Mudzuri barred from Harvest House

MDC-T vice-president Elias Mudzuri was yesterday reportedly barred from entering the party headquarters, Harvest House, by youths aligned to his counterpart Nelson Chamisa as the opposition party’s succession fights turned


Mudzuri intended to address a Press conference to assert his authority as acting MDC-T president, but Chamisa’s backers, who identified themselves as “the Vanguard”, could not allow him to proceed with the media briefing.

The youths turned violent and threatened to beat up Mudzuri, forcing him to leave the party offices in a huff.

The drama occurred as Chamisa, who claimed to have been recently appointed as acting party president, was addressing the MDC-T secretariat.

Presidential spokesperson Luke Tambarinyoka confirmed the meeting between Chamisa and members of staff as the party gears for polls.

“The acting president held a meeting with staff members of the party. I can’t get into the details or dynamics of the meeting because these are internal party matters,” he said, adding he was unaware of Mudzuri’s planned media briefing.

Party spokesperson Obert Gutu confirmed that Mudzuri had postponed his Press briefing, but declined to shed further details.

“There was supposed to be a Press conference, but it has been postponed to a later date. I am not yet aware of the reasons,” he said.

Asked why he cancelled his Press conference yesterday, Mudzuri said there were some developments taking place, but would not disclose them.

Hours later, he released a statement reaffirming his position as the party’s acting president.

“When I was appointed acting president, it was done so by president Morgan Tsvangirai openly in the presence of the party presidium and in the full knowledge of the entire national party leadership to ‘act’ until the president’s return,” Mudzuri’s statement read.

He accused Tamborinyoka of bending party rules and unilaterally appointing Chamisa as acting party president without Tsvangirai’s consent.

“It’s criminal to impersonate and mock our president given the situation he is dealing with. That must stop immediately,” he said.

Mudzuri also blamed MDC Alliance partners of interfering in the party’s internal affairs.


  1. Mudzuri is just wasting his and everybody else’s time

    1. Thats according to u bro coz the party has its rules which shld guide every move by party members & wat Chamisa is doing is self destruction as the majority of executive members are against his shenanigans. Otherwise a protest vote is to work against the MDC so that we allow u guys to put your house in order

  2. MDC turning into ZANU PF.

  3. mudzuri should grow

    1. BATYLER, it’s those hooligans who barred Mudzuri from Harvest House that should grow.

  4. Mudzuri just leave the whole job to Chamisa people know very well who is capable of doing the job very well.Yes you might have been appointed by Tsvangirai for reasons best known to the MDC party,but Chamisa knows how to play this political game rather than you Mudzuri.

  5. if chamisa has the backing or support of MDC T rank and file ,why these youths afraid of…if Mudzuri has no support then time will , why turn violent against him … is this the democracy you preach at every rally

  6. mudzuri should stop wasting time and follow the ones who has the people’s backing

  7. chamisa kanoita manje ngwena inoona moto pana 2018 elections apa mira zvako uone.mudzuri tokuda uri muchinda wedu but pauVice president apo hapana kuipa ndopako

    1. Kanoita chiiko? Dzungu regarega kamupfana ako. Ngakambokura. If you impose him then ED has my vote!

  8. MDC-T must make a public announcement on this acting president issue sooner than later. Otherwise they will lose the confidence of the electorate.

  9. All along I thought was smart. I have since changed my mind regarding that and the rest I will not comment. He is just immature together with Tamborinyoka.

  10. Let the circus continue, ED’s victory is his to lose kkkkk

  11. bhora kuna Chamisa

  12. Itz now clear that Chamisa’s overtures have no Tsvangirai blessings nor the MDC-T constitution but only n attempt to grab power in the MDC-T confusion only in the hope of support by party youths,spokesman Tamborinyoka;wife E Macheka & the rest of the party dreamers kkkkkkk;thosein SA with Tsvangison himself have clearly spelt it out,”no day have Chamisa nor Tamborinyoka met Tsvangirai n time recently

  13. No one knows what Tsvangirai and Mudzuri spoke. Mudzuri might be lying that he was appointed as acting President. As the people of Zimbabwe, who put ED panyanga, we are saying Mudzuri NO, Chamisa YES. For MDC to win CHAMISA panyanga!!! Hoyeeee

  14. no hope in african politics

  15. Yaah, rovanai stereki masascam eMDC. Kana maneta tozokusungai,handiti ka masaskam?

  16. Chamisa, Biti on a final mission to bury the mdc forever.

  17. Newsday ikunyepa,Mudzuri atove na chamisa ne zuro pic yacho yatobuda izvozvi vachitoramba nyaya yeku banner iri mubepa endai pa facebook muone Mudzuri achiramba kut i was never banned.

  18. these guys are clearly losing it

  19. This is false reporting. Mudzuri was at Harvest House.

  20. You guys are useless. Didnt Eddy Cross tell you to move quickly and deal with the issue of appointing a successor to Tsvangirai while the situation was still tenable. You all went full throttle to rubbish his wise counsel.

    Now chickens coming home to roost haa?

  21. elections are around e corner and y busy fghtn,nxaaa, busy confusing e electorate

  22. Ngwena one time……

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