Mthwakazi activists block NPRC meeting

THERE was drama at the Bretheren In Christ Church in Bulawayo yesterday when the Mthwakazi Republic Party (MPR) members disrupted a National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) committee meeting disputing the composition of the team leading the process.


The activists, who complained that there was only one Ndebele member in the committee, started singing and scoffing at the committee, forcing them to leave the venue before the meeting started.

In an interview soon after the team left, Mthwakazi activists said they would not allow non-Ndebele speakers to address them about Gukurahundi.

“Their committee has seven, people, and out of those seven there is only one Ndebele and for that we say this government is not serious because it is the same government that killed our people and their Gukurahundi is still an ongoing thing, as seen by what they are doing bringing people from Harare to talk to us about this issue. Government has no respect for us at all,” MRP president, Mqondisi Moyo said.

“We want to deal with this Gukurahundi issue on our own. We do not want anything from the government because [President Emmerson] Mnangagwa refused to acknowledge his mistakes and hid the element of truth that has to be incorporated about Gukurahundi when he was at Davos (Switzerland). This shows that he is not sincere about redressing this topic.”

Moyo said the NPRC Act was a naked document that had been prescribed by the government.

He said the Chihambakwe, Sandura and Dumbutshena commissions, just like NPRC, were window dressing, as they failed to address the Gukurahundi issue.

A Gukurahundi victim, who declined to be named, said the NPRC was not well-constituted and is in violation of the Constitution.

“Here, we only see one Ndebele and that Ndebele was only a cover up, they do it in order for the international community to accept them. The issue is that they want to bury the Gukurahundi issue because when this NPRC was started, it was after the voices of Gukurahundi victims and, thus, when the President came up with the commission because of pressure (sic),” he said.

“We need healing and we need peace, but in this way we need an independent international committee because the current commission is an interested party. We want a committee that includes people of all ethnic groups,” he said.

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (Woza) director, Jenny Williams, said: “As Woza, we are disappointed by the manner in which the commission was set up, it does not represent the diversity of the country and they need change and 50% women. Gukurahundi might have taken place long ago, but the wounds are still existing.”

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  1. They never did this with Mugabe. They have never experienced such freedom. #VoteEd

  2. involve the police or riot squad and teach them a lesson reminiscent of 1987 then there will never do it again otherwise you will continue to waste time and delay a process which need to be finalized soon

  3. Eliasha stop being an idiot,seriously you cant have the same people that killed the poor ndebeles to talk to them like that,lina mashona liyadelele lifuna induku ekhanda,you still living in mugabe times where riot police was used to suppress people,really this time and edge

  4. I am really worried about the framing of the narrative around the 5th Brigade atrocities in Matebeleland. I feel there is some groups in Matebeleland that have taken it to be a Shona-Ndebele ethnic issue. If this narrative is perpetuated, it is inevitable that we will, as country go through another phase of ethnic wars and from experience, war has no winners. Only losers. All the best to those who are trying to navigate such a complex issue.

  5. Moyo you should know if you dont that this gukurahundi(cleaning)was to wipe out ndebeles and hence even killing women who were pragnant to make sure that the shoots of ndebeles die too.its a fact,people now try to water it down for idiotic reason.Talk to people who were diretly involved you will get a shock of your life.

    The point is,this was a sad moment which people should start off by acknowledgmentof this and with facts so that the victims(those who lost the loved ones)can find closer and move on.

    There are people who their parents died and now is a generation of people without documantation cause thaey cant prove that their parents are dead.

    This is not for political grand standing but for people to move on please.dont jump to defend what you dont know

    1. I am not defending anything umnumzana, Dube. I am just worried that it sounds like all Shona people have been lumped together with the ZANU PF regime and are perceived to have conspired to commit genocide. Not every Shona person is a Gukurahundist. That’s all I am saying, Sir.

  6. Why is the government wasting time and resources on these unrepentant tribalists,on a long closed issue ?/ they have always been like that and will always be like that

  7. I’m sure these organisations and political parties are actually benefiting from all this drama. They don’t want the issue delt with so they continue to eat! Nothing will satisfy them! Issue is a Zimbabwean issue not a Ndebele issue. Mukore uno you still find such tribalists?

  8. I think we should approach this issue retrospectively . Us as Victims , we should behave well when we are given a platform to air out our grievances rather than to shun out the opportunity. We can continue to behave like this only if we have other wrong plans or intentions .

  9. Babu Moyo angithi uyabona ukuba athini lamashona ndini,bathi bona its a closed and done ,ngayiphi indlela abangasitsheli yona,what has been other than denial and defending all the time,yes i agree with you that there are good shona people but these idiots who write all the time like the ones above bafuna induku ekhanda

  10. Its unfortunate that this group is saying they want Ndebele speaking people for what if l may ask how ca a Ndebele who is a victim in this case address a ndebele it’s supoz to be shonas addressing so that they answer questions from us ndebeles why they killed people and what the New Government will do about it this group is mad

  11. One you realy have one shona brain and want you shonas to bury as uou have done before and say its over,there has to be ndebeles for check and balances that nothing is swept under the carpet idiot

    1. thats a very funny and stupid view from you right there kkkkkkkkkkk

  12. kanti bafuna ukuaddresswa ngamaNdebele njani khona kungamaShona alecala? ezinye izinto azifuni ukuhanjelwa esikolo maaan

  13. Well done Mthwakazi In Mat we have many tribal groups than any other part of the country why is it that every thing that wants to fixed here it must be led by shonas hayi mani that is stone age way of doing things . Shonas can fix their problems in their areas they have a lot of them and we can also fix ours gukurahundi included .Pliz stop treating us like fools who are not able to fix their problems .

  14. These Ndebeles should be taught another lesson, they didnt learn anything from Gukurahundi, next time they should actually be extincted like dinosaurs which disappered from the face of the earth

  15. @Eddos this time around amasvina will never win if they try to fight the pple of Mat plus history says it clearly amasvina a cowards vuka mthwakazi very soon mouse eaters will be tamed .

  16. when people are given a chance to be listened to they should grab it with both hands. these tribal utterances will indicate lack of reasoning. why would one stop a process that they have been crying for. remember its for your own good and these insults will not help you in any way. stop the madness and see how the process is going then judge it. there is no way you can be worshiped because you have wronged. if they decide to cancel it do you really believe there are any effects? life goes own like usual and nobody will come in for you. PLEASE BE REASONABLE AND STOP GIVING THE WORLD THE IMPRESSION THAT NDEBELES HAVE A MENTAL CHALLENGE.

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