, look how long ED had to wait for his chance at the helm. Give him a chance to prove himself and then mount a blow by blow policy argument to take to the electorate. We are sick and tired of people suffering endlessly through selfish corrupt ineffective governance. Hama dzapera kufa nenyaya dzisina misoro

  16. Soldiers are there on the ground believe it!

    Choose not to believe at your own peril.
    Since independence soldiers have been deployed& used by Zanu especially in the rural areas during elections, a campaign strategy which guarantees Zanu at least the bigger chunk of the rural vote.

    With such a critical and crucial make or break election I think by now UN EU AU SADC US observers should have already hit the ground. They would have picked up on their own the serial numbers malpractice and booked it into their records.

    I don’t like mai Mujuru but heed her call lest you cry foul tomorrow.

  17. Comment…Zvimwe zvinoda kushinga

  18. Mai MUjuru, the best you can do to your political carreer is to goback to ZANU and join hands with Mnangagwa. Wakadzimgwa na Grace and Grace haachisipo mu ZANU. Zvokuti Mnangagwa ipa napapo hazviiti nekuti hatisati tanzwawo achitaura nezvenyu.
    Murimagamba mese and dzidzai kubata pamwe chete.

  19. Comment…

  20. ED vakagona thumps up CDE

  21. may you the military just for once in your service serve Zimbabwe not Zanupf.We love you and respect but it won’t be long until you start to be treated as your fellow police officers.Remember to all those people in higher offices that nature always sees and will judge you accordingly. Stop serving Zanu pf and serve Zimbabwe.

  22. ED and MUGABE zvimwechete

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