Mujuru stoned at rally

FORMER Vice-President and National People’s Party (NPP) leader Joice Mujuru and dozens of her supporters were yesterday injured after they were attacked with stones by suspected Zanu PF activists in Glen Norah and Glen View, Harare.


The incident raised fears that Zimbabwe might not have free and fair elections as promised by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in his inauguration speech on November 24 last year.

Mujuru was campaigning in Highfield and Glen View suburbs ahead of the impending elections, when her convoy was intercepted by commuter omnibuses carrying Zanu PF supporters, and pelted with stones.

Her campaign vehicles were severely damaged in the skirmishes, as Mujuru herself sustained a swollen cheek after she was hit during the attack.

The former Vice-President described the incident as barbaric and called on the electorate to dump Mnangagwa’s “violent” Zanu PF party in the upcoming elections.

“Some of these things are done by the government and we must ask that if things are being done in this way, are we going to have a free and fair election? There won’t be,” she said.

“Are we going to say elections were free and fair under these conditions? We cannot! Is this the same government that is going to administer free and fair elections? We are now questioning why they call themselves a credible government.”

Injured NPP Mujuru rally supporter Glen Norah violence

Mujuru added: “Let’s not forget that this administration came through unconstitutional means, which is a coup. So let’s not forget it’s a military government that came in through a coup d’etat and this is why they are doing this. This is not a government that will fulfil the people’s will.”

She said her party would not fight back, but would continue to campaign peacefully in order to expose “Zanu PF’s undying violent DNA.

“This should show the world that we are a party that does its business in peace. We don’t fight and we don’t want anybody to think that we are here to destroy their lives because others are used.”

Although police were not readily available to comment over the incident, Mujuru claimed her supporters had managed to apprehend some of the culprits, who included soldiers.

“Please let’s not retaliate, but let’s show them how things are done. This is the 21st century and we shouldn’t be doing things such as what happened today,” the former Vice-President said.

“Going onwards, there is no turning back. We are moving ahead and even the President said elections are going ahead and as we prepare we need to conscientise ourselves and we will fight peacefully. We don’t take weapons to fight others. We have to teach them modern politics and appeal to the people.”

NPP secretary-general Gift Nyandoro said their attackers initially shouted obscenities at Mujuru before pelting her convoy with stones.

He said after the attack, Mujuru insisted that they should continue with the campaign.

Nyandoro said they were first attacked near Chitubu in Glen Norah A and later in Glen View 8, adding Mujuru was then taken to a private city hospital for treatment.

“As we are talking now, several people are badly injured and we have colleagues who have been taken to hospital,” he said.

But Zanu PF Harare provincial chairman Godwills Masimirembwa said he was unaware of the incident.

“I have no knowledge of that at all. I am hearing it from you for the first time, but I will enquire,” he said.

Zanu PF has been accused of unleashing violence as a campaign tool against its opponents each time there are elections.

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  1. Janana wa Bikaz

    The fact that no person was arrested speaks volumes about our partisan police.If it were Zanu pf officials who were attacked we would be seeing dozens of arrested people in leg irons.This whole government set up is just a replica of the previous one headed by old uncle Bob and the wailers.This new govt could actually be worse than Uncle Bob’s.We wait with abated breath to see whether there are going to be any arrests.

    1. Don’t tarnish Bob Marley’s name you fool..if u have nothing to say you had better zip your mouth.

    2. Well said, it is shocking indeed.

  2. Tinotengesa Mishonga yechibhoyi inobva kuMalawi inorapa zvirwere zvakawanda zvakasiyana siyana kusanganisira ma fibroids, asima, shuga, BP, kusuka mudumbu, kuuchika, kuvhura tsinga, kukudza nhengo yababa mumazuva gumi nezvimwe zvakawanda. fonai pa 0714066125. Tinodhilivhara pachena mu harare

    1. sek sakal this is not an advertising platform got away with your herbs

  3. She was quite when oppositions were being beaten. See Mai Mujuru the youths you and your lot were training to be violent have turned on you. Remember that picture of Tsvangirai? I watched your BBC interview when you come to England and you were distancing yourself from Mugabe and said to myself this woman thinks we are stupid. You don’t have my sympathy madam. Don’t teach children that you can get what you want by beating others. Your were riding on this train for decades.

    1. Eve, that may be, but the violence is itself still a sign of our problematic political situation. There is no justification for any party to beat up the supporters of another. Leave it to the people to freely decide on their own who they want to follow who they don’t. No need for the intimidation.

  4. It is a surprise really to hear people saying that this government can change things in Zimbabwe, really, expecting a leopard to shed its spots,, never ever will zanu change, what is needed here is to dump this barbaric, murderous, backward gathering of crooks in the political dust bin and forget about it forever. There is nothing good that this gathering has done to the people of Zimbabwe other than killing them, denying them access to decent health, decent infrastructure and decent human life. Let us wake up and leave this stone age gathering and promote our country to compete on the world stage with others.

  5. Nyatsimba Mutota

    Izvi hazviiti manje. To hell with these ZANU thugs.Just imagine Chiwenga ari president, unobva wangoona kuti nyika yaparara. Iye Munangagwa anenge achiti we want peace peace peace. Vanhu ava inhubu. Chavanongoda kutonga chete, zvekuti free and fair elections they dont care.

  6. If political parties are genuine about peace, non-violence they should at times admit that their overzealous supporters resort to violence and stop them. Denying the obvious will not take us anywhere but continue to tarnish our image as a barbaric nation. We are now one of the few nations that practice this. Others now tolerate each other and campaign in a more civilised way.

  7. A corned croc does what it does best…VIOLENCE…

  8. Is they proof that these were proper ZANU PF supporters, cause opposition can just wear regalia and cause commotion. We hope the police get to the bottom of this and gives us facts rather these allegation based on someone wearing party regalia. We condemn violence and hope all parties act responsible and that such thugs be arrested. I want to see the will of the people prevail in the elections so that Zim can move forward

  9. Mnangagwa is just all talk, this attack just shows Zanu PF will always resort to violence to whenever they feel their position is threatened. All the peace and tolerance speeches he was making was just to hoodwink the gullible to his corner. I don’t see anything changing under this current administration, they are old men stuck in their old ways, stuck in a liberation struggle mindset and will not never bring prosperity to this country.

  10. is it new Zimbabwe yet?”””””””just asking.

  11. we condone violence at all levels. This is uncalled for and if Mnangagwa meant his words his illegal inauguration (Mugabe said to Mai Mujuru after she visited him what happened zveku mubvisa nechisimba zvange zvisi pamutemo) thats where the illegality comes from, he must make sure all those criminals must be charged accordingly. To Mai Mujuru ndizvo zvamakandiita whilst you were in Zanu PF. Your soldiers had to beat me, my cousin brother and friends at Chance because of putting MDC T shirts Taste of your own medicine tokowaro. Lucky enough one of my friend’s wife was a nurse and she managed to do some first aid to us all at their house as we could not attempt to go to hospital.
    Kana rozvuviwa roti angu azare vhu

  12. Straight-Thinker

    What are the circumstances surrounding this? There are reports that Mujuru’s bouncers provoked people by pushing them aside to make way for her and this irritated some individuals who then retaliated. Whilst it is an open secret that ZANU has used violence before and might continue to i think it is not fair to blame Mnangagwa for this. He cannot control the actions of some overzealous members of his party( hence his refusal to make a “guarantee” on zero violence occuring prior to elections) and i do not see how this can be directly blamed on him. However, what i think we should be seeing now is the apprehension of these individuals and subsequent fining or incarceration. This i think Mnangagwa should directly oversee so that we know for sure that he has zero tolerance for politically motivated violence.

    1. Yes thats very true, lets get to the deepest corner of this….Mujuru’s people started all this..kana zanu yaida kuita zvekuriva vanhu yaidai yakatanga na Chamisa kare kare

    2. Do it to ZANU PF supporters and see how effective our security forces are. This will definitely open your mind on what is taking place and the real perpetrators.

  13. Violence is the DNA of ZANU PF, am just wondering those saying new dispensation, they are the infidels



  16. Mujuru keep in mind that you have many enemies other than ZANU PF, if zanu really wanted to fight you this should have been done way back, why do they have to fight you as if you are going to win the elections after all? MDC is the only threat to ZANU not your so called people chakadero. If i were you i was gonna seat down because you are just the same with the active government, you are only acting in bitterness since wakabviswa mu party otherwise you dont have people at heart.



  19. There is no evidence to say it was zanu pf youth ,musangowawata kwamusina kuswera

  20. i doubt zanu pf espcially mnangagwa would be accountable for throwing stones and beating such a weak threat, his got bigger fish to fry

  21. In this time and age no one had a camera. even cars have dashcams. MuJuru’s security is nuts.

  22. mbandaka bolomba

    I suspect consipiracy here , the same day the British minster and the American delagation jets in the opposition leader is bitten hmmm ,is it not grandstanding to paint another picture or seeking public or international sympathy .

    Why putting on Zanu pf t shirts ? ,is the timing coincicidentall ? ,is this not the g40 doing ,is it the mdc since they were provoking to be beaten whenever there is a summit or a review of sanctions by the European union,check all records and you will agree with me . Lets the culprits be arrested ,rule of law to prevail and let us not give allegations that are not substantiated.

  23. chihombe madhara

    mujuru is not a political threat at all,these are machinations of those who are afraid of loosing elections,ngwena has done everything to hold free fair and credible elections and these political Lilliputians have suddenly run out of excuses ,they have resorted to violence,dont blame the police,this gathering was illegal in the first place,it was not a legally constituted gathering in terms of the laws of the land,never mind how draconian the statute may be but law is law whether good or bad,just or unjust(positivist theory) ,i dont condone violence but apa ngwena siyanayi nayo,accept defeat,ngwena yakahwina kare,opposition used to rely on mugabe`s poor policies now and sympathy from the western community but now ngwena`s foreign policy will completely dissolve the opposition into atoms,MANYURA.

  24. Comment…
    Get away mhanie mai Mujuru. If you were serious you should be campaigning in rural areas kuUMP kana kuDotito. How can you campaign in areas already opposition strongholds yet the elections are around the corner. Zanupf members are fed up and its an iindirect way of telling to go to rural and rescue their sekurus and mbuyas.
    Khupe watchout.

  25. Comment…
    Well said mabhaskoro. Joyce should be busy campaigning in rural areas if she is serious about bringing change. Bur onow it seem she is trying to divide the urban voters between herself and Mdc.
    Zanu pf has brains by fighting Joyce when she is doing good work for them.

  26. Well said mabhaskoro. Joyce should be busy campaigning in rural areas if she is serious about bringing change. But now it seems she is trying to divide the urban voters between herself and Mdc.
    Zanu pf has no brains by fighting Joyce when she is doing good work for them by dividing the urban opposition.

  27. Comment…
    Mujuru visited Bob for what? She is aligned to jonso, chombo, zhuwawo. she is now working with g40. She is also working with Khupe to bring down Mdc in matebeleland. No to G40.

  28. Comment…
    Avawo mai havanzwisisike kuti vanoda kudii chaizvo. Vave kubatana nembavha dziya futi.
    Thokozani be careful navo. Vanokudzingisa muMdc. Better Mdc unite itself nana Biti than than neJoki iri. Radzingwa mubhawa raenda kuchurch hero rakudzokerazve kubhawa.

  29. wellinton sithole

    azvinaki ngezuwa rimwwe

  30. Comment…Wat l knw is that Zanu will not hold free, fair elections due to its violence they a used to be! as long they is old man’s in our country nothing will be done accordingly to accumulate this notorious behaviour they think Zim is for them but our country is for all citizens, if they loose votes they must accept we a tired of this rotten behaviour in our most lovely country we need jobs as youth!!!

  31. joyce followers are former zanu pf, as such, violence is in their DNA, that is according to joyce herself.

  32. joyce is not a threat to zanu pf, but to MDC and other minority parties. after all who labels perpetrators….is it not the interested party who are obviously biased and want to out do each other. political parties should just report such cases to ZRP who will tell us who the perpetrators are. dont tarnish the image of the country unneccesarily, coz there are repercussions like disinvestments etc

  33. Ladies and gentlemen let’s shun violence at all costs. we must focus on the prize. Who is going to take the PRIZE. We used to hear that JM for Joice Mujuru akadonhedza ndege but after her ouster from the Zanu Pf presidium for Ngwena to become vp Mutsvangwa declared that JM DIDN’T infact fought the battle or kudonhedza ndege but was entertaining commanders in the barracks. So who ever the perpetrator is the truth the truth will never be said so whether it’s zanu pf, MDC or whoever we will never know the truth for sure afterall tsome things are said suit certain people or situations.
    Asante sana. Iwe neni tine basa

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