”Mnangagwa administration threatens devolution”

OPPOSITION parties have claimed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration is a threat to devolution of power and are calling on citizens to fight for decentralisation.


Speaking at a dialogue meeting organised by the Public Policy Research Institute Alliance for National Salvation leader, Moses Mzila-Ndlovu said people should stand up and fight for devolution.

“What I can say is that the current administration is not any different and cannot be any different from [deposed leader Robert] Mugabe’s administration. For me, the bridge is Zanu PF. It is not important whether it is Mnangagwa or Mugabe, what is important is that we managed, as opposition then, to squeeze in a clause on devolution and simple put devolution as power, which goes to the provinces and districts, the power to rule ourselves,” he said.

“Now, this is an important clause even in its diluted form because it says ‘let the local person take advantage of opportunities or let the best person take advantage of opportunities’.”

The dialogue meeting was held under the theme Is Devolution Under Threat from Mnangagwa Administration?

Mzila-Ndlovu said under devolution, they want local people to take advantage of available opportunities and resources.

“You are saying the local person must decide and currently the local person cannot do that and that is why you find in Matabeleland and Midlands, specifically the local person has no say, you have no power, you have been emasculated. Zanu PF has been in power since 2013 and this clause came in effectively in 2012 and we know the attitude of Robert Mugabe towards devolution.”

Mzila-Ndlovu said Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa, who threatened to scrap-off devolution after the 2018 polls, refused to fund it.

“Funding of the provincial and metropolitan structures, as set out in Chapter 14, section 264 of the Constitution, is not sustainable and political parties represented in Parliament should in the future give consideration to amending the Constitution to lessen the burden on the fiscus,” Chinamasa announced during the 2018 national budget presentation.

He said devolution is under threat, as Zanu PF can push for an amendment of the clause using its majority in Parliament.

Mzila-Ndlovu said it is not possible for Mnangagwa to reverse that without consequences for his party.

“This is because he is one of the architects of Zanu PF, he built Zanu PF into what it is. He can’t give devolution a chance because he is a prisoner of his own party, which he built. Devolution will reverse that which they have been fighting to do in this country, the marginalisation of Matabeleland was not an error, it was deliberate,” Mzila Ndlovu said.

National People’s Party vice-president, Samuel Sipepa Nkomo admitted that devolution is under threat from Mnangagwa’s administration, as they alleged it would be expensive.

Mthwakazi Republic Party president, Mqondisi Moyo said people of Matabeleland and Midlands have failed to tell themselves that the time to implement devolution of power is now.

“If we wait for Harare to tell us, they will never tell us. As a result of that: ‘I urged the people to stand up and see that the resources that are in the country are from Matabeleland’. For example, Beitbridge Border Post brings in more than $2 million dollars a day and this was said by former Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko before they kicked him out,” he said.


  1. Is devolution a matebeleland issue? I thought it was applied to all provinces, but everytime there is talk about dvolution, its all about Matebeleland. EVEN SOME FROM MASVINGO, MANICALAND, MASH EAST WANT DEVOLUTION. Dont try to make this tribal issue, please.

    1. Nobody is making Devolution a Matebeleland issue or tribal. Its not our fault that the other provinces are not as vocal. The problem we have in Zimbabwe is that people in other provinces are walk overs for ZANU PF. They never put up a fight for their rights or for anything for that matter – is that our problem?


  2. Umkhonto ka Shaka

    Matabeleland and Midlands provinces are more affected than other provinces in Zimbabwe

    1. All non-Mashonaland provinces are underdeveloped. Manicaland, Midlands, Masvingo, Matabeleland North and South are all crying for development and opportunities. If you take a map of Zimbabwe, you will see that the road network is concentrated in the northern areas covering Mashonaland West, Central and East. So the position that Matabeleland and Midlands are the only marginalised provinces is a myth. If you don’t live in Zezuru areas, it means your area is not earmarked for development, at least as far as the previous government was concerned. You heard them singing the “Zezuru unconquerable” insult? I just hope the new government realises this and balances things.

      1. No government will ever bother about your provinces as long as you keep quiet. As long as you are docile, nobody cares. You have to fight!!

    2. Situta semunhu. Go to school[not back to]

  3. Munyori chii chinonzi devolution ?

  4. LET EACH PROVINCE FIGHT FOR WHAT IT REALLY WANTS FROM THE GOVT & CONSTITUTION. Matebeleland is desperate from devolution to fight the govt practise of grabbing all for the benefit of Hre. Its true that many provinces outside mat/land voted for devolution & that must be respected

  5. I think Zim is too small a nation for devolution to be implemented. Our pop is less than 15 million. Our land area is less than 400 000 square kilometres. If you look at South Africa where devolution was implemented, KZN has a pop of more than 10 million people, Gauteng also has a population of 10 million. Why are some writers saying all Mashonaland provinces are well developed? Mash Central is one of the most underdeveloped provinces in Zimbabwe. Why is an impression being created that Ndebeles are the biggest ethnic group in the Midlands? I come from the Midlands and I can tell that the biggest ethnic group there are the Karangas. The Midlands is also one of the most developed provinces in Zimbabwe.

    1. Is Zim smaller that Switzerland? How come Switzerland has Devolution and it works? What about Germany?

      Is Zim big enough for two Vice Presidents? Is Zim big enough for over 200 MPs and now you want to build a new Parliament? The Parliament we have is ok for a country of Zim’s size.

      You ZANUPF people always argue for what suits you? We are tired of that useless Unity Accord of yours. If Zim is big enough for two VPs, 30 Ministers, 200 MPs, etc – then why is it not big enough for Devolution?

      All whats needed is to reduce the size of Central government and have 15 Ministers, one Vice President and only about 80 MPs. Then there will be enough resources for Devolution.

  6. @ sky .devolution is the delegation of power especially from central to regional government.

  7. Cuthbert Runesu

    This issue about devolution is just hogwash,a ploy by ndebele tribalists to get rid of other tribes in Matebeleland provinces.I bet you if this devolution project is implemented we are in for tribal wars.Zimbabwe is too small a country to have this system. Even in South Africa where it is practised it is as a result of Apartheid system which separated people according to their tribes.The idea behind devolution in Matabeleland is to give the upper hand to Abomzanzi Ndebeles and segregate Amagoles who have never been accepted as pure Ndebeles.Amagoles are the majority Ndebeles but they are not allowed to speak their own languages and practice their own culture eg: Kalangas,Tonga,Venda etc. Ndebeles are a minority in Matabeleland but they think they are more superior to other tribes thats why they make too much noise.Devolution should never be allowed in Zimbabwe by any Party which wins power otherwise its a recipe for disaster.

    1. khanda lembuzi wena swinaa

    2. You are an idiot. Who stops anyone from speaking their language? Its un-Constitutional, and impossible to stop anyone from speaking their language. Come out in the open and say you hate the Ndebele – PERIOD and stop hiding behind unsubstantiated hogwash that you were probably ill fed by a tribalistci Grand mother and of course ZANU PF. I dont even think you know how this Devolution came about to be in the Constitution. If it was a Matland thing only, the numbers would have gone against the idea and it would have never been included in the Constitution. Were you sleeping under a rock when the new Constitution’s Thematic Committees were going around the country? Silly fool!!

  8. Right to say it

    @curthbert that is not true , support your comment with previous and current statistics .
    You sound like a fraudster

    1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Coordinates: 19.8300°S 28.1600°E

      Map of Zimbabwe showing Matabeleland
      Map of Zimbabwe showing Matabeleland
      Map of Zimbabwe: Matabeleland is on the west
      Map of Zimbabwe: Matabeleland is on the west
      Coordinates: 17°50′S 31°3′E
      Founded by Ndebele people
      • Total 75,017 square kilometres (28,964 sq mi)
      Modern-day Matabeleland is a region in Zimbabwe divided into three provinces: Matabeleland North, Bulawayo and Matabeleland South. These provinces are in the west and south-west of Zimbabwe, between the Limpopo and Zambezi rivers. The region is named after its inhabitants, the Ndebele people. Other ethnic groups who inhabit parts of Matabeleland include the Tonga, Kalanga, Venda, Chewa, Khoi Sani, Nambia, Shangaan, Swati, Sotho, Shona, Tswana, Xhosa and Zulu. As of August 2012, according to the Zimbabwean national statistics agency ZIMSAT, the southern part of the region had 683,893 people, comprising 326,697 males and 356,926 females, with an average size household of 4.4 in an area of 54,172 square kilometres (20,916 sq mi). As for the Matabeleland Northern Province, it had a total population of 749,017 people out of the population of Zimbabwe of 13,061,239. The proportion of male and female population was 48 and 52 percent respectively within an area of just over 75,017 square kilometres (28,964 sq mi). The remaining Bulawayo province had a population of 653,337 in an area of 1,706.8 square kilometres (659.0 sq mi). Thus the region has a combined population of 2,086,247 in an area of just over 130,000 square kilometres (50,000 sq mi) and that is just over the size of England. The major city is Bulawayo, other notable towns are Plumtree and Hwange. The land is particularly fertile but dry. This area has important gold deposits. Industries include gold and other mineral mines, and engineering. There has been a decline in the industries in this region as water is in short supply. Promises by the government to draw water for the region through the Matabeleland Zambezi Water Project have not been carried out. The region is allegedly marginalised by the government.[1]

  9. Ncube We Kwekwe

    Hey wena, All provinces other than The 3 Mashonaland provinces are affected, such people who since out 5 provinces are not fit for National Leadership posts, they are just regionalist who seek sympathy from the locals.
    Such people are the ones who have caused underdevelopment because they nausiate investors.

    No Leader like Mnangangwa can ignore his homestead, he is a Southerner, so his decisions are in the best interest of the Nation and not a Province.
    Guruuswa is not Mzilikazi’s land, remember that.

  10. People always want to campaign using the Word Devolution and Gukurahundi to win votes in Midlands an and Matabeleland,

    Tell us about your National Policy, you cannot win a National Vote with these cheap nuts that have been used unsuccessfully before.This obsession must stop.
    We want A National Manifesto, not a Complaint.


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