Mugabe birthday low key event

FOR the first time in decades, former President Robert Mugabe’s birthday will be a low key event, without the attendant largesse and extravagance, which had come to characterise it, in spite of the day being declared a public holiday.


The Zanu PF youth league had been planning a do for Mugabe for weeks, but it was not clear whether the former President was part of the process, with suggestions he had snubbed his former party colleagues.

Acting Information minister and Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo confirmed there would be no public event this year.

“It is a youth event,” he said.

“The youth have said they will clean-up the cities.

“But the party will send its well wishes and a cake.

“It is a day we treasure and we revere the former President.”

Mugabe was every February 21st feted like a deity with public gatherings across the country under the banner of the 21st February Movement.
Zanu PF politburo secretary for youth Pupurai Togarepi confirmed what Moyo said.

“We will celebrate with our former President by visiting him with a cake,” he said.

Asked if there will be a public programme for youth and whether the 21st February Movement had died following Mugabe’s removal from office, Togarepi said the “structure still exists”.

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  1. This guy was evil. We dont want to hear anything to do with him!

  2. Sorry Mdara, zvakachinja

    Mr Mugabe’s birthday should always have been low key from the 80s. Turning it into a key event was one of the things that made him think he was indispensable and was somehow on God’s level. One loss making parastatal after another would fall head over heels in congratulating the Old Man. Firms such as Lobels almost ran out of unique cake designs since each 21st February required a new cake design.

  3. Will you please give us a break…This is one of the most evil people to walk on Zimbabwean soils…Hatidi kunzwa nezvake …siyai zanu ndiyo inoda nezvake…chimboti nyararirai nezvemunhu uyu

  4. Even the holiday it’s not necessary to the hardworking Zimbabweans, let the people continue with their business as the current president already said that, he does not like bootlicking he must ban this useless holiday we don’t want to see it on our calendars.

  5. kikiki Bob’s like one of those vataikura navo. He would have a leather inflatable ball. Then if his team started losing he would take his ball and go home. We would have to resort to bhora remaplastic bag. Hanzi Bob is now snubbing his peers and fellow comrades kikiki.

  6. God created us equal. So each of us deserves a public holiday declaration on their birthday.

  7. Kutaura idi the day should just be a working day to mend the damage Mugabe did to our economy. I miss my Zimdollar Nzou guyz which was sunk by Mugabe otherwise we are extending the years of reediming ourselves by increasing these public holidays.

  8. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Zvinoreva here kuti nyika kana ikava nevatungami vashanu kana kudarika vari pamudya ndigere vachaitirwa izvi gore rega rega?

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