Mpofu faces Parly grilling over missing $15 billion

HOME Affairs minister Obert Mpofu will today appear before the Temba Mliswa-led Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines to give his side of the story over the $15 billion missing diamond revenue, which went unaccounted for during his tenure as Mines minister.


A notice from Parliament shows that Mpofu will give oral evidence before the committee soon after a similar presentation by Harare businessman, Lovemore Kurotwi.

The meeting promises to be explosive after Kurotwi recently wrote to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, accusing Mpofu of forcing him out of Chiadzwa diamond fields after refusing to pay a $10 million bribe.

Kurotwi said his company, Canadile Miners, lost close to $20 million in cash, equipment and diamonds.

Mliswa told NewsDay that several bigwigs, among them ministers and former President Robert Mugabe, will be grilled over the missing $15 billion.

“There are no sacred cows in terms of the oversight role of Parliament, and there is nothing that even stops us from calling Mugabe, who first mentioned the issue of the $15 billion, from appearing before Parliament and asking him how he came to know about that,” Mliswa said, without specifically mentioning when Mugabe would be summoned.

Meanwhile, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa told Senate last week that Zimbabwe has no cent in the sovereign wealth fund, adding the country has no capacity to mobilise resources for the fund.

The sovereign wealth fund is supposed to be financed through money from royalties on minerals.

A sovereign wealth fund is a savings account that must accumulate over time and be used to meet future developmental needs.


  1. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Kwasara mazuva matanhatu kuti vakuru vemapazi eHurumende vazivise nyika maererano nehupfumi hwavainahwo. Akasvinyura, kuitira kurava. Uye dzakateya, kuitira kunzwa. Ko MPs, avazvivisewo here?

  2. According to Chinamasa, $15 billion was used figuratively to show the extent of the problem of missing diamond revenues and I wouldn’t to agree with him. But can someone tell us exactly how much actually went missing. Let’s put aside Bob’s $15 billion and concentrate on the actual figure. We need to get to the bottom of this.

  3. grill vasingasungwe zvotibatsirei…SUNGAI VANHU!!!!


  5. Nhai zvako iwe

  6. Mliswa i admire you industrialism as a politician. pliz watch you back for this issue of diamonds goes deeper. they might want to ‘wipe’ you off.

  7. Mliswa is doing a good job mandated to him. ED, a lot of people are hanging on the fence. Just as the international community is waiting to see how we handle our elections in order for them to bring tangible investment, so are Zimbabweans waiting to see how you execute the deep-rooted corruption issue. This is your make or break trump card in the coming elections.

  8. Batai munhu. Guys Mpofu does not have anything to say because the money he looted is too much

  9. I think now it’s wise to focus on new national development issues than fubricating spurius allegations that would lead to deep hatrage&unnecessary devisions ,it’s unrealistic Zimbabwe to produce diamond of such value .

    1. Zimbabwe have many diamonds valued more than that. thats a fraction of what we got.If we don’t get read of corruption we wont go forward. If we look into the issue we can recover some millions that can help the country to go forward.

  10. Chamisa for president

    Comment…useless zanu pf

  11. kkkkkkk i knew it Zimbabwe need no investors mbavha ngadzibuditse mari idzoserwe kunyika.

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