Mnangagwa fires 17 top CIOs

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday fired 17 top State security operatives believed to have facilitated the meeting between former President Robert Mugabe and opposition National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru in Harare last week.

By Everson Mushava

It is understood that the security agents were reportedly being punished for failing to reveal the intelligence of the meeting before it took place at Mugabe’s Blue Roof mansion in Borrowdale.

According to leaked Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) documents, the top government spooks were served with dismissal letters yesterday.
The letters were signed by new CIO director-general Isaac Moyo and were dated February 5.

Among those fired were director of security Albert Miles Ngulube, Andrew Muzonzini (director external affairs), one Changata (assistant director security), Mugabe’s aide de camp Wonder Nyakurima (provincial intelligence officer – security), Gilbert Mudimu (Mashonaland East provincial intelligence officer [PIO]), one Chinyai (PIO for Mashonaland West), and one Rusere (division intelligence officer for Harare Central).

Also axed were Weeds Mazowe (PIO counter intelligence), Tadzingaira Tachivei (assistant director counter intelligence), Dzingai Nhira (district intelligence officer – counter intelligence) and Kizito Gweshe (deputy director counter intelligence).

The dismissals of the spies followed a similar wholesale crackdown on the Zimbabwe Republic Police three weeks ago that saw Mnangagwa reversing some of the sackings.

Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga is in charge of the Defence, Security and War Veterans portfolio.

Well-placed sources within the intelligence yesterday told NewsDay that only four – Ngulube, Muzonzini, Changata and Nyakurima – of the 17 spies were above 55 years, meaning the rest were not yet due for retirement.

“Chiwenga wants to decimate the current CIO since he believes Mugabe and (former CIO boss Happyton) Bonyongwe still have control of serving officers. While only 17 senior officers have been fired now, the total targeted is 300 and Chiwenga intends to replace them with military intelligence officers,” the sources said.

Muzonzini, Changata and Ngulube were reportedly accused of helping former Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo and former Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere to flee the country during the November military operation that led to Mugabe’s ouster.

This, the source said, was despite reports that Moyo and Kasukuwere’s escapewas negotiated by former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda when the CIO had already been ordered to surrender their operations to the military.

The source added: “The 55-year retirement age cut-off point is not supported by any legislation. It was just an idea that was proffered as part of recommendations to rationalise the civil service, but was never introduced into any statute guiding employment in the civil service.”

The sources said Charles Hwekwete, a former soldier, was reportedly heading a committee appointed by the new CIO director-general to look into the capture of the CIO by Mugabe and the G40 faction.

Hwekwete is former principal staff officer in Chiwenga’s office at the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and was earmarked for promotion to the position of CIO deputy director-general.

Repeated efforts to seek comment from Presidential spokesperson George Charamba were futile as he was not picking calls yesterday.


  1. Weeds is my guy

    1. Haha me too, he can supply us the whole year.

  2. Right to say it

    i have always said that the current regime will face a lot of problems and chances are that they will not be in office after elections.I believe they did not get into power in the constitutional way.That will definitely haunt them, its only a matter of time.

    1. Comment…are you a mugabe sympathizer… Or you benefited corruptly in his time… Isu we fully support the progress you can’t tell me kuti nekushungurudzika kwaiitwa vanhu namugabe wanga usingazivi one

      1. iwe stupi siya munhu ataure zvaanofunga asi u r a mnangagwa bootylckr

        1. nyararai mese mukutaura zvisina sense

    2. so who is Mugabe he must rest

    3. imwe party ingavhoterwa ndeipi chaizvo…kutobvunzawo hangu

  3. Everything tainted with Zanu pf is a curse,pliz all you zimbabweans this is a change that everyone must participate in and get rid of ZANU PF AT ALL COSTS.Regime change is the pillar of development under the universe.We have fought the war so bravery,hence its time to finish up the work that everyone was crying for, a total change in party and government.Let us all put our efforts together and achieve this rough journey at last.AT MDC, WE DON’T WANT SELL OUTS AND SLEEPING DOGS AND THOSE WHO WANT TO DERAIL OUR EFFORTS.Be united and trade together so as to win the coming election out rightly.

  4. Tinemishonga yechibhoyi inobva kuMalawi isina ma side effects inorapa zvirwere zvakawanda zvakasiyana siyana kusanganisira shuga, asima, ma fibroids, BP, kuwedzera nguva pabonde, kukudza nhengo yababa mumazuva gumi nezvimwe zvakawanda. fonai pa 0714066125.Tinodhilivhara pachena mu harare

  5. It you are an intelligent officer and work for both sides and you are caught. There is only one way out. They know it.During the 2nd world war their bodies would float across the England channel. It is a very dangerous thing to do. Well they can always form their own party to pay the bills.

  6. It is hard to sympathize with senior civil servants in an organization that has become the epitome of confusing allegiance to the people with allegiance to a political party; the CIO is supposed to serve the nation, not Zanu PF or a faction thereof. Has any of them ever had the courage to let the Dzamara family know what happened to their son – for demanding what their leaders subsequently did, lauded by some as heroes?

    As to the bigger picture, there is talk/promises. Then there is action on the ground. We will keep watching not just the mouth but the hands of this government… be it on establishing the conditions for free and fair elections, the impartiality of its anti-corruption drive, it’s treatment of opposition parties, the degree of partisan implementation of policies and management of the civil services, Gukurahundi and other past civilian atrocities etc.

    1. Rwendo ukataura gukurahundi tinodzokera kumashure maNdevere aiva maDzviti akauraya maShona, kutora vakadzi vese vakanaka nemombe. Gukurahundi was a state of emergence and its in the statute if not martial law.



  8. Push out ZANU and its offshoots like the MDCT and its alliance confusionists. Replace them with APA and Nkosana Moyo or Egypt Dzinemunhenzva.

    1. Nkosana kkkkkkk ndochiiwo ichocho. Mugabe akakuvhiringai pfungwa.

  9. Nhingi.Don’t shut people up.Let them express their own opinion. It’s called a discussion to rebuild our country not who supports who. No wonder why people were beating each other in the name of their party.Mugabe is gone.

  10. This the problem when CIO who are supposed to be intelligent officers for a government are used by political parties. These guys must oversee the security of the country, who is sabotaging the economy etc not to investigate which political party meets which party that is non of CIO business.

    1. very spot on

      1. very spot on Vembuya, they should concentrate on those sabotaging the economy, ngavatsvage avo ve$15 bhirioni

  11. Richard Deschain

    The Zimbabwe CIO has to be most pointless organisation in the world that serves no purpose other being an extension of Zanu Pf used to silence progressive people who oppose this authoritarian regime. No one will bat an eyelid if it ceases to exist


  13. Well said Vembuya and Richard. Why on earth does Zimbabwe need an “intelligence organisation” ??
    Just more useless salaries! Police should have an independent “intelligence/investigative department answerable to the public not politicians.

  14. Comment…Pamberi nokusimudzira Zimbabwe yedu

  15. I still wonder what is the use of this C10 thing cause they are there just to kill and oppress ordinary people who have different view to that of the current government.

  16. Comment…because zvirikuronga mujuru grace namugabe hatizvizivi

    1. the cycle will repeat itself. those that replace the fired lot will start bootlicking the current regime and abuse you zvebasa until another “restore legacy” exercise is repeated ad nosium

  17. Hamudi investment asi politics nekuba

  18. Comment…munangagwa ramba wakadzwanya panodzimba

  19. Comment…pasi neZanu pf imbavha tinomboda new life kubva 1980 kusvika nhasi hapana chavakaita kunze kwekungotaura kuti nyika inotongwa nevakagwa hondo saka vasina havasi vanhu here madhara ngaawane mudyandigere kwete kunetsana navadoko tinofanira kunotsvaka mazano kwavari kwete kuramba muripabasa kubva 1970 kusvika now

  20. Comment…their time is over and they should leave the office these rubbish people

  21. Comment…their time is over and they should leave the office these rubbish people

  22. Comment…siyai mwana atonge nyika iwe garwe zorora forwad with mdc

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