Mugabe implicated in Chivayo shady deals

DEPOSED President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace were yesterday named in businessman Wicknell Chivayo’s shady $7 million Gwanda solar project, as members of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy demanded to know how his relationship with the former First Family influenced the awarding of lucrative tenders to his company, Intratrek.


The other bigwigs that were dragged into the tender saga include former Energy ministers Dzikamai Mavhaire and Samuel Undenge, Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Justin Mupamhanga and the late State Procurement Board (SPB) boss Charles Kuwaza.

Chivayo had been summoned to speak on the controversial multi-million dollar solar project after it emerged that his company initially lost the tender, but was later given the job after he personally appealed to Mavhaire, instead of the courts.

Later, when Undenge took over as Energy minister, Chivayo allegedly approached the minister and caused the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) to pay him $5,6 million for works which had not commenced, and without a bank guarantee.

Committee member and Zengeza West MP Simon Chidhakwa (MDC-T) grilled Chivayo demanding him to explain how he managed to manipulate
ZPC to pay in advance and whether he had used Grace to get the payments authorised by Undenge.

“I am not related to the former First Family and at no time did they interfere or assist me to ensure the tenders were awarded to me by the SPB. The First Family have no influence in the SPB,” Chivayo said.

Committee chair Temba Mliswa joined in the grilling, saying: “The MPs are asking that question because the First Lady, Grace, was the government in power and that is why Parliament impeached Mugabe. Did she not influence the decision that you be awarded the contract and get paid, which prompted Undenge to take the matter to Cabinet?”

In response, Chivayo said he had applied for the tender in 2013 when Mavhaire was Energy minister and the contract was then signed in 2015 when Undenge had taken over as minister.

Chivayo also denied insinuations that his social media stunts, where he posted pictures of himself dining with Grace, were meant to confirm that he was well-connected.

Musikavanhu MP Prosper Mutseyami (MDC-T) asked Chivayo to explain if he was a criminal and how the SPB awarded a multi-million-dollar ZPC solar project to a known criminal.

Magwegwe MP Anele Ndebele (MDC-T) also asked Chivayo to explain if he was a qualified engineer.

Chivayo responded: “I have no qualification, I am not an engineer. I was convicted in 2005 for confiscation of profits and money-laundering and I served for 24 months and then filed an appeal in the Supreme Court, which is still pending.”

The businessman also told Parliament that he got 225 hectares of land for the project, which he said was given to Intratrek by the Lands ministry.

But Intratek’s second shareholder Yusuf Ahmed’s lawyer, Bruce Tokwe, of Tokwe Law Commercial Chambers, told the legislators that Chivayo had ceded his 50% shareholding in 2014 and was now only working as a managing director.

Tokwe described Chivayo’s business practices as shoddy, adding that he never respected corporate governance issues relating to management of companies, adding that the $5,6 million received from ZPC was not disclosed to the other shareholders.

“We are at risk and our names are being tainted. We have tried to negotiate with Chivayo on the progress of the project and get documents, and asked questions as to what happened to the money. We have even approached ZPC,” Tokwe said.

He said Intratrek was not considering changing its management and board, adding that they had the financial clout to finish the project after Chivayo failed to do so.

Chivayo denied reports previously made by ZPC board chairperson Stanley Kazhanje when he appeared recently before Parliament that he was paid $7 million in advance.

The businessman approached a Chinese firm, Chint Electric, which has an asset base of $12 billion, to be his partners in the $173 million solar project.

Asked to explain how he was paid the $7 million and whether he also paid Undenge a bribe to ensure that ZPC paid him without work having commenced, Chivayo said: “I never paid a cent to Undenge. I was paid $2,1 million for the feasibility study, which was done by Chint Electric. I went to ZPC managing director Noah Gwariro and presented an invoice and he refused to pay, saying for advance payments, they needed a bank guarantee. I then went to Undenge, who then instructed Gwariro that the project must proceed. If ZPC said they paid me $7 million, it is incorrect.”

Chivayo told MPs that he was only paid $5 million for the project, outlining that $2,1 million was paid for a feasibility study done by Chint Electric (Chinese partners) in December, adding that other works done were pre-fencing, geological surveys and designs for access roads.

The committee noted that Chivayo rushed to do the pre-fencing after Mugabe was removed from power.

ZPC acting managing director Joshua Chirikuutsi confirmed that Chivayo was paid $5,6 million for the project.

“To date, a total of $5,6 million was released to Chivayo, of which $2,1 million was for the feasibility study. So, we remain in exposure on the amount of work not yet delivered. Through pressure from the ministry, we had to release the money to Chivayo without a bank guarantee,” Chirikuutsi said.

The ZPC boss said Kazhanje was the one who interfaced with the highest offices in government.
The committee then chucked out the ZPC crew, saying they could not continue to grill them because they had failed to appear before Parliament with their full board members, including Kazhanje.

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  1. Put the bastard behind bars and throw the keys in the Indian Ocean.


  2. if Mnangagwa fails to deal with this Chivayo guy of all criminals then there’s no hope for Zim

  3. only way for him to shed weight is to put him behind the cells and throw away the keys

  4. Undenge anofanira kungovharirwa for flaunting tender procedures. what more evidence does the zanupf anti corruptioncommittee (zacc) want

  5. The present government is also involved in this.
    ED paakapinda ndinzo nyaya dzaanga dai akataura but cause his hands might have been there he failed to clear it cause imari refu. Zvana Chombo was just a bais

    1. BOTH MUGABE & ZUMA ARE BOTH COMMUNIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. This is just a foolish comment most likely from a mad person. Off topic.

  6. Truth .It’s not Mnangangwa who put people in prison. The committee is there to establish whether Chivayo committed a criminal offence i:e the money he was paid and didn’t do the work. The police will then come and arrest him then.Those MPs are the ones that should establish what he did and didn’t do. You don’t want a Presidential who is a judge and jury do you.

  7. It’s the president of a country who sets the tone in the fight against crime & corruption in any country, if Mugabe as president managed to keep known criminals out of prison then it follows that the reverse can also be achieved by the same office

  8. Honesty at last “I have no qualifications..”. Boasting time is over boy, get ready for jail again.

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      1. So what Mr Duzvi????


  10. Change is imminent.

  11. The same old story.Fake business people.Why can’t we have real business people,who create jobs and run businesses professionally.It’s all about gucci,champagne,range rovers and small houses.There is a sad business culture in Zimbabwe.And there is no transparency in all business dealings.It’s all about who is your relation,who you know and who you have dirt on.We need to change the way we approach business in Zimbabwe.Real wealth is not flaunted,but shared through wealth and job creation.Ill-gotten wealth can never be shared,but abused.This guy was used and is going back where he belongs.


    1. I have followed you postings and concluded that you genuinely are crazy. What is wrong with being a communist?? We dont have anything called a “Mugabe Constitution”. White Donkey.

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    1. Did you ate from the same plate?Let us get all the facts first.The evidence though points to underhand dealings.We want the truth so that these kinds of ‘deals’ become a thing of past.transparency.So much wealth has been expropriated and stolen through lack of transparency and accountability.Just trying to look for a ‘quick buck’.It’s so sad,how we do business in our country.speculators ,thieves and opportunists.where do honest,hardworking Zimbabweans stand in this web of evil?

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  17. The line of questioning from these parliamentarians, even I grade 4 pupil can do better.

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