Mnangagwa statement on Tsvangirai death

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  1. Wise words Mr President. It is my wish and hope that you accord MRT the heroes status that he deserves. This will unite our people and also proves to the nation that you are serious when you preach peace and reconciliation.

  2. Facts will remain bare to everybody & the president in consultation with all stake holders will decide accordingly in light of the new dispensation;the former foes could now accept reality;how Tsvangirai’s sacrifices has actually affected the generality of all zimbabweans in as much as our new value of democratic dispensation is concerned.However Tsvangirai deserted the war during the liberation struggle;he was reported to have bn once there but thsz still claim which remains unverified or not independently confirmed

    1. 37 years after the liberation struggle end you still think heros are those who fought in the struggle. MT is a true hero, shame on those who persecuted and tormented him for fighting for us ordinary Zimbos

    2. We actually don’t EAT WHAT PEOPLE DID during the war.That mindset has set the country back decades!Let us measure what people have done after 1980

  3. If ED mNANGAGWA’s words of good expression and appreciation of the good work Tsvangirai has done for Zimbabwe,then our country will achieve our desired results for the benefits of everyone.WE want zimbabwe to get development,but not to be rule alone by one party state please we don’t advocate for that devilish spirit.Give MDC’s Chamisa a chance and we will be over cloud nine.

  4. May he RIP and may his legacy carry on. A true warrior indeed.May GOD be with you MT. WE MISS U ALREADY.

  5. well done Emmerson!

  6. change is coming… aluta continua

  7. well done emmerson. #ED has my vote

    1. Like seriously dude same bus different bus driver. If Zimbabweans we want to do a proper send off of Tsvangirai a befitting goodbye Go Vote and change the system that is what he was fighting for, his vision was a FREE Zimbabwe from the clutches of oppression by a few individuals so that you and me can have a better life. Equality in the distribution of wealth, jobs, better health care, housing “kwete kungo mere sehohwa”, education.

      He was fighting that you and me can have a chance to shine. That is Morgan Tsvangirai.

  8. thank you your excellency.Most befitting honour i suggest will just be to give him hero status at the national heroes acre.

  9. we shall rejoice as a nation if indeed your words are accompanied by letting this just departed democrat.

    1. rest at the national shrine together with others.

  10. Chematama woye!! Morgiza Woye!! Viva Zimbabwe!! Its time to celebrate his life. He ran a good race. He fought till his last atom of his energy. A true reformist who changed the political landscape without holding a gun.

  11. I am crying right now.Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai fought tirelessly against the oppression of Mugabe regime.He fought for the poor and the ordinary Zimbabwean citizens. His supporters were killed, tortured, raped, abducted and suffered all forms of abuse but he never gave up.His wife Susan was also killed in the process.He was arrested, tortured, bitten but he never gave up. He tried his level best until the time of his death all in the name of trying to liberate Zimbabweans from the bondage of Mugabe regime.We will never forget you Mr president for trying all yo life to liberate Zimbabweans.U shall forever be remembered for the major role u played in politics. I am deeply hurt that u were never given the chance to rule despite winning elections. I pray that our heavenly father will reward u.U were one of the very few brave man to stand against the Zimbabwean goblin Mugabe.I hope whoever is taking over is going to fulfil your dream of a free democratic Zimbabwe that can be brought by free n fair elections.U were clean that u don’t deserve to be buried along side Zanu Pf thieves at the national shrine.Real heroes like Mandela were buried at their rural homes.May your dear soul rest in eternal peace Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.


  12. Comment…RIP

  13. Being buried alongside thieves would not make one a thief. ED had spoken well.

  14. Tsvangirai was a ruthless leader, impervious to internal democratic values as witnessed by splits within his party and subsequently naming the party after himself as if it was a family preserve. Now he has left more fissures in the party by elevating appointed vice president to be above an elected vice president. He has died can MDC-T revisit its constitution for his succession, that much i doubt because of viral power hungry tribalistic individuals.

  15. Here is a man whose support transcended tribe and race just like Joshua Nkomo in the 1960s.I hope the country accords him the respect he duly deserves. Its a pity his power hungry vice-presidents are running the opposition down

  16. But Tsvangirai himself was a racist,tribalist& misogynist- see what he did to Khupe- a learned,ndebele woman who is a veteran politician,when he manipulatively &unilaterally appointed Mudzuri & chamisa to the presidency of party with clear intent to place Chamisa to the helm of the party,effectively sidelining Khupe in the process

  17. Tsvangirai just like any human had his own short comings,but this is not the right time to talk about them.There was nothing wrong in appointing Chamisa as a VP but its unfotunate vultures are now taking advantage of our HERO.The hypocrite is Munangagwa who now hails Save becoz he is dead,but when he won in 2008 he personnally helped Mugabe to rig and terrorize MDC supporters.


  18. Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai is a hero for democracy and needs a befitting hero’s status, he stood against all odds to liberate Zimbabweans from an independent Zimbabwe. This of course is not a sad loss to only the MDC’T but a loss to all Zimbabweans. May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace May His Excellency The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and Commander In Chief of Zimbabwe Deffence Force accord Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai a Hero’s Status.

    a loving Zimbabwean

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