Mugabe rejects birthday bash offer

Former President Robert Mugabe yesterday reportedly turned down a public birthday bash organised for him by the Zanu PF youth league, opting to privately celebrate his 94th anniversary with his close family members.


The Zanu PF youth league had approached his family with a proposal to have a mini-party for its former leader, who was removed from power in November last year following a military intervention.

According to sources, Mugabe refused to be treated to a mini-bash by the Zanu PF youth league due to the manner his party and the military treated him before his resignation.

“He wants to be with his family and those who love him genuinely and not those who want to abuse his name for political gains,” a close family member, said.

“The family would want to hold the birthday party for our old man, as a private event. But critically, what business does the party have for a man they removed in the manner they did?”

Born on February 21, 1924, Mugabe trained as a teacher and taught in then Rhodesia and Ghana before returning home to join the guerrilla war against white-minority rule.

He became prime minister after Zimbabwe attained independence from Britain in 1980. He later became president in 1987.

Zanu PF youth secretary, Pupurai Togarepi, confirmed yesterday that there was no bash at Mugabe’s residence, as they had anticipated. Togarepi said instead, the youth would still celebrate their former leaders’ legacy through charitable works.

“We are only celebrating Robert Mugabe Youth Day. As for a birthday celebration, it’s a private function, which is confidential for me to give you a programme,” he said. The youth league last week indicated a delegation would visit Mugabe at his private residence in Borrowdale Brooke to give a birthday treat to the 94-year-old icon.

Had it not been for the military action in November, this year’s birthday bash for Mugabe would have been held in Nyanga, hosted under the auspices of the 21st February Movement.

The Zanu PF youth league, then under the leadership of Kudzanayi Chipanga, who has since been expelled, was already mobilising resources when Mugabe was forced to resign.

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  1. Long live our President RG Mugabe.

    1. This man should face his crimes against humanity. And yes let him live a longer life in prison and ridicule. Coward, thief, murderer – all traits of a idiotic dictator.

      1. Makorokoto Gushungo on your 94th !! Some of us in urban areas and also the majority in rural areas we like you President RGM and will continue to do so !!

        1. We? You and who?.Musanyepera mdara.


          Actually the majority of Zimbabweans are still nursing the wounds caused by your misrule.


        3. You are in the diaspora cleaning tuchembere yet you have a degree.

          The real tragedy is you love Mugabe simply for insulting your white bosses, but you cant connect the dots between Mugabe’s rule and why you are working your as* off yet your country is rich in everything from minerals, agriculture, tourism, sunlight (solar), energy natural gas and coal!

      2. Uridako iwe who can arrest a 94 year old sekuru

      3. very true

      4. tibvire apo

    2. Thabani. More like, long live ‘YOUR’ president. He ruined the lives of the majority of Zimbabweans and benefited a few greedy and selfish people like you.

  2. Ari kunyara mdhara. He knows that he is now simply a specimen to satisfy people’s curiosity. He is experiencing the unthinkable of witnessing his own ‘retirement’.

  3. Thabani you are an idiot.Its obvious you were a beneficiary of this corrupt tyrant and you are missing that corruption. This country is in a mess because of selfish people like you. You should be ashamed of yourself

    1. Infact it is you Mutakura who is a blockhead. There is nothing wrong Thabani did in wishing President Mugabe well on his birthday. Not everyone is corrupt.
      Afterall many people benefited from President Mugabe’s policies on education and also on land reform programme. There is no leader in Africa who did as well as him in these 2 areas.

  4. Arikutoramwa keke remayusi? Manje airasa ende hatinyengereri Guzhaz! Ongafuniyo kayekele. Ko kunyepa here kuti kulez ava akaponda nyika? Kana kukabvisa kahoridhe kacho taimu taimu zvitori bhoo futi…..

  5. Thats a sheer waste of resources to celebrate a dictator’s bd. The old dictator is gone and gone for good.


  7. Pliz REMOVE such a USELESS holiday from our calendar.

    1. RG overstayed in power yes (and tese tese takatofara neresignation) but whats wrong with setting aside a day to remember this crucial part of our history? Kubviswa pacalender kwei, zvamunofarira Easter holiday bhaibheri racho munoriteedzera? Zvimwe zvinhu micherechedzo so celebrate this new found holiday makanyarara!
      HBD Sekuru, wish u many more!


      2. Tibvirepo uri rombe remunhu..What crucial history are you tellimh us about?? Killing innocent people is history to you??

        1. Robert is as much of a tyrant is he is a liberator of the Zimbabwean people, so just for a day we purposefully chose to remember the leader and revolutionary he once was. Saka ida usingade holiday tichato celebreta!

        2. Because i see the obvious that this man has a one way or the other impacted our lives… U are pathetic, our nation will not progress if retarded shallow minded people like u are given the opportunity to vote this year!

  8. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Kana nyika ikava nevatungamiri vaviri, vatatu kana vashanu vari pamudya ndigire, vechidiki
    vachavaitira mabiko here vose? Tipeiwo mari ingadiwa pamumwe nemumwe wavo.

  9. This dog must pay for the lives he has stolen from me! We are coming for you Bob! We are coming with bars of soap!

  10. Happy birthday Mr president, God bless

  11. I still think that Mugabe has had his time and he is no longer relevant to today’s issues but probably worth mentioning in History textbooks as a man who entrusted the country to his wife and got his fingers burnt for it.If he has sympathy it can only come from Zhuwao and a few delusional people who used him for their personal gone. We should be talking of Chiwenga, Ngwena,Sibusiso Moyo and all progressive forces of this country.

    1. uri chi*hata zveshuwa, the coup plotters are only left with 4 days on their 100 day plan, what has changed? instead i guess nhasi wafamba netsoka kupinda mutown coz kombies are no longer allowed in the cbd. thats power it corrupts absolutely, u celebrated n’anga neyabata mai vako. suffering shall continue. same ministers in mugabe’s gvt are there still screwing u up, if u had plans to buy a second hand vehicle from japan, u are doomed, it has been banned. if u were surviving thru vending in the cbd u are also doomed, they no longer need u there.

  12. Now it dawns on him that he was waisting tax-payer monies on lavish bithday parties while all citizenry were wallowing in abject poverty. I will remember him as a very selfish dictator who took Zim to the dogs. The longterm plan on Education and Health from Smith’s Regime is what we enjoyed during the 80s it wasnt Mugabe if anything Mugabe destroyed our education & health systems with his populist policies.

    1. kkkkkrhodesian plan for africans you are so dull and duffy there was no education for blacks like you thank RGM for creating upper tops ungadai iwe nababa wako muri mu zoo papurazi remurung

  13. Comment…tsek kamondi

  14. Happy birthday Gushungo

  15. 1. He cant face us now with his current political status. 2. This is a useless holiday. 3. Asking to have a bash @ the blue roof is more like rubbing hot pepper into a fresh wound. Mugabe feels mocked and indeed he has been mocked and he deserves this mocking. He is finding it hard to accept the current political situation. VAIFUNGA kuti Zimbabwe ndeyavo vachitadza kuona kuti ndeye vanhu. Stay at home ruthless dictator. Wakauraya nyika because of your political bigotry.NXAA!

  16. You guys are arguing over petty isssues yet you still call Mr Mugabe,president.
    Point of correction,that title is reserved for a sitting head of state not a former president.If you wanted to use the word it has to be prefixed by FORMER.

    1. Well said !!!

  17. Dai rafa zimbwa remunhu. We are suffering because of his selfish desires!! We should have been celebrating his death not birthday

    1. You have serious issues…. U still wish death for sekuru vakazvigarira kumba kwavo! Ana No Name are the kind which failed in life and just want to blame “the president” and the economy…

  18. Iwe Samuel, tikwanire. What is the point of education without jobs and land reform without farming?? Don’t talk of intentions, talk of results. Think outside the box!!

    1. iwe johno tikwanire, people are trained to create employment sei uchine colonial mentality yekuti unofanira kudzidza kuti uwane basa we are looking unto u to create employment, if u can till the land go at ngungunyana buildinmg apply for the land and if u are capable prove yourself. dont just rubbish things for the sake of rubbishing. wanga wajaira kuti bhas kumurunguka, now the tables have changed and I promise u moron this agrarian reform is none reversible.

      1. rubbish mugabe

    2. Anti-Gundamusaira

      Kana wakapiwa education wotadza kuzviriritira uri useless

  19. Taura hako @ Johno

  20. It sounds like he and his family do not seem to realise the bad he did to Zimbabwe and it’s people.They are still sulking about the army removing him.The statement sounds like he’s a victim.Talk of a man who had every opportunity to be a great and threw everything down the drain. These African leaders when they mess up always blame someone. There’s also another fool across the Limpopo who had to be gragged out of office. Ohoo give me six months i want to finish this.Beggars belief.

    1. Anti-Gundamusaira

      Him and Gaddafi still the greatest

  21. @Rue6 You sound like an incredibly stupid person. I cannot fathom how you come up with that silly comment.

  22. Long Live Gushungo, we wish you many years CDE, We remain CDEs in ARMS. Noone and Noone can rewrite your history. We Salute you our Founding Father…. Gushungo for Life, Kufara Kudai , nekudada nenyika yedu kudai….Ndimi Gushungo!!!!!!

  23. long live former president … muone mbavha dzaiba nezita renyu neremusangano zvodzoita… Ko Jonso aita happy bhavhadhei here ?

  24. finally it has dawned on Robert Mugabe that all the cries of “you will lead from the grave” etc etc were mere sucking up to you such that they could loot the country’s resources. Indeed Robert Mugabe you are an arrogant man I must say! Power has been your only primary goal as President. I wonder where Zimbabwe would be today if you had still been President, we the general masses would be in shit to say the least, with your Police force harassing us. frankly you made poor leadership simply because you are not people oriented, infact you are arrogant and ruthless. While it is true that at your age you can not be arrested but I think you owe it to the people to give a comprehensive explanation to all the crimes alleged against you perhaps that way we can find little closure.
    You talk about embarrassment of the way you were removed from the Presidency, really! What about the country that you destroyed. Robert, by now I thought you would have realised that your leadership was a liability to this country, you created enemies locally, regionally and internationally. Sooner rather than later you have to face the music!

  25. We have too many holiday therefore less productive work is done. This is why this holiday should be removed not only because it Mugabe’s day.

  26. Comment…hatichambodi kuhwa nezva mugabe mudhara akawondonga nyika hama dzedu dzakaurayiwa 2008 zvinotirwadza nyararai nezve harahwa iyi

  27. The Former President was spot on.He is a principled man.We need such characters in the country,haikona kuita munhu wegundamusaira kutamba iri kurira nguva dzose.Kungotevera kuri kuerera nemvura.Hate him or like him,the question that need to be answered was/is “was he right/correct to refuse the birthday party from his former friends in ZANU PF”.The question is not asking you about his rule or character.

  28. Comment…mudhara akauraisa hama dzedu uyu 2008 hatichambodi kuhwa nezva mugabe munototi shungurudza kana muchiti holiday yekudii kucherechedza kubarwa kwemhondi

  29. Comment…kkkkkkkkkk no comment short live mugabe hbd

  30. Did you think Bob was a fool? He simply suspected you guys planned to give him ice cream! You have been outfoxed by the old man again! How far are you with Chapter 1 of your memos mudhara now that Dr Gire has all the time to put into practice her typing profession?

  31. happy birthday baba vedu.A true revolutionary who was 100% dedicated to the cause.Empowerment, employment creation by black zimbabweans for black zimbabweans in a black owned zimbabwe.You are one in a million baba.Our David who stood up to the Goliaths of this world.Muri chikara gushungo ,vanokushoorai havazive zvavanoita.Even our Lord Jesus Christ says forgive them father for they know not what they do…viva 21st movement

  32. Nyadzi dzinokuda rufu

  33. Happy Birthday CDE RG Mugabe. It’s a privilege and honor that God has allowed you to live to that age. Praise be to God. All those who are not sinful in their lives can say bad things about others but if you are sinful then don’t point fingers at others. Before you post anything think well, is it good at all? or it is all about spearheading hatred, disharmony, cruelty. We are all alive because of God so no fellow human being must do or say anything bad about another human being. God freely gives us life whether you have just raped or killed God still gives you life freely.


    Toongesa mugabe is already having the last laugh he is sitting pretty with all his money but we as zimbos are still in the same predicament look at guy he is basically happy still wearing designers suits whilst murambatsvina victims live in mukuku.For him lifes gud. Honestly you think zanu ditched mugabe hahahahah all this military intervention bullshit was staged I tell you 5 years from now you shall see g40 rejoining zanu.honestly in terms of foreign relations the operation restore legacy was done brilliantly just luk at the perception west has changed in a way restore legacy gave mugabe all of zanus faults villifying garwe.3 years ago zimbos feared ed but after some serious p r apanyanga and everyone is singing kutonga kwaro. When has mugabe ever worried abt bad press like the headlines that newspapers are flighting since tym immemorial mugabe has been seriously insulted by media but it hasn’t killed him arikutospakwa

  35. kkkkkkkk no matter how hard you try you can never erase Mugabe from your minds. Look at the passion with which you go at each other because of a sunset man now waiting for the inevitable! Zvino hamusvodi here?

  36. Robert waita zviribhoo. Why celebrate your birthday when they cannot celebrate their parants’ or even their own birthdays. They are idiots these Togarepis and company. I salute you gushas. you still can expose that these youths are really idiots.No wonder why cde ED paid no attention to that.

  37. Alipejo Million.

    Comment.. Truely speeking this mudhara anenyadzi nemabviro aakaita. Plus aburitsa pachena kuti akarova pasi pasina kuwirirana . Imwe nyaya akadya chiremerera chake . Akange aine nguva yakawanda yekugadzirisa zvi mudhara uyu ozorora achiine chiremerera . For your own information vakaite benefit imimi, mudhara uyu aive a reactionist . Aitamba irikurira kuti arambe ari mu power . Pakachema ma war vet mari yepension akange asingade nayo akazovapa otya kubviswa panyanga ,same same yeminda haasi iye akaitanga yakatangwa ne macomrade ekwaSvosve iye akaitsigira kuti iite election ticket yake against the late Save. Harahwa iyi yairarama ne hukopokopo mu govt . He is a true coward . Totenda vakamubvisa pachigaro avo. Tichiti mari yadu ye tax ya sevhewa. Pangadai padyiwa mamiriyoni apo muzvipatara musina mishonga nemachiremba . Happy birthday Mr former president. Munhu ne birthday rake kumba kwake. .

  38. Good reddens to bad rabish. We no longer care about that colonialist called Mugabe.
    Now you can drive freely in Zim without carrying a float fee for police.

  39. Haiwawo hanya nani. Mugabe wasted our money and resources during his time. We don’t care.The Dictator was the worst in Southern Africa. He is now feeling what we used to feel during his misrule. He was thinking that he shall be icon but unfortunately he is now a good reference of dictators.

  40. happy birthday our president

  41. Happy Birthday to the former President of us the Shona’s only and the killer of other tribes.

  42. “He wants to be with his family and those who love him genuinely and not those who want to abuse his name for political gains,” kikikikikikikikik musatisetsawozve imi…what name has he? these days you can only use his name for your political demise!!

  43. Mugabe is and will always be history. Whoever wants to praise him is nothing but an absolute insult to our collective conscience!!

  44. itirwai nyasha baba vaMugabe nokuti makaita pamakarwa napo kurwisa illuminati taida kunamatiswa chikara thru gayism but makamira muchanzwirwa nyasha naizvozvo Mwari ndiye anoziva uye musiki haaiti kuda kwevanhu asi kuda kwake zvino tinoda kuona kuti zvavanoti ndimi muyipi vachazvigona here nokuti vamwe vakaponda vanhu vachishandisa zita renyu asi izvozvo tichaona kuti vanhu vanoti makaipa vachawana here musha kuna baba kudenga as long as tichimutuka kudai tichatambura hamusati matanga asi ndoziva mbavha yakakwira kudenga mulast breathe saka chotadzisa kuti Mugabe aregererwe chii

  45. very stupid Mugabe if I get near you I will put rat poison in your food becoz you killed many people including our children by destroying this country. you do not deserve any hero status we are going to advocate for constitutional amendments inorder for you to be arrested so that you can face justice. you are a ruthless dictator of all time. We are also going to advocate for a holiday to remember and pray for all those people which you murdered during your brutal years in power.

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