Mnangagwa should immediately implement media reforms: Misa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa should crack the whip on bureaucrats dilly-dallying over implementation of media reforms that are key towards entrenching democracy, the Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa)-Zimbabwe has said.


In its 2017 state of the media report, Misa-Zimbabwe said Mnangagwa should walk the talk and implement the long overdue media reforms before this year’s elections.

“He should crack the whip against bureaucrats’ dilly-dallying on the implementation of media reforms, which should serve as key result areas, among other expected changes, to entrench democracy in Zimbabwe,” Misa said.

“The President should also ensure the safety and security of journalists conducting their lawful professional duties. Above all, he should also be accessible to the media as it fulfils its watchdog role to foster transparency and accountability.”

Misa-Zimbabwe said media law and policy reforms could easily be an overnight process unlike “the case with the anticipated economic transformation, which relies on international goodwill and huge foreign capital inflows and investments.”

The media advocacy group said government should align restrictive laws such as Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Broadcasting Services Act, Public Order and Security Act and sections of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform Act) as provided for in terms of the Constitution’s Chapter 4 Declaration of Rights. ads Ads

“Zimbabwe should sign and ratify the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance, which promotes the consolidation of democratic governance and human rights in Africa through adoption of the charter’s relevant clauses into domestic law and policies ahead of the 2018 elections,” Misa said.

Government should also formulate the cyber security framework in sync with national and regional principles that protect privacy of communication, private property and the right of all citizens to freedom of expression, media freedom and access to information.

Misa said authorities should ensure citizen participation in the transparent and democratic appointment process of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation board, while securing and guaranteeing its independence and accountability in carrying out its public service mandate.

“The government, and fundamentally, its security arms, as well as political parties, should ensure a safe working environment for journalists and provide leadership within and outside government in raising awareness on the need to ensure the safety of journalists and media workers,” reads the report.

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  1. opposition must be making serious noize about this but there are busy fighting for a microphone on stage

  2. I believe most of the electoral reforms that we need as a country do not take a week to implement if at all there is political will.It only needs one strong statement by the president for people especially Zanu pf supporters to stop political violence.If stern action is taken against the perpetrators violence then political violence will be a thing of the past.It only needs the president who is also the commander in chief of the defence forces to tell his troops not to meddle in politics by intimidating and beating up voters perceived to opposition supporters and in no time at all the army will regain its respect.The president just need to tell the police commissioner whom he himself appointed to tell his poiliticised police force to arrest anyone found on the wrong side of the law without looking at the perpetrators political alienation and without fear or favour and i tell you the Zimbabwean political field will never be the same again.Anyone seen invading property that he or she never sweated for should be hit hard by rule of law and surely we will see investors flocking into our dear motherland like “mapete” and before we know it the high unemployment rate will be tossed into the dustbin of history.The irony of it all is that it does not need a single cent to come to fruition,but the political will by the head of state yet it is taking forever to be implemented.They always tell us that they dont have money to implement this and that yet some of these things only need their word of mouth to happen.

  3. kkkkkkk illegitemate president vachitozvibvuma izvozvo

  4. One day ED and ghuveya will be in the opposition arena and wish they had done things differently ehen they had the power look at jonso arikuukura aripi tides have changed for him

  5. One day ED and ghuveya will be in the opposition arena and wish they had done things differentl when they had the power look at jonso arikuukura aripi tides have changed for him

  6. Its simple just tell zbc and zimpapers that they are not owned by zanu as such cover all rallies by all political parties . If they do not like to follow instructions just fire them .

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