Mugabe did nothing wrong: Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has said his predecessor, Robert Mugabe, never made any mistakes, but has instead laid the blame on people surrounding former First Lady Grace Mugabe.


In an interview with Russsian news agency, Sputnik last week, Mnangagwa said they were people that were taking advantage of Mugabe’s old age and had usurped his executive powers.

“No, the (former) President never made any mistakes; there was a small cabal of individuals in the relationship around the First Lady,” Mnangagwa said.

“Because the (former) President is now quite advanced in age, they took advantage of his age, and we were having persons, who were making executive decisions, which is against the Constitution of the country.”

Mnangagwa’s statement is in contradiction to the charges laid against Mugabe in the lead-up to the impeachment process that resulted in the veteran leader stepping down.

Mugabe was accused of, among other things, disrespect for the rule of law, leading to political instability by indiscriminately firing his deputies and overseeing the collapse of the economy.

The former President fired Mnangagwa, as his deputy, precipitating events that would lead to a military takeover and an outpouring of people demanding that the former Zanu PF leader steps down.

Mnangagwa and his faction accused the G40 faction, which had coalesced around Grace, of usurping Mugabe’s authority.

“Our people reacted to people usurping power, which is not given to them by the Constitution, so this was corrected by the masses of Zimbabwe,” Mnangagwa continued.

“Our people had spoken that they want a change. So our President responded to that call and he stepped down, then the people, the ruling party Zanu PF, nominated me to lead them, and later on, we went to congress, where I was elected the president of the party.”

Turning to the calls for reforms ahead of the forthcoming elections, Mnangagwa maintained that the environment was already conducive for a free and fair election and invited international observers, including Russia, to come and monitor the election.

“What reforms? Everyone who turns the age of 18 is allowed to vote, so I don’t want us to reduce it to 16,” he said.

“In terms of political democracy, anybody can participate, anybody can form a political party, anybody can contest, that’s the environment and the atmosphere.

“I have no doubt of sweeping the elections, of winning the elections. You are invited if you want to see.”


  1. slowly, we will all realise that nothing has changed. tiri kutenderera pasame place.

  2. Very disappointing from Mnangagwa to say what electoral reforms are needed yet the opposition does not have access to public media, soldiers are everywhere in the rural areas and the opposition is denied access to the electronic voters’ roll.

    1. voters roll is for sale baba and its polling station based bag renyu chete baba

      1. ana baba jukwa musataure kwamusina kuswera, mdc even approached the courts so that the then Mugabe admin could be ordered to give them a copy of the electronic voters rule, which by the way was done and up to now that copy of the electronic voters roll has not been issued to them. the zpf admin should ensure even playing field to all participants of 2018 elections which includes to avail the electronic copy of the voters roll, even access to public media, recalling solders who are now campaigning for zpf in the process intimidating voters, withdraw their foot soldier who are intimidating electorate by asking serial numbers of BVR slips, all ballot papers to be printed locally, the list is endless, zpf should be serious if the they want legitimacy.

    2. which rural area


  3. obviously Ngwena cannot heap the blame on the old man alone when all along he was with him.that would be very hard to believe.

  4. Nothing has changed and in all these 37 years Mugabe was in power Mnangagwa saw no evil and it was these cabal surrounding the former president that destroyed our industry and economy. kkkkk Cry my beloved country

  5. Comment…ED ana lacoste cabal thought it simple to supritend over this country and two months down they realise RGM is a man and half as nothing has changed and nothing will change without outside help. This requires throwing away zpf ethos and doing so ED becomes a sellout.

  6. The more things change the more they stay the same!

  7. failing to realize that he was old was A VERY BIG MISTAKE.
    so he made a mistake

  8. So in other ways RG was perfect in the eyes of ED?. All this economic mess we are in is not a mistake. We have a long way to go lapha. If RG was perfect then there is no need for many changes here.

  9. Itz true the air waves are not free enough;the opposition do not have access to the public media-the zbc radio& television;in affect the people of zimbabwe are not allowed to criticize the president & his cronies-the ministers;traditional chiefs;his zanu pf friends on the public media;the youth& the soldiers are still allowed to intimidate voters during election periods;but this does not prevent the opposition fr winning the election if the people support them-the people not fools.However itz true that in this instance Ngwena lied-an open platform to criticize the president on the national broadcaster by who ever wishes including the opposition shld be present or allowed like what happens in America.Trump currently is openly criticized by thoze who so wish on the VOA

  10. No need to avoid telling it like is: teacher Mugabe consistently and stubbornly made a lot of mistakes(and he appeared to enjoy it; sadistic?) and ED is currently correcting some of uncle Bob’s monumental and satanic mistakes !!! Mugabe messed up big time and wasted at least 20 years of our lives.

    1. Very true


    you have lost my vote cde at least you have cleared my doubt on who to vote for, and you are not the one ED.

  12. with growing confidence that they have gotten away with their soft coup, and with acceptance in SADC, the AU and beyond, the real EDM is slowly resurfacing.

  13. Ah nhai Shumba!??!!! How can you say Mugabe did not make any Mistakes? Saka maka mu”kupurirei”??!!! Musaconfuze vanhu mhani! Ah! Musadaro mufunge!

  14. The opposition are only rejected by the people;especially the rural people;their call is out of sink with the values of the people-especially the rural people who see the opposition intending to call back the white man to oppress the people again-by dominating their economy with their exploiting businesses;where the people remain the oppressed workers,the over bargained or the perpetual oppressed consumer market of the goods of the rich white man-who makes his goods very expensive & under pay their(the people’s) agricultural goods& their labour.The poor support zanu pf’s empowerment & indiginization drive.The opposition’s call for the rich man dominance only offering them oppressive employment opportunities, is out of sink with the people.The so called economic problems are only a creation of the capitalist oppressive world in cahoots with the opposition-in threatening persuits of profits & threatening life of the poor

    1. Spokesman of the poor, it’s “out of sync” not “out of sink”. The Russians and Chinese had political systems which they thought would be better than capitalism and these failed completely (Marxism/Leninism/Socialism/Communism).
      Are you proposing completely breaking down this capitalist system and allowing everyone to be a vendor in producing all that we need for modern living?
      I do not like capitalism myself but out of all political systems that mankind has experimented with, it appears to be the only consistent and successful system to date.


    2. murikurarama kupi imi.

    3. uqinisile bafoo but mnangagwa can go hang

  15. i think in Africa there is a syndrome of every new leader being made to go after his/her predecessor with so many spurious charges but look, we have in America for instance leaders who made so many mistakes in our view and we have never head of them being taken through the courts. i thick the President is right to close the Mugabe issue otherwise once he admits that Mr Mugabe made mistakes, some mistakes could be of a criminal nature then it natural follows that he must cause his arrest. a situation which might be exciting at first but fast become anathema as it unfolds. food for thought!!!

    1. There are several cases of US presidents being impeached and removed from power. The problem with power is that it corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
      ED will not/cannot apologize for Gukurahundi/Murambatsvina atrocities because doing so will mean going all the way to dig out all the dirt – it might be scaring him…
      He has to pretend to want change but still implement his evil party’s terrible, unworkable, populist policies.
      I am happy that most people are realizing that they celebrated too early…we aint seen nuthin’ yet!

    2. i think you are missing the point here. no one said he should go after the old man but rather we are saying he should be truthful that is all.

  16. ED is useless

  17. I now don’t trust these guys, at first my vote was to ED now am thinking otherwise better Tsvangi wandinoziva for 2018 elections

  18. Mugabe made a lot of mistakes and its wrong for ED to say Mugabe did nothing wrong while he was the leader of G40 and destroyed the country to were we are today . ED is being exposed , this shows that he is following Bob’s footsteps . He is the same , you can not rig the election and the economy . Zanu PF will and will not turn around the current situation even if they rig the election again this year . We need complete overhaul or a new administration without these old corrupts Zanoids . Change can only be brought by new faces , since when have Zanu PF claiming to have won the election and what have they changed , nothing except lining the pockets . Corruption is the other Zanu PF name and ideology , so lets stop hoping for something new . ED should have addressed the financial sector by leaving Chinamasa and Magudya from his team .Today RBZ is buying US$ from the streets , how can you operate like that .

    1. There is so much failure in this regime as seen through escalations in prices and a rapid fall on standards of living, sprouting of illegal vendors and illegal currency dealers everywhere. Surely who in his/her rightful mind, give a vote to this regime? They cant even apply laws they enacted to deal with illegal currency dealers, Strange indeed.

  19. So we are going nowhere.With all the mess around The CHIEF EXECUTIVE did not make a single error/mistake? This is very interesting and its nice to hear this from the Government. GOD BLESS ZIMBABWE and its people.

  20. So Mugabe never made a mistake? That must be a joke of the year. Every leader does some wrong even when you ask them esp. after more than 30 years on the throne.

  21. kkkk this so interesting at times its wise to keep mouth closed

  22. Please Mr ED can you let National Peace and Reconciliation Commission conclude that, it was immature for you to utter such a scandalous statement.

  23. musha wenyu wamaichemera hona waita mamvemve

  24. zimbabwe = round about

  25. All useless people in zimbabwe do support Zanu pf because they don’t care about the tomorrow of Zimbabwe mainly because they don’t have anything tangible good to offer in their lives and few are those gaining selfishness through patronage.ED Mnangagwa is a true face of Mugabe and zimbabwe will never ever have change as long as these gangsters are still life in zimbabwe. Let us get rid of zanu pf and get zimbabwe developed.

  26. I have told you Zimbabwean people before over and over again that the ED Mnangagwa dispensation you have been over joy of,is a face of yesterday’s devil because they have been together with Mugabe for 38 years of destruction,oppressing,suppressing,torturing, killings etc. So what has changed today with zanu pf’s characters? Why were you people over joyous when ED Mnangagwa became a president through the back door as zanu pf’s history? Why do you people lack vision and brains to grasp and see that doom will not fall away easily in zimbabwe as long as the status co still exist? Wake up you all useless zimbabweans and smell rotten gabbages.

    1. GET RID OF “M” CONSTITUTION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Mugabe had been refusing advise from his deputies. Joyce Mujuru told you guys. Any meaningfull ideas vatomhanyisva. Grace ndiye aninge aakuteererwa chete. Maiti aigodiivo ED pakadaro. That’s why he is changing a lot of policies. It’s for the better guys. Musangovenga munhu. Support him.

  28. If he did not do any wrong why did he Garwe wrestle power from a legitimate president.The junta should have dealt with Mugabe’s wife and those ones who were usurping the presidential powers.Power hungry Junta.Now deal with the economy….ZERO.

  29. Anti corruption is doing nothing in this country.Why can’t you stop corruption at ZETDC.Their workers are charging between $250 to $500 to connect electricity in houses in and around Harare illegally.If you want to prove this go to Chitungwiza.40 out of 50 houses have illegal connections.They are enjoying electricity without paying for it.How can ZESA make profits when the situation is like this.If Garwe wants to be popular people must be arrested.Otherwise we are not going anyway as a nation.

  30. Musa Dhenyula, it was not possible to deal with Grace whilst Mugabe was on power. There is no way your wife can be tormented uripanyanga. That’s why he is saying Mugabe did not do any wrong, that is political intelligence baba

  31. Konde you are one of the useless people in zimbabwe,why are you supporting bad things? What is good about praising bad things? USELESS BASTARDS.

  32. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Ndiyani akachena seMAZAYA echando? Anodaira ngamire apo? Jesu akabvunza. Pakashaya nomumwe akadaira.


  34. It is extremely disheartening when ED jokes about serious issues when he is asked. The issue of electoral reforms is not about voting age.ED must start behaving like a president, not a junior minister or political commissar!! On my scale ED definitely lost some points here and I’m not alone.

  35. Comment…ed has my vote

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