Mugabe ‘apologises’ to Mujuru

FORMER President Robert Mugabe met National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru on Tuesday reportedly to apologise for firing her as his deputy in both government and Zanu PF after the ruling party’s 2014 congress.


Mujuru’s spokesperson Gift Nyandoro confirmed the two met at Mugabe’s Blue Roof mansion in Borrowdale Brooke at the request of the 93-year-old veteran politician.

He claimed Mugabe washed his hands and blamed President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputy, Constantino Chiwenga, for being behind the hounding of Mujuru out of Zanu PF.

“They met and it was at Mugabe’s invitation. One of the reasons was to say sorry for everything that happened to you,” Nyandoro said.

“I was misinformed and I decided to call you so that I can say I’m sorry, my daughter, we were misled. I have come to know that all the people who were fighting you are Mnangagwa and Chiwenga. It was a grand plan to get to me and not yourself.”

He said Mujuru then reiterated to Mugabe that: “Baba (father), I told you that I had nothing against you. All these people were fighting me simply because they wanted to expose you and get rid of you.”

Nyandoro said Mujuru told Mugabe that she had long forgiven him.

“She long forgave him and told Mugabe that revenge is for God. So they met and Mugabe wanted to proffer his apology,” he said.

Former First Lady Grace Mugabe and the 93-year-old leader launched a vicious campaign against Mujuru in 2014. The duo accused her of trying to kill Mugabe using assassins and supernatural powers.

They also accused her of massive corruption, but never hauled her before the courts.


  1. Typical of Mugabe, blame everyone for everything except himself. Its him and his wife who hounded mujuru out of the party, Ngwena and the military junta were not involved.

    1. True!!! He is the worst devil. Why did he overstay in power???

  2. Ihwayiwo zvotaugwa naBig Dhara, seeking sympathy haunyari

  3. Comment…Its common sense that Tshlotsho declaration ED was gunning to overthrow the iconic RGM. He thought it was running the country. We are facing a drought and he will be accused of mismanaging the economy after meeting the safety-nets requirements as per the national constitution. Ngaatonge tione.

    1. we have been facing droughts since 1997, I guess. The region also has been facing same droughts. dont blame droughts for all your inabilities.

  4. Don’t be naive Mai Mujuru. Do not fall into the G40 attempts of trying to re-write and sanitise their shenanigans. Tsoro yaMdhara naGrace yanga yagara iri yekuda kuisa mai mfana pachigaro, G40 iri paside ichikuchidzira with its own long term plans. Those who removed them from power did us a huge favour.

    1. Spot On! That old man is Satanic!

    2. Desperate coming together of the have beens who now feel like fish out of water. Why does Mugabe feel so eager to apologise to Mujuru about firing her? The one mistake Munangagwa could have created for the country’s future isforgiving this lot and helping them get away with hefty pay checks at the expense of the country. Its not beyond mugabe and his cabal to plot a come back no matter how dangerous it could be for everyone else. Munangwagwa be warned!

      1. forgiving them for what? he never forgave anyone but he has no reason to hate them.ED is a murderer and is the one who needs forgiveness from GuLURAHUNDI, mURAMBATSVINA, 2008 RUN-OFF victims. Him and Mugabe are the ones who need forgiviness. Stop talking this rubbish about ED having forgiven pple!

  5. Mugabe is a crook. dont listen to that old murderer. Noone will feel pity for him. HE MUST JUST GO TO HELL.

    1. Lotshe – you are an angry dude- you hate Jonso and Bob must go to hell! Take a chill pill because you are allowing anger to consume you yet there is NOTHING you can do about the past activities of these two guys! Focus on the future ,your life and family. We all (save for a few selected) suffered under Bob’s rule.SO relax mfo!

      1. Mugabe is sh!t! he now pretends to have been misled because he lost the plot. when he was sending those same guys to kill people, he was enjoying it. seeing bodies of slain citizens, some braiied, some with short sleeves, some thrown in disused mines. He enjoyed it! He never thought they would one day turn on him. he must pay for his sins! No mercy for this old evil thing.

  6. nehanda nyakasikana

    kkkk bob kakangwara kaona gap rekunenera vamwe mhosva…he may as well tell us what really happened to rex.

  7. Octovious Ndovisai

    OK; so its ED who informed RGM that Mujuru was visiting witchdoctors. OK; ED and Chiwenga ndivo vakadzinga Mujuru nhaika. Ko akazodzinga ED ndiani? RGM should simply own up; he was in charge.

    1. Comment…
      Bob akutsvaga hudzwene apa

      1. Makadii Baba Banda?

  8. Kuchembera ndozvakunoita vanhuwe!!!

  9. Stop it Robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. In as far as I dont like Mugabe I would like to buy his words. Vakomana ichi ichokwadi chero tikamutuka mudhara uyu. A mafia always wanted to rule zim and tichakaura hatisati and thats when we will realise Mugabes words. The later is worse than the previous cant you see vanhu.

    1. Uridako only people with negative and colonised minds fail to see what is coming ahead. Vhurikai anhu

  11. BOB ngaagare akanyarara. let him own up.

  12. That is nonsensical everyone knows that Gucci Grace orchestrated the firing of Mai Mujuru the same way she did to President Mnangagwa. During the period prior to 2014 pane akambonzwa ED vachitaura chinhu here. Only those with short memory can believe this bullshit

    1. he said ndakazipigwa dr stop it vachituka mai Mujuru

  13. Comment…they were together why didnt he(chiwenga) stood up for mjuru like he he did for Ed. why did he(ed) liked and rushed into amending the costitution kuti vapinde ndozvavaida vaida kutonga chete vanhu ava they are clever dai mjuru asina kubva they knew mgabe aizopa mai mjuru chimuti saka vakamubvisisa mgabe pakubvisa aisabvisa ega aiudzwa zvekuita neteam iyoyi saka apana chirinani ndosaka akupa ma99years lease kuti awane support yaTrump

  14. Comment…Of coz wat e old man is saying cn b true bt what am really sure if is that they all planed this plot together.Be careful Zimbabweans Mnangagwa will drive this Zim worse than Mgabe ini zii ndiri Joni

  15. political analyst

    Comment… The big man should blame his wife who raised false accusations against those she perceived were going to take over from her husband since she also had interest to become the president.

  16. True Zim is already getting worse.Forex shortage is worse than in November.
    Government lied to us abt the 1,5 billion afrex loan,were is the money two months down when gvt is busy buying forex in the black market.
    Gvt has been printing unbacked bond coins,wants to print more.

  17. Mugabe is not certain on the next election, he is too clever this old man. As we speak he is creating good relationship so that when Mujuru win election he will be protected his properties & family kikikikikiki ndakabata kamdara aka

    1. usarota mhani iwe. Inasmuch as I dont suppport EDiots, unofunga kuti mai Mujuru vangahwina election ipi iwe? be sensible mhani

  18. where is the 1,5 billion USD afrexim load that we were told had been received.can anyone answer this question.we need to know if it was propaganda or not

  19. Ko mai mujuru what is she trying to do ? Is she that maive? Anything to get in power. Now we are trying to build our country and there goes again ndarowha ndatukwa zva Tswangirai. Ma cry babies anonditemesa musoro. Its me me me all the time.

    1. thats your problem. why would someone beat another person for diffrence of opinion? why do you think Mujuru can not talk to Mugabe? Ed CAN ALSO TALK TO mUGABE AND SO CAN tSVANGIRAI AND ANY PERSON WHO HAS ACCESS. wHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? yOU ARE TRYING TO BUILD A COUNTRY? WHO DESTROYED IT? DO YOU HONESTLY BELIEVE THAT ONE PERSON MUGABE DESTROYED IT? You are the one who is naive. EDiots were the biggest beneficiaries of Zim destruction. They are stinking rich and will use your sorry willing a33 to get even richer, while you are busy ululating uchiti building building.

  20. I think Mugabe owes EVERY CITIZEN an apology, particularly for the mismanagement of our country and everything else that went wrong. As for Mujuru, she was a non-performer in the various Ministries that she headed, so there’s nothing really to chat about there..

  21. hahah,yah u them a ulepoint.they said they got a loan in DEC for 1,5 billion.Did we ever receive it.all bull crap,gvt are liars and propagandists

  22. Yes, why did the generals keep quite when Mai Mujuru was hounded out of the party? Was the Constitution not violated? Is she not a liberation icon too like the Croc? Those who have eyes can see and if you have half a brain of that of a rat, you will obviously smell a rat that The Croc and Guvheya had long planned this since the days of Tsholotsho. You support them at your own peril because they are serving their own interests these people!

    1. It is Gukurandi revisited..Shame!

  23. true this points to junta plan all along

    1. The question which begs the answer is that G40, in their wisdom and intellectual arsenal of the Prof failed to see a trap, in that after doing everything to get rid of Mujuru, they then handed over the trophy to lacoste. Politics 101 states that, once you have won a war you should then demand a lion’s share in the spoils. The same will play out again when MDC forced Mugabe to resign only to be left in the cold…practically licking their wounds. As for Zimbabweans, well they celebrated the departure of Mugabe, which I think is a worth cause. As for the future, well we leave it to God, the ancestors.

  24. were is the 1.5 Billion USD loan?

  25. Heeish its now too late baba Mugabe but your guys tried to stop Mnangagwa from committing a coup by giving him poison but some whites in SA brought him back to life heeish but elections are close and he must follow you out of power .


  27. pane nyaya hapo coz Mujuru also has war credentials asi Junta was quiet when she was fired. Guveya ndiye the same guy akati Mugabe asabve pachigaro 2008 adyiwa na Morgan pama Elections. izvi zvakungoda minamato nekuti we can not trust this new dispensation. Zanu is Zanu lets vote for change

  28. ED the thug that we need to remove very fast what happened yesterday when his thugs in Glenview led by one very thin and dirty dread locked who was wearing a green and white stripes Tee shirt faded jean trousers was stone age . beating up Mai Mujuru a woman a mother and leader is disturbing and now we see why targeted sanctions must not be removed bcoz coming elections for sure will be unfair .

  29. I dont think this meeting took place or if it did it was not about what has been reported here

  30. ED will remain a favourite compared to BOB. He is trying hard to mend international relations and see real investments in Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans celebrated him in their millions

  31. ZANU must fall

  32. No apologies for Mugabe. He must go hang! akanyeperwa naani? he was in charge of all security organs and should have known the truth. he wanted to die in power so that grace could take over from him. zimbabwe haaisi yamai vake ndeyedu tese

  33. Speak for yourself.all we wanted was Mugabe to fall,now if given the chance will much in millions again for ED and ZANU to all fall

  34. No sane person will march in support of ED for what ? The guy is just not a leader and we never want to waste our time on such useless gate crusher who has failed to even change few things close to 90 days since he took over from Mugabe . This time around zimbos will not make a mistake they make sure the trouble causer zanu goes for good .

    1. I am sane and i support ED big time i am folloowing what he is trying to do closely and i am seeing light at the end of the tunnel,Given a chance of a Good opposition not this one which is like Zanu pf yes i will say ED must GO but at the moment to me he is the man.

  35. Nanhasi amai vachiri vakapusa ava. The sad part is she honestly believes him zvekutofamba vachitaura.

  36. i have switched sides like #KD, minus 1 from me, i didn’t celebrate either…we coming…

  37. its not a secret there was weevils and the gamatocs in the beginning

  38. iwe nyandoro do u have proof of what u are saying?kutaura kwausina kuswera tiuydze kuti why we should vpte for ur party

  39. @lovemyzim.What light do u see at the end of the tunnel.tibvirei.the tunnel is getting darker,don’t be surprised to see prices rise again within the next month.

  40. Judging by the number of comments, Mugabe is still the only game in town

    1. pple are angry with him my brother/sister.

  41. This man is cruel even out of leadership he still wants to cause hatred but why? it simply shows that you were a terrible leader how can you fire your second in command at the at the behest of a very junior member of your administration thats pathetic leadership old man. if anyone believes wat this man says then they are also poor as a leader.

  42. Insane people can see what normal people do not see that is why you see them kicking and punching the air and laughing alone .No normal person is seeing light at the end of the tunnel right now only those vane waya chete .

  43. Poterai Muchatongwa

    so we shall hear more of his apologies

  44. Mr Mnangagwa is the best man for the job. He is making corrections of the blighted past and giving us all hope of the future. His experience in govt is second to none. Let us not throw spanners in his efforts. Here is a man who accepts criticism here is a man who wants to keep on trying when things are going tough ! Zimbabweans have gone through one of the world’s worst economic times admitted, but on the mend, we must learn not to accept instant coffee results as the economy sets off on its glide path to recovery. Constructive and objective criticism is most welcome ! How can one make progress if one drives a bus whilst looking backwards all the time ?

    1. Mr Konscious the bus still remain the same broken one, only the driver has changed! Your Ed must balance both politics and economics. The coup was targeting criminals around the criminal Mugabe, how many of those criminals have been arrested, charged, brought to a competent court of law, tried and convicted? what have you been smoking of late?

    2. but if the bus is broken, it does matter whther you are lookingin front or backwards – its still doesnt move! so whether its a new driver or olddriver…the bus still needs fixing…dont worry about where the new driver in the seat is looking. the work is not on the steering…

  45. Kapei super kanwe kadhakwe kaitire kazukuru ngano . Garwe b careful kanokupamha fut this tym unokwira

  46. most people who see the good in ED or ZANU are uneducated fools begging for poverty, and when poverty comes they have no one to blame but themselves

  47. kkkkkkkkkk thats the game of politics makazara mahure both male and female vakangoona kuti nhingi akupinda panyanga vanobvati naye vopandukira musoro vechitima garwe ngari dhigidhe raka buritsa maziso

  48. Comment…varune do you know what politics is all about if what the old man is saying is true then that’s what we call politics. In politics you don’t sleep with all eyes closed unotsvedza. Never trust anyone in politics especially here in Africa its dog eat dog. Only those who are wire and strong will make it, in this case ED is the winner which means is the wisest of them all.

    1. But ED is also serving at the pleasure of the military. Yes he has won on the political side, but he has to balance a lot of forces, otherwise they will do to him what he did to his mentor. So, as far as I’m concerned the game is very much on…

  49. both mugabe and joyce are stupid we also saw it on his countless in and out trips at the airport gucci grace refusing to shake mujurus hand and mugabe now claims that it was ed and chiwenga ,no no we will not buy that crap, grace also told every at a fateful rally in mbare that baba will have to fire ed and you fired him, and you are now also directing operations of jonso interviews with various media houses as retribution for failing to instal your wife as next president and you go one better and you try to buy favors from the loose mujuru, we all seeing through this, please accept it your time is up finished kaputi.

  50. Comment…For sure panenyaya apa. But its all pseudo-educated remonstrations. My rudimentary statistical literacy unequivocally suggests majority national political sentiment has never demanded mugabe or mujuru at least in last quarter of century(25 yrs). And neither has majority rule been, part of either’s DNA or, discernible gernuine political agenda, both de facto animations of political tragedy. But come on, can someone not smell childish tribalistic politics over played here by adult bodies? Behind the supposed illegitimacy of any other tribe’s presidential dream in first century of our independence. ED has single ultimate challenge before him and am confident he has already accepted it; that of bringing genuine majority rule, ONLY; by orthodox or if necessary, even unorthodox means, the ultimate veneration of majority sentiment.

  51. It will be fool hard for anyone to think ED will bring majority rule to this country when violence is already in top gear just yesterday Mujuru was beaten up by ED “s thugs then sure how can anyone think a thug will bring some order in our country .It is us who will bring rule of law to this land by not voting for zanu chete chete.

  52. Comment…i did said it some time before that Mugabe did nothing wrong. It was Emmersin’s plan to haund MUJURU out of the party to advance himself and depose MUGABE later. I feel sorry for Grace,she was used to fight EMMERSIN’s wars and now they are mocking her coz vasvika pavaida. Manje elections are around the corner tichaonana ikoko, come paHwedza constituency, comrade GUVHEYA we are going to show you kuti politics hakusi ku KGVI. toonana ikoko for now i’m out.

  53. Not every1 is anger driven – we simply disagreed with some of Bob’s policies. Having said that there is nothing toxic in JM talking and making peace with her / nor the leadership in MDC.

    Its sickening that a few misguided individuals believes – their opinion of Bob is universal. Its not. In doing so they taking their eyes of the ball. Imba Zimbabwe is all cracks and will inevitably fall. ED and his team are simply filling the cracks with mortar / chidhaka chepachuru.

    That no solution. Let voluntarily put this house down and rebuild it from the foundation. How so u may be tempted to ask? Lets vote ED and team out. Hatidi kutongwa ne magamba. We desire leaders and not rulers.

    I am saying this must be our focus, sadly in MDC T, there is this idiotic thinking yekuti tine chaunga. It may yet turn to be a close election let approach that as an alliance, it will mean sacrificing some seats to partners.

    Sacrificing individual seats for the bigger price is noble va Gutu muriko here uko.

  54. Comment.. What is needed by nation Zimbabwe is political consensus between the been to school; and for the intellectually half backed to re-visit last educational institution attended & obtain essential higher diploma in quietness. Ndivo honzeri yematambudziko ese enyika. People need exposure to only cream of reason. Saka ruzhinji rwedu ideal qualification is higher diploma in quietness. There is for example no logical imperative for inference that ED is not majority preference, nor justification for denial that he is the most intelligent, or clearest sighted, of the leading presidential election candidates. Otherwise ED’s optimism of his chances is trivially rational. He has at least little reason to worry about his alleged leading challenger whose most powerful qualification is Mugabe’s failure.

  55. Joe Brownn Mutasa

    So, it’s clear Mugabe actually called JT to clear his name on Rex Nhongo’s mysterious death. No doubt Mugabe washed his hands and blamed it on ED

  56. Comment…people vasati ed varikutadza but the were soilders of boarder gezi they have same habbit with g40 group leader mr mugabe ndovarikuuraya nyika thanks

  57. Comment…Pari zvino vari kuti ED neZANU are dead and buried vangatoudzawo here presidential candidate neparty yacho which can turn everything for milk and honey instantly? Musaita kunge ndimi makadzidza moga u seem to b fighting for yr own happiness. nyangwe RD aripente sei u never appreciate and give him benefit of doubt coz u are obsessed to see yr nonperforming and directionless party ruling this state. what do they have for us all? nothing.

  58. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    I am trying to marry the two stories by this same newspaper but am failing to get where Mujuru is going or saying. On 11 November. we had a headline Mujuru courts Munangagwa. In the story the reporter tells us that the former VP wanted the then axed VP to join her party. Let me say good and fine.
    Then the above story pictuers Munangagwa as a monstor when Mujuru met went and met Mugabe
    Politics vakiti and its words or wording

  59. Was is not the right time for Mujuru to ask Bob about the murderer of his husband? HE COULD HAVE BEEN TOLD THOSE OF TONGO.

  60. w 3ttgwtyt

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